Top 5 Best Clothes Dryer Machines in India in 2023 with Buying Guide

Clothes Dryer Machines help in getting clothes dry, allergen-free, fresh, fade-proof, lint-free, and maintain overall quality. Here are the Best Clothes Dryer Machines in India 2023.

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Why do you need a clothes dryer machine? Well, in India most of us dry clothes and other fabrics under the sun on our balconies, grills, or terraces. However, what to do in the rainy season? This is where this machine comes to the rescue. It not only dries your clothes quickly but has several other benefits which we will see in this article. There is also the Clothes Dryer Machine Buying Guide.

Top 5 Best Clothes Dryer Machines in India in 2023 with Buying Guide

Clothes Dryer Machine Buying Guide India 2023

Before buying a Clothes Dryer Machine, check out this buying guide which covers important aspects in capacity, types of cloth dryers, drying duration, warranty, and price. You can buy a washer-dryer machine if you don’t have a washing machine or are planning to buy a new one. Otherwise, go for a dryer machine as it does drying at its best due to a separate dedicated drying program.


The capacity of your clothes dryer machine will determine how many clothes and fabrics you can accommodate. Also, you need to choose the capacity based on the no of people it will be used for. An 8kg clothes dryer is the most popular option in India.


No of people

No of clothes

Heavy items (bedsheets | pillow covers)




4 | 8




5 | 10




6 | 12




7 | 14




8 | 16




8+ | 16+

Types of Clothes Dryer Machines in India

In a vented clothes dryer, moisture is left out in the air via a vent just like in a split AC. Thus you need to place it in rooms with ventilation or outdoors like a balcony. This type of dryer is rare to find now as most companies are avoiding it due to its restrictions and upgraded technology.


This is the most popular clothes dryer option today in India because of its cost-effectiveness, quick drying, and good performance. Here, moisture is thrown as condensed water via a tray or an outlet. You will need a ventilated room for this as well, as sometimes it heats up the room. This is because it uses more heat to dry comparatively. It takes a lot less time to dry clothes comparatively.


The heat-pump cloth dryer uses a lower temperature of hot air to dry or in-short uses recirculated heat. Thus it takes a lot of time to dry clothes but is great at power saving. Also, your clothes remain in overall shape for a longer time due to the gentle process of drying here. One more benefit is that you can use it in an enclosed room. On the downside, it is a costly machine.

Drying Time

The Drying Time depends on the number of clothes, modes, and other settings you apply for use. It also depends on the machine’s the motor and processing cycle performance. As you can see below is the reason why Condenser clothes dryer type is the best-preferred option by many users. However, if your use is very high then the heat-pump type is recommended due to energy savings and better gentle care.

Dryer Type

Drying Time (approx)

Vented clothes dryer

2.5 hrs

Condenser clothes dryer

1.5 hrs

Heat-Pump clothes dryer

3.45 hrs


Most of the best clothes dryer brands provide a 10-year warranty on the motor and/or compressor and 2 years on the machine.


Warranty (machine | motor)


4 Yrs | 10 Yrs

BOSCH / Siemens

2 Yrs | 10 Yrs

Voltas Beko

3 Yrs | 12 Yrs


2 Yrs | 10 Yrs


The price range of clothes dryer machines in India is ₹20,000-₹70,000. The heat-pump types are the costliest while condenser based is in the budget range. The vented option is the cheapest cloth dryer machine buying option. Since these are high-end machines there are several good discounts offers available online.

Top 5 Best Clothes Dryer Machines in India in 2023

We have selected these Top 5 Best Clothes Dryer Machines in India in 2023 based on our online research and their popularity on the internet among netizens. Besides, you can also check out our article on Steam Iron Box Buying Guide with Top 5 Best Steam Irons in case you are in need of it.

IFB TurboDry EX Clothes Dryer Machine

The IFB TurboDry EX Clothes Dryer Machine comes in a stylish metallic silver finish. It brings to you hot & fresh dry clothes without dust, germs, pollution, and allergens. You can mount as well as stack this IFB clothes dryer so it gets adjusted in limited space.

Key specs & features

  • 5.5kg capacity

  • 55 RPM speed

  • Warranty: 4 Yrs on Machine | 10 Yrs on Spare Parts

  • Drying time: 60 mins

  • Refresh Cycle for Fresh & Odor-free dry clothes


  • Safety reset button

  • Anti-crease (gentle rotation & auto-reverse drying)

  • Removes lint, hair, and allergens.

  • Service Centre in 2500+ cities

  • Highest warranty


  • The dryer bag is not upto the mark in terms of quality so better to purchase it separately.

Buying options with Price

LG 9kg Heat Pump Cloth Dryer with Inverter DHV09SWB

This LG Cloth Dryer comes with Inverter Control in Black Steel Finish. Its gentle care feature helps avoid shrinkage and creasing via low-temperature operation settings. It also prevents over-drying with its Sensor Dry (sensors) feature.

Key specs & features

  • 9kg capacity

  • Heat Pump Dryer type

  • Warranty: 2 Yrs on Parts | 10 Yrs on Motor | 8 Yrs on Inverter Compressor

  • Double Layer Air Filter

  • WiFi-enabled

  • Dual Inverter Heat Pump

  • Touch Control

  • Modes: Cotton, Mixed Fabric, Easy Care, Duvet, Towels, Allergy Care, Sportswear, Wool, Delicates.

  • Options: Rack Dry, Cool Air, Warm Air.

  • Drying Time: varies depending on settings (basic: 30 mins)


  • Eco Hybrid Technology (saves time / saves energy)

  • Allergy Care

  • Auto Clean Condenser (improves performance)

  • Reversible Door for best fit.

  • No External Venting Required

  • Smart Pairing with LG Washing Machine (automatically sets drying cycle based on washing cycle)

  • 30 mins Quick Cycle


  • Child Lock is the basic one so misses the advanced one given the high price.

  • Quick Cycle takes only 1kg

Buying options with Price

BOSCH Serie 4 Condenser Tumble Dryer Machine WTB86202IN

This BOSCH clothes dryer has a unique drum design and movement which helps in keeping wrinkles away. The AutoDry feature gets you the level of dryness you want because some like lightly dried clothes.

Key specs & features

  • 8kg capacity

  • Condenser cloth dryer type

  • Stainless steel drum

  • Drying time: 120 mins

  • Modes: Allergy Plus / Hygiene, downs clothes, Mixture, Shirts 15, Sportswear, Super 40, Time program cold, Time program warm, Woolens finish.

  • LED-display

  • Touch control


  • Fabric-friendly drying with the soft Drying System.

  • Hygienic wash with ECARF certified Allergy Plus Program

  • Anti-Vibration Side Panels


  • No quick-dry feature

Buying options with Price

Siemens iQ300 8kg Clothes Dryer Machine

This Siemens dryer comes with Gentle Dry, Anti Crease, Ready In, Drying Time, and Dryness Level options. It has sensors for timed and special program modes which helps in effective drying. You also get a child lock here.

Key specs & features

  • 8kg capacity

  • softDry drum system

  • Digital countdown indicator

  • Anti-crease

  • Drying time: 120 mins

  • Modes: Allergy Plus / Hygiene, Dessous, downs clothes, Mixture, Outdoor, Shirts 15, Super 40, Time program warm, Wool in the basket


  • Fast and careful drying of small loads

  • Delicate items like Wool/shoe baskets care well


  • No IoT connectivity

  • No quick-dry feature

  • No Drying time selector

Buying options with Price

Voltas Beko 8kg Fully Automatic Cloth Dryer Machine WDR80S

The Voltas Beko clothes dryer works on a heat pump mechanism. This uses energy efficiently and saves on electricity bills. However, it takes a lot of time to dry clothes. This makes drying gentle so clothes remain in shape overall for a longer time.

Key specs & features

  • 8kg capacity

  • Heat-Pump Dryer Type

  • OptiSense sensors

  • 16 modes

  • Warranty: 3 Yrs on Machine | 12 Yrs on Motor


  • Smart Inverter Motor

  • Noiseless drying


  • Vibrates a lot for some time while in process

Buying options with Price

We hope you liked our coverage of the Best Clothes Dryer Machines in India. Please do share your views on them or any others you have come across. Before going, here are the Top 10 Best Dishwashers for you!

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Excellent stuff mate.
You have put a great effort in collecting the options and sharing it with the community.

On the product side personally I feel washer dryer combo is a better option.

I think those are better in terms of space saving, time to transfer the clothes from machine to dryer and convenience of wifi operation to control the machine.

LG, Samsung, IFB have some very good models

Blogger Blogger
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True. However, today many are stuck with only washers, and buying a washer dryer is quite expensive compared to only dryer, that’s the reason!

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Having bought both combinations, one for myself which is LG 10.5 / 7.0 kg Washer+Dryer combo and one for my mom at my hometown which is IFB 6KG Senator series front load + IFB TurboDry 550 dryer, I can confidently say that don't go for combo unless you have space constraint which was true in my case.

The LG combo works great but you can either wash or dry and this was OK for me but not OK for my mom for reasons I'm not aware of lol

With LG combo you don't have to worry about cleaning the lint filter after every dry cycle as there is none while with IFB stand alone dryer you got to clean the lint filter after every dry cycle.

IFB's stand alone dryer can be kept on top of their front load washing machines, can be wall mounted and can be installed upside down in both configurations. 

Cost wise, both standalone and combo will cost you nearly the same if you are looking for higher capacities.


Cool Cool
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Thank you. I am looking to buy a washer+dryer combo in upcoming sales. Please tell me more about these..... @FighterMan @bumblefoot please provide "follow" option for such threads.
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Is IFB dryer a vented one or a condenser type? Thanks. The price tells me it should be a vented dryer. 

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