Single or Coupled Up? Here are some Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her, Him and all the Singles out there!

This Valentine's Week find the perfect gift for your loved one from this 30 best Valentine's Day Gift ideas for everyone.

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If you, dear reader, have been blessed with the gift of love, what better way to express your gratitude with one of the best Valentine's Day gifts ? That being said, it's time to plan your date, find a cheesy (but still sweet) Valentine's Day quote to post on Instagram, and even pick out your V-Day wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you are shipped or single, it is a day of love and we want our hearts filled with love and leaping for joy.

Consider these Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will make up your February 14. You can shop for your significant other or yourself with a variety of low-cost Valentine's Day presents. Refer to 30 Valentine’s Day gifts ideas to pick a gift. Just remember to include—what else?—those three very special words with your token(s) of devotion.

But First, Self-Love

On Valentine's Day, everyone deserves to feel loved, whether they're shipped or single. Yes, the celebration is targeted at individuals who are coupled up, but it's also a reminder to show your love to everyone who makes your heart skip a beat. So, if you truly want to enjoy the special day in all of its heartfelt grandeur, you must also set aside some love for yourself. Our advice is to get yourself these Valentine's Day gifts for singles because, well, self-love conquers everything.

1. Perfume Shopping

Get yourself a new fragrance. Extra points if it’s super on-theme with your personality. Every individual should have a distinct scent about them that defines them and make you feel great about yourself.

2. Getting a Spa

Getting a Spa is the most cliqued thing to do when it comes to self-love, but it is efficient to make you feel a lot better. Today you can find different types of spas and other different beauty treatments, or you can book one now on Urban Clap or House Joy.

3. Books

Books are something you need to invest your time and money in even when you don’t want to. Well, nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to. However, when you finish reading a novel of your choice and you close it, the relief and the essence of the story you feel afterwards is the reason why Bibliophiles exist.

4. Jewellery

Well, this one’s not only for the strong beautiful ladies out there. This is especially for the gentlemen that think that buying is not for them. We believe we need to normalize that guys like to shop for jewellery as well. You can get a bracelet, earrings, rings, or chains as you prefer.

5. Chic Cosy Co-ords

Co-ords are very in fashion now, and why be left behind. They are cosy, chic and look amazing on our bodies. You can shop for either joggers, skirts, or tights Co-ords as you please. Some of the luxury brands sound good to shower some self-love.

6. Kitchen Appliance

We all love to eat but eating out always can burn a hole in your pocket and mess with your stomach. So, Singles on this Valentine’s day should gift themselves a kitchen appliance that they always wanted, like a waffle maker, coffee maker, air fryer or a smoothie maker.

7. Dyson Airwarp

Give yourself the gift of a quick blowout at home. This Dyson kit has 6 attachments, including barrels for curling and waves and brushes for controlling, smoothing, and adding volume to flat hair. It's light and portable, so you can carry it with you everywhere you go. It sure is expensive but worth it!

8. Massager

There is nothing that screams self-love other than gifting yourself a massager. Get a massage chair, a handheld machine or a coupon to get a massage at the spa. Anything Works! Also, massagers can be used for many other purposes like relieving soreness after gym, cramps and many more things. If you know what we mean. Ahem!

9. Polaroid Cam

Polaroids Cam is not only efficient to have memories, but they are also adorable cams that you can carry around wherever you go. You can decorate your room or your scrapbook with adorable images and memories.

10. A Trip to Somewhere you always wanted to go

2022 is all about getting those resolutions to check off. So, if you have places to go this year, what better day to start than valentine’s day 2022. Some good places to visit would be Champing sites, trekking or hill stations.

Valentine's Day gifts for Her

You are looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas for her that aren't traditional -- think fewer flowers and chocolate, and more candles, skincare essentials, jewellery, perfume, wellness goodies and other luxe finds – we have selected a few of our top gift ideas to shop for the most important women on your Valentine's Day gift list. Whether you're shopping for your significant other, your mom, your sister, your bestie or your work wife, there's a V-Day gift out there that is just right for them.

1. Handwriting Bracelet

You've exchanged "I love you" many times, but what if she could wear your heart — er, penmanship — on her sleeve? Now that's a lovely gesture. This company will put a small (but charming) handwritten sentence into a gold, rose gold, or sterling silver bracelet.

2. Skincare

If your girl is all about keeping herself groomed all her time, we bet she invests in good skincare products. Gift her a range of Kiehl’s skincare for all skin tips, or any other brand she prefers. Skincare products are really expensive, so we guarantee that this valentine day gift for her would be appreciated.

3. Handbags

A high-quality Handbag crafted with sustainable materials is ideal for a gift she'll use every day. It has enough pockets for all of her necessities, regardless of where she's going. You can even go for laptop bags as they are useful as well, and gentlemen only go for luxury brands when you decide on a gift for Valentine’s Day.

4. Giftcards

If you are not sure and your girl loves to shop. Gift cards are always the best gift to pick. You can get Gift Cards from as they have all brands of Gift Cards. You can pick her favourite store gift for her and she would appreciate it.

5. Makeup

Because there's nothing quite like a classic red lip to shout out Valentine's Day. Gift her a collection of her favourite makeup that is almost at its last fill. Trust us she is going to love a little extra than she usually does. A lipstick, Highlighter, Eyeshadow Palette are some suggestions for you if you are clueless

6. Sport wear

Chocolates and flowers are great Valentine's Day gifts. If you want to go over and above, consider getting your loved one some fitness gear. Cute water bottles, comfy sports bras, and stylish gym bags make for romantic and useful gifts that bae will enjoy all year.

Whether your Valentine is a runner, yogi, or someone who occasionally attends a Spin class, they'll appreciate sportswear for Valentine's Day.

7. Zodiac Necklace

She asked about your zodiac sign early on, and the rest is history. She believes in horoscopes and zodiacs signs and she would be ecstatic to wear an ambitious Capricorn or a sensitive Cancer when she wears her zodiac sign around her neck.

8. Pet Love Presents

Girls love their pets more than you, Period! And, while Valentine's Day is really simply an excuse to celebrate love in all of its forms, don't forget about the four-legged pals, who are our most devoted companions. A soft bed or a heart rope toy (both pleasant and durable) will make your dog yelp with delight. If you want to win her over and make her day, gift her goodies for her pet.

9. Loungewear

Perhaps you'd want to gift your lover something a little sexier yet useful so that they can put it to good use. Shop for a beautiful lingerie set with lace or frills that would be a stunning valentine gift for her, and it's just the right amount of sensual.

10. Personal Preferences

These ones are completely up to you, as you know your partner better than anyone else. Gift her something useful that she can use in her hobby, art, or daily work. It can be fabric, beads, art supplies, makeup, beauty products, etc.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Time and time again, you prove to your partner that gift-giving is your love language — and then Valentine's Day hits. Since the stakes are high, the pressure is on to find the absolute best Valentine's Day gift for him — something thoughtful, unique and totally non-cheesy.

1. Travel Watch Roll

Even if you're not buying your #1 man a new watch this time, you can still indulge his addiction with this portable case. His precious items will be protected with the cushioned cushion and suede lining, and he can store his cufflinks or collar stays in the secret pocket.

2. A Pair of Jordon

The Air Jordan 1 is set to return in 2022 with OG colour blocking and legacy style, as well as a new colour: Dark Marina Blue. While the world-famous Air Jordan 1's posture and design remain the same, this much-loved vintage make-up has been given a fresh twist.

3. A Cosy sweatshirt or sweater

Every guy looks great in a Cosy sweatshirt or sweater. Give him a cosy one with your or his favourite colour and it will remind him how much you love him.

4. Good-Looking Bar Tools

Entertaining never looked so good with this marble and gold bar toolset. Gift him this set of bar tools if he loves to host parties for his buddies. Because this swill makes him look good!

5. Skincare Kit

Taking care of one's skin is as important for men as it is for women nowadays. If you want to present a gift to your partner, in this case, you can put together a gift package of men's grooming items. Men can also give their partners such beauty goods as gifts, or they can buy an expensive package from a salon.

6. Comfy Slippers

At the very least, these cushion slides will always be there to provide you with the necessary support (too much?). The lightweight, cushioned sole feels "like walking on a cloud," making them ideal for all-day use, indoors or out.

7. Noise-cancelling headphones

These noise-cancelling headphones are ideal for when she wants to concentrate while working from home or listening to podcasts while completing domestic chores.

8. A Blend of Coffee

Is he a coffee aficionado? Then a thoughtful (and caffeine-packed) Valentine's Day Blend Coffee Pack is the right gift for him.

9. Gym Essentials

When you pick a present that is just appropriate for them, even if it isn't usually romantic in nature, guys find it romantic. If he feels the present was picked with him in mind, a guy might even find workout equipment or technology 'romantic'! A fitness-related present might be a great Valentine's Day gift if your boyfriend is a fitness nut (or desires to be).

10. Unlimited Subscription

With a yearly membership to Masterclass, he can learn how to play the guitar like Carlos Santana or pretend to be a MasterChef like Gordon Ramsey. And maybe, just maybe, you'll reap the benefits. Wink!

Hope you have got some unique and best Valentine's Day gift ideas for her, him, self, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or for your secret love to celebrate the Valentine's Day.

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