Top 10 Best Bridal Wedding Jewellery sets under Rs.2500

Wedding season in India is here. So here's a list of the best wedding jewelry sets, bridal jewelry sets under a Rs.2500 budget or even lesser. We have also shared the different types of wedding jewelries in India

by Vrushali.S Updated: 14 Nov, 2022, 13:43 IST
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Looking for the best bridal jewelry set? Well, a wedding is an auspicious event in everyone’s life. People generally do not mind spending a bounteous amount of money on their wedding planning including wedding attire and jewelry. Diamond jewelry, Gold, Silver or Platinum jewelry are generally preferred by the bride wear. However, today the options are not just limited to them. 

There are Kundan Jewellery, Temple Jewellery, Polki Jewellery, Meenakari, and a lot more to choose from. These jewelry are available in many forms, gold-plated, artificial, pure gold, silver, or diamond. The best part of this jewelry is the vast range of artistic, lofty design options you get, and depending on the material, these are available in the budget as well as at premium prices. Also, these are more easily available on rent so you can even save more by renting out a good piece of jewelry than purchasing it.

Let’s have a look at the types of wedding jewelry options available, and lastly some top 10 best budget bridal & wedding jewelry sets under Rs.2500 online in India.

Top 10 Best Bridal Wedding Jewellery sets under Rs.2500

Disclaimer: Bridal jewelry under Rs.2500 cannot be compared to provide the same elegance and premium feel as that of real Gold, Silver, or Diamond jewelry. So, these budget bridal jewelry sets can be more suitable for you to wear in your other wedding ceremonies such as Mehendi, Sangeet, or Haldi. Nevertheless, no bride has the same wedding budget. So, it is up to you to decide what jewelry you’d like to wear and which fits better in your budget.

These budget wedding jewelry sets can also work best for you if you are a guest visiting a marriage or are a member/relative of the bride’s or groom’s family.

Some Types of Wedding Jewellery Options Available in India

As we discussed earlier, today a lot more new trendy wedding jewelry options are available for you to choose from. Let’s discuss what are the different types of wedding jewelry and what makes them unique.

  1. Kundan Wedding Jewellery

Kundan wedding jewelry is among the most popular wedding jewelry for women. The charming piece of jewelry is generally made from 24K gold standing up to its name, Kundan meaning highly refined gold. Kundan jewelry is extremely intricate and made from glass stones which are then embedded in gold or silver.

The Kundan wedding jewelry sets are available at as low as under Rs.2000 to as high as up to 3.5 lakhs.

Kundan Bridal Wedding Jewelry Set under 2500

Kundan Jewellery Set - Image Credits: Myntra

2. Polki jewelry for wedding

    Polki diamonds is the oldest form of diamonds in India. These diamonds are uncut and only polished along their surface. The Polki Jewellery is made from gold foil embellished by securing the uncut diamonds. The real Polki jewelry has no diamonds looking the exact same as they are uncut, raw, and pure. Polki jewelry makes one of the best wedding jewelry in India.

    Polki Jewelry Example on an Indian Wedding Bride

    Polki Jewellery set - Image Credits: Wedbook

    3. Meenakari Wedding Jewellery

      If you are looking for a piece of colorful, vibrant jewelry for your wedding, the Mughal-brought Meenakari jewelry may find a place in your jewelry collection. The Meenakari jewelry is known for presenting Indian motifs like flowers, birds, and leaves in colorful designs embedded on a metal surface. You’d also commonly find variations of Meenakari jewelry being used in budget bridal & wedding jewelry sets.

      Meenakari Wedding Bridal Jewelry under 2500

      Meenakari wedding jewelry - Image Credits: Wedding Bazzar

      4. Temple Jewellery for Weddings

        The next type of Jewellery is Temple jewelry. It is a popular choice of jewelry for South Indian brides. It mainly seeks inspiration from deities, and temple infrastructures and was said to be worn by gods and goddesses. Temple jewelry has been in trend these days. It was even seen to be worn by Deepika Padukone at her Konkani wedding. Some people say temple jewelry also brings good luck and prosperity.

        Temple Jewelry Example on a Wedding Bride in India

        Temple Jewellery - Image Credits: Tikli

        5. Jadau Jewellery

          Jadau wedding jewelry is one of the best wedding jewelry in India that gives you a royal, premium, and elegant addition to your wedding attire. In Jadau Jewellery, the stones are surrounded by a layer of metal such as gold or silver. The gemstones are embedded in the metal layer which is called the Jadau Jewellery.

          Jadau Jewelry Displayed as an Indian Wedding Jewelry Set

          Jadau Jewellery - Image Credits: Pinterest

          So these were some of the popular Indian wedding jewelry types that you can consider shopping for your wedding and make it extra special, royal, and elegant. Most of this jewelry is available in different price ranges as we mentioned before. We know not everyone has the means to shop for high-value jewelry. We have mentioned some of the best budget Indian wedding jewelry sets under Rs.2500 that look elegant and offer good value for money.

          Top 10 Best Bridal Wedding Jewellery Sets Under Rs. 2500 online in India

          Your big day is finally here. You are done planning your wedding venue, buffet, attire, and inviting guests. Now the only task left for you is to choose the perfect jewelry for your wedding. Whether you are the bride yourself, a member of the bride or groom’s family, or a guest visiting a marriage, these bridal wedding jewelry sets under Rs.2500 provide some good value for their money.

          1. Kundan and Pearl Studded Wedding Jewellery Set

            Bridal Jewelry Set under 2500

            This Kundan and Pearl studded wedding jewelry sets come with earrings, a necklace, and a mang tikka. It is Kundan and Pearl studded which makes it have a yellow-gold-like look with pearls embedded in a Jadau jewelry style. Though it does seem to lack slightly in premium finish and may not be the best choice to wear on your wedding day, you can certainly get it if you are looking for cheap wedding jewelry set under Rs.1000 for other wedding occasions such as the Haldi ceremony.

            Price: Rs.810

            Buy the Kundan and Pearl Wedding Jewellery set under Rs.1000 on Ajio!

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            2. Shiv Shakti Jewellers Alloy Gold-plated Jewel Set

              Indian Bride Wedding Jewelry Set under 2500

              This bridal jewelry set on Flipkart provides some truly great value for its price. It is reasonably priced for what it offers and has a decent wedding jewelry look and feel to it. You get a necklace, a choker, a pair of hath panja, a Damini maang tikka, an armlet or bajuband jewelry, and lastly a pair of earrings and a nose ring. Isn’t that pretty good for a price of just Rs.1179?

              Price: Rs.1599

              Buy this best-value bridal jewelry set on Flipkart for under Rs.2000!

              3. Vyusti Polki Kundan Neckpiece and Earring Jewellery Set

                Gold Polished Indian Bridal Jewelry under Rs.2500

                How do a Gold polished Polki Kundan neckpiece with earrings under Rs.1500 sound? Well, if it sounds interesting, this jewelry set by Adore by Priyanka might pique your interest. Its big bold intricate stones above a layer of small white motifs give an elegant and premium look. The jewelry set comes in 6 color variants out of which the cream and light blue are absolutely worth checking out. It is a simple, sophisticated, and elegant bridal jewelry set that can be perfect to wear on occasions like Engagement Ceremony, Mehendi Ceremony, Sangeet Ceremony, Tilak/Sagan Ceremony, Haldi Ceremony or Roka Ceremony.

                Price: 1250

                Buy the Vyusti Polki Kundan Jewellery set at Rs.1250!

                4. Golden Indian Traditional Gold-Plated Wedding Bridal Dulhan Jewellery Set

                  Wedding Jewelry Set under Rs.2500 online

                  The first traditional gold-plated bridal jewelry set on our list under Rs.2500 is this one by Peora, Nykaa Fashion. It has a temple jewelry-like look and a traditional rustic feel to it. It is a complete bridal jewelry set that comes with earrings, maang tikka, and two necklaces. You can easily wear it on your traditional wedding sarees, especially Pochampally Sarees or Paithani Sarees.

                  Price: Rs.2499

                  Buy the complete gold-plated bridal jewelry set under Rs.2500 on Nykaa Fashion!

                  5. Kundan and Pearl Studded Layered Bridal Jewellery Set under Rs.2500

                    Kundan Layered Design Wedding Dulhan Jewelry Set

                    Our next top, 10 bridal jewelry set is this Kundan and pearl studded one by Karatcart. It comes in a gold color with gold plating and the layered design gives it an elegant modern jewelry look. With 1 pair of necklaces and a pair of earrings, this signature layered gold plated bridal jewelry set under Rs.2000 is certainly worth checking out. It can be great for wedding occasions such as Engagement Ceremony, Mehendi Ceremony, or Sangeet Ceremony.

                    Price: Rs.1641

                    Buy this gold-plated bridal jewelry set under Rs.2000!

                    6. Peora Indian Traditional Gold Plated Kundan Dulhan Bridal Jewellery Set

                      Indian Bridal Jewelry Set online

                      This Peora Indian traditional gold plated bridal jewelry set is among the few decent bridal jewelry sets we could find on Amazon. While I personally would recommend you to consider the other sets that we have mentioned in this article, this Amazon bridal jewelry set can still be good enough to be considered for the value it provides. It comes with a long necklace, a choker, earrings, a maang tikka, nose pin & haathphool.

                      Price Rs.2564

                      You can use bank offers to get this bridal jewelry set under Rs.2500

                      Buy this complete bridal jewelry set on Amazon at Rs.2564!

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                      7. Zaveri Pearls Women Gold-Plated Bridal Jewellery Set under Rs.1500 on Myntra

                      Budget Wedding Jewelry Set under Rs.2500

                        If you want to wear some minimalistic jewelry on your intricate and gleaming wedding outfit, this Zaveri pearls gold plated bridal jewelry set on Myntra under Rs.1500 can be good to buy. Though it does not offer as many items as the previous Amazon bridal jewelry set does, this Myntra bridal jewelry set does however seem to look more refined and sufficiently good.

                        Price: Rs.1431

                        Buy this Zaveri pearls bridal jewelry set on Myntra under Rs.1500!

                        8. Peora Gold Plated Wedding Bridal Dulhan Jewellery Set 

                          Indian Bridal Jewelry Set Online on Amazon

                          Next bridal jewelry set on Amazon under Rs.2500 is this Peora gold plated bridal jewelry set that comes with a long bridal necklace, a choker, a pair of earrings, a nose pin and a maang tikka. It looks quite better than the previous Amazon bridal jewelry set we discussed and though it is currently priced at Rs.2299, you can still buy it under or at Rs.2000.

                          Amazon is offering a 10% instant discount up to Rs.250 on Rupay debit card transactions and along with our Amazon coupon codes, you can certainly try to get this bridal jewelry set under Rs.2000 on Amazon.

                          Price: Rs.2299

                          Buy this complete bridal jewelry set on Amazon!

                          9. Shree MK Jewellers Alloy Gold-plated Jewel Set on Flipkart

                            Affordable Indian Bridal Jewelry Set Online

                            Another great budget bridal jewelry set on Flipkart is this one by Shree MK Jewellers. It comes with a necklace, a choker, a bracelet, a maang tikka, an armlet or bajuband jewelry, and lastly a pair of earrings and a nose ring. It has a lot of intricate details and the long necklace along with the choker gives it a good look that can be paired with your traditional wedding outfit.

                            Price: Rs.2125

                            Buy this wedding jewelry set on Flipkart!

                            Purchase this as your first order on Flipkart (as a first-time user) and get Rs.100 OFF automatically.

                            10. Mahakaal Creation Alloy Gold-plated Jewel Set under Rs.2500 

                              An Indian bride wearing Indian wedding attire with a bridal jewelry set

                              The last one on our list of the best bridal jewelry sets under Rs.2500 is this alloy gold-plated jewelry set by Mahakaal Creation on Flipkart. It has that wedding bridal jewelry look and feels to it that you can easily carry on your traditional wedding attire. Also, it is a full bridal jewelry set that comes with a necklace, a choker, a maang tikka, an armlet or bajuband jewelry, and lastly a pair of earrings and a nose ring.

                              Price: Rs.1249

                              Buy this gold-plated bridal jewelry full set on Flipkart at Rs.1249!

                              So, this was all about sharing some of the best bridal jewelry sets under Rs.2500 online that we could find. A budget of Rs.2500 for bridal jewelry is certainly not as easy to work with. Most of the jewelry you would find in this budget range is probably going to be imitation jewelry generally having a gold-plated, gold-polished, or gold-foiled finish.

                              We would highly recommend you increase your budget a bit if possible as you can get some even better options in the range of Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 or Rs.15,000. But as we said before, we understand that not everyone has the same budget to spend and the requirements differ for each individual. So, choose the bridal jewelry set that suits you the best as per your budget and preference.

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