Top 10 Men’s White Sneakers and Brands with Buying Guide in India in 2022

Here’s the list of Best White Sneakers for Men as they are the most preferred Summer footwear. Also checkout the Men’s Sneaker Buying Guide and Best Men’s White Sneaker Brands.

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Summer’s favourite footwear i.e. White Sneakers is here. Most people prefer it due to its comfort-ability, style, design, sleekness, lightweight, less sweat, and many other benefits. Therefore, we have got the Top 10 Men’s White Sneakers for you. Also, do check out the Best Men’s White Sneaker Brands. There is also a Men’s Sneaker Buying Guide to help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Men’s White Sneakers with Best Brands in India in 2022
1. Levi’s Leather Lace-Up White Sneakers with Perforations

This Levi’s white sneakers include many threaded portions which give them the classy look. Moreover, it benefits in getting high durability. There is a leather rubber covering fencing its soul for a strong grip. These are good comfortable white sneakers for daily use.

Key Specs & Features

  • 6-month warranty

  • TPR sole

  • Available sizes: 6-11


  • Includes Perforations

  • Lightweight

  • Popular


  • If you have rough & tough use then it will wear out fast due to heavy threading.

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2. U.S. Polo Assn. Men White Clarkin Sneakers

In these U.S. Polo Assn. white sneakers you will get 2 shaded bands at the back stretching towards half part of the shoe. It looks great. These are urban trotter sneakers. Its soul is covered completely with rubber.

Key Specs & Features

  • Round-toe sneakers

  • Lace-up style

  • Cushioned footbed

  • Textured and patterned outsole

  • Warranty: 3 months


  • 4.3/5 star average rating by 4400 users on Myntra

  • Minimal canvas accent

  • Grippy rubber tread


  • Difficult to clean

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3. Red Tape Men Off White Sneakers

These off-white sneakers from the house of Red Tape stand out in terms of the overall experience. These include grip, design, comfort, lace quality, and more. You will get a sleek look here and gels well with all types of tops.

Key Specs & Features

  • PU on the top part

  • slip resistant rubber sole

  • tonal stitch detailing

  • embroidered logo

  • round toe type

  • Lace up

  • Low cut


  • Super comfort

  • Good grip


  • Logo seems too dark

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4. H&M Men’s Creamy White Canvas trainers Sneakers

These H&M white sneakers are made from eco-friendly rubber and cotton materials. The creamy color gives it a fresh look. The design is simple and to the point giving the essence of classical white sneakers.

Key Specs & Features

  • Bananatex (naturally grown Abacá banana plants) canvas

  • Canvas linings

  • cork insoles

  • rubber sole


  • patterned underneath

  • technical fabric

  • Eco-friendly white sneakers


  • Warranty period is less comparatively

Buying options

5. VANS Lo Pro White Sneakers Skate Authentic

The main highlights of these Vans white sneakers are foxing tape, sturdy suede, and canvas uppers. The checkerboard flag on the top side gives it a premium finish. Its inner sole is cushioned and elevated to give the best comfort and strength.<em>UL1500</em>.jpg?1650614217

Key Specs & Features

  • two-part foxing tape

  • deeper knurl pattern on the toe

  • gum rubber sole


  • Extra tough inside

  • maximum progression


  • Too shiny

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6. FILA Men's Lavadro IV White Sneakers

These Fila white sneakers are stylish and look elegant. It comes with dark blue laces which compliments the light coloured shoe well.

Key Specs & Features

  • 3 month warranty

  • PU outer

  • Panel and Stitch Detail

  • Textured Detail


  • 4/5 star average rating by 1118 users on Flipkart

  • Lightweight


  • Misses that true Fila Italian mark, but worth it for this price.

Buying options

7. USPA Men Off White Patterned Knit Lebron 2.0 Active Sneakers

USPA has got these sneakers in off-white and orange colors. The sole has an orange rubber boundary for support. Also, the logo is printed in orange which looks great. Build quality is awesome no doubt given the brand, but design could have been better as it looks flat.<em>UL1500</em>.jpg?1650614458

Key Specs & Features

  • Patterned Knit

  • Off-white color

  • EVA outer sole

  • Pull tabs

  • Textured contrast outsole


  • Central lacing

  • Cushioned insole

  • 4.2/5 rating from 819 users on NNNow


  • Looks are mediocre

Buying options

8. Lee Cooper Men's Paneled Lace-Up White Sneakers

These Lee Cooper sneakers come in complete white color throughout. What impresses here is its simplicity yet the super fineness & finish.

Key Specs & Features

  • Paneled Lace-Up

  • TPR & rubber sole

  • Stitch detail

  • 1-month warranty

  • Synthetic upper


  • Lace Fastening


  • Complete white throughout, a few shades would make it attractive.

Buying options

9. HIGHLANDER Men White Sneakers

The HIGHLANDER Men White Sneakers are good in materials, fitting, comfort, and overall quality. It has a black lining on one of the top edges of the shoe which gives it a unique look.

Key Specs & Features

  • Lace up

  • Round toe

  • Synthetic Leather upper

  • Warranty: 3 months

  • Solid pattern


  • Cushioned footbed

  • Textured and patterned outsole

  • 4.1/5 rating from 1800 users on Myntra


  • Availability is an issue sometimes

Buying options

10. Aeropostale Men Jora Sneakers

Aeropostale is well known for its high quality and ultra-durable shoes. These white sneakers also follow this, but are not that up to the mark. However, given the price you can definitely go for it.<em>UL1500</em>.jpg?1650617032

Key Specs & Features

  • Polyurethane sole

  • Lace-up closure

  • Canvas material

  • 3 months warranty


  • Cushioned inner

  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t hold its shape in rains

Buying options

Note: The prices mentioned above are as of 19th April 2022 so check for the latest price before purchasing. Also not to forget the offers and coupons for extra savings!

Sneakers Buying Guide for Men in India in 2022

Check out the sneaker types in our Sneakers Buying Guide for Men in India in 2022 to choose your preferred one before making a purchase.

Canvas Sneakers

These are made from fabric material on most of the top parts. It is one of the most popular sneakers in India. The Converse canvas sneaker is the best one of this type.

Leather Sneakers

As the name suggests, you will get leather on the whole. This is artificial or so-called synthetic leather. It gives a great look & feel. These are the best party wear sneakers due to their shiny nature.

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers come without laces. These are super casual sneaker types. Make sure there is elastic in the front and back from where you slip on your feet otherwise will be uncomfortable to wear. Sparx has a good variety of slip-on sneakers under ₹1000. Youngsters don’t prefer this type as it is popular among senior citizens and 45+ adults in India.

Velcro Sneakers

These are most popular among kids and young boys & girls. On the lace part, it has velcro belts to tighten the shoe. It has gone out of fashion in India, but still many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts prefer it due to its unique styling features. Fila has good velcro sneakers.

High-Top Sneakers

These have a high circular part from where your foot goes in. It is recommended that men with a height of 5.5 or less should skip this type. This is because they look smaller in height wearing High-Top Sneakers. Thus, ideal for heightened men.

Printed Sneakers

You will find a large collection of printed sneakers for girls/women compared to men/boys. You can also go for customized printed sneakers with your favourite prints on your feet top. However, these are very costly.

Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll Sneakers have a rubber sole and fabric top. These are one of the best sneaker types due to its long-lastingness, strong build, grip, comfort, and lightweights.

Athleisure Sneakers

These are street-style sneakers. You can wear them in the gym, on treks, during travel, and during other sports activities. These give a look similar to sports shoes. Its USP is lightweight and comfortable.

Chunky Sneakers

These are heavy and baggy sneaker types. Thin men should avoid them as it may not suit their personality. Chunky sneakers are costlier than other sneaker types. Fila has a good variety of chunky sneakers in India.

We hope you found our Best Men’s White Sneakers with Buying Guide article useful. Please do share your valuable views below.

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