Washing Machine Buying Guide 2022– Things you need to know before buying a Washing Machine.

A Washing Machine Buying Guide 2022 help you gain an insight on what to look for when buying a washing machine

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Are you looking to buy a washing machine for your house? The washing machine, like every other kitchen appliance, is a required electric appliance. And it saves you from the hectic routine of spending the day finishing household chaos. It is a more serious problem for working women when they must provide for their families while still working.

While the decision is entirely yours, let us warn you there are certain things to consider before purchasing a washing machine. So, to help you, We've curated a washing machine buying guide in India.

Here's what you can do before buying the right washing machine. To begin, you must first understand the various types of washing machines.

Washing Machine Buying Guide

1.Types of Washing Machine in India (2022)

Before purchasing a washing machine, the first thing to remember is the type of machine. This will help you to choose the washing machine that best suits your needs.

Let's take a look at the various types of washing machines available in India.

A. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

It is highly advanced and upgraded, with a single tub that functions as a washer, dryer, and can even be used to rinse clothes. Simply put you won't have to manually switch the compartment. You can get a front-loading or top-loading automatic washing machine.

However, only if you are willing to pay a large sum of money you can go for this alternative because it is costly as compared to other washing machines. It should be noted that the general programme and width of the washing machine can vary depending on the brand.

B. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 

A semi-automatic washing machine only completes half the work. You will have to move the clothes from one tub to another. In India, this is the most popular kind of washing machine. The only explanation for this is that they are inexpensive.

The advantage of using a semi-automatic laundry machine over an automatic washing machine is that it does not require a consistent water source, since you do refill the washing machine's tub.

You also can buy a washing machine with two different tubs, allowing you to wash and dry clothes individually. It is also available in a top-loading design.

C. Top-loading Washing Machine

Washing Machine Buying Guide

It is easy to use when washing clothes because it eliminates the need for you to lean over to load and empty the laundry. Since this washing machine sits at a certain height, these features make it ideal for those with joint problems.

However, top-loading does not permit you to add laundry to the machine in the middle of the cycle. To be more specific, there are two kinds of top-loading washing machines: those with an agitator and those without. Earlier, motion is created through spinning and forcing the water. The washing machine vibrates as a result. This allows for the quick washing of clothing. 

D. Front-load Washing Machine

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Front-load washing machines are gentler on clothes than top load washing machines. Since the front-load washing machine lacks an agitator, it is more compact. Furthermore, unlike top load washing machines, it requires less energy since the cycle used to clean laundry is reduced.

It is not only quite energy-efficient, but it also requires less water than a top-loading washing machine. You may also purchase an automatic front-load washing machine for blankets. Since blankets are quite heavy, it is best to consider a front load washing machine for intense use all of the time.

Further, we will concentrate on the washing machine buying guide in India, which will cover topics such as features, power, spin speed, and more.

Let's begin with the features to look for when purchasing a washing machine.

2. Capacity

The capacity of the washing machine is an important factor to consider. For example, a family of two need a 6 kg washing machine instead of an 8kg one. Similarly, the size of a washing machine for four persons is 7-8 kg. Furthermore, the appropriate washing ability is needed since it will consume both water and electricity.

No. of People

Washing Machine Capacity

1-2 people

5-6 kg

3 people

6-7 kg

4 people

7-8 kg

More than 4 people

More than 8 kg

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3.Water Efficiency

Water is required to wash laundry. However, the most important factor to note is the washing machine's water efficiency. As a result, you must choose a water machine that both reduces your water bill and conserves water.

So, if you want a water-efficient washing machine, a front-load washing machine is a better choice than a top-load washing machine. Since the front-loading washing machine has an in-built device that measures the appropriate amount of water used to wash the clothing.

4. The Temperature Control

After discussing water quality, it is also necessary to remember temperature regulation. Since normal water temperatures cannot remove any stains such as bacteria, germs, and even blood stains. As a result, to remove various forms of stains, you must use a specific water temperature that will kill any germs, viruses, and bacteria on the clothing.

There are 3 different types of water temperature control.

Cold wash: The temperature of cold wash is 30 ° Celsius or below, and it is suitable for removing dust or mud.

Warm wash: This temperature is ideal for removing bodily fluids such as sweat. Warm wash has a temperature range of 40 degrees Celsius.

Hot wash: This allows you to remove harder stains including bacteria, viruses, and other stains. The hot wash has a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

5. Energy Efficiency

Another important thing to remember when purchasing a washing machine is its efficiency. When compared to a top load washing machine, front-load washing machines use less electricity. The explanation for the lower energy consumption is that front-load washing machines have a higher load space.

Furthermore, if your washing machine has an Energy Star rating, it can use 30% less energy. As well as high spin speeds save energy, so always pick a washing machine with a high spin speed.

6. The Spin Rate

You should always choose a washing machine with a high spin pace. Since the spin cycle is calculated in Revolutions Per Minutes (RPM), a high RPM is needed for fast rotation.

In general, the spin speed of the washing machine should be between 400RPM and 1800RPM. The best thing is that high spin helps you to save more energy, so it does not take as long to dry the clothing.

7. Programs

You should be aware that different washing machines have different washing programmes based on your preferences.  These programs help you wash your clothes according to your preferences, the latest news in the market was about Samsung launching an AI-Enabled washing machine. 

Here are the programmes you should look at according to your washing needs.

Daily Wash – If you wash your clothes and innerwear daily, you can choose a washing machine with this programme. The advantage is that it uses less water and takes less time to clean the clothing.

Pre-soak wash – This programme is ideal for removing tough stains from clothing. It does not immediately wash the clothes to remove stains; instead, it soaks the clothes first and then agitates them.

Quick wash – This programme is used in almost all fully automated machines. As the name implies, it can wash your laundry in the shortest amount of time possible. It will clean your clothes in less than 30 minutes. However, you can use fast wash software to wash restricted clothing.

8. Technologies

So far, the washing machine buying guide in India has informed you about the capacity, washing programme, spin speed, and other features. Let's take a look at the various washing machine technologies that are available.

Direct Drive – Direct Drive eliminates the use of movable essential parts such as gears and belts, which can cause excessive friction. This, in turn, affects the efficiency of the washing machine's motor, saving energy because it improves motor efficiency. It, therefore, makes less noise. 

Soaking Technology – Soaking technology enhances your experience and is a key feature. Any washing machines, for example, to remove dirt from clothing machines use bubble soaking technology.

The primary goal is to remove residue and bacteria from detergent and clothing, respectively. Besides, several washing machines have a function that improves the efficiency of the detergent.

Inverter Technology – It is the finest technology in the washing machine market, and it saves energy even more efficiently than when the engine is used. A typical washing machine can only operate on a certain load and will only work successfully if that load is used.

 A laundry machine with inverter technology, on the other hand, operates a bit differently. That it operates on the load, which varies depending on the load of the clothing. As a result, this invention has a one-of-a-kind circuit that controls the speed of the motor based on the scale of a load of clothing. Overall, this technology aids in energy conservation by changing loads regularly.

Drum Technology – The washtub is an essential component of the washing machine. As a result, before purchasing a washing machine, it is important to inspect the mechanism. So, if you want to buy a washing machine that will not harm the fabric of your clothes and will provide better wash every time, you can look at the design of the drum.

With the design of a drum, you must also remember the material of the drum or tub. The tub's drum is composed of acrylic, porcelain enamel, and stainless steel. It should be remembered that plastic and porcelain enamel are inexpensive, non-durable, and prone to corrosion.

Stainless steel drums or tubs, on the other hand, are long-lasting, can tolerate high spinning, and resist corrosion.

9. Fuzzy Logic

This feature helps you to choose the right washing quality based on the quantity of clothing. 

It calculates the weight of the laundry, based on which it analyses the amount of water, detergent, and washing time needed. As a result, what you have to do is fill the laundry machine with clothing.

10. Customer Service

Always go for a brand that has excellent customer service. Post-sale and installation service should always be excellent. As it shows what the company represents and builds trust. Look for customer reviews and go through them, that can help you differentiate between brands.  

We hope the above guide helps you buy a washing machine, consider the above-mentioned points as a washing machine buying guide in India to choose the best washing machine for your family.

If you have extra features that one should consider, let us know in the comments below.

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Direct TechnologyDirect technology eliminates the use of movable essential parts such as gears and belts, which can cause excessive friction. This, in turn, affects the efficiency of the washing machine’s engine saving energy because it improves motor efficiency. It, therefore, makes less noise. However, as compared to conventional motors, the direct technology motor is heavier

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