Where is the iPhone 14 cheapest to buy? and should you get it?

Whether you're a Apple iPhone user or not, finding out how one can buy the latest iPhone 14 at the cheapest price is sure to tickle your interest. But wait, before you consider getting it, there’s more to know

by Vrushali.S Updated: 16 Sep, 2022, 19:28 IST
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American Multinational Technology company, Apple recently launched its much anticipated iPhone series iPhone 14. Since then, it has been of great interest to many Apple lovers to know where and how they can get the iPhone 14 at the cheapest price. Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone series, we see a significant price drop in its predecessors. The same happened this year too.


The prices of Apple phones depend on a lot of factors including import duties, GST taxes & more. So, naturally, you will find differently priced iPhones in different countries. The price of the iPhone 14 in India starts at Rs.79,900 and goes up as high as Rs.1,89,000.

Flipkart, the eCommerce giant revealed the prices of the iPhone 13 series in its Big Billion Days sale recently. The iPhone 13 now is available at a starting price of Rs.49,900 and well, it is no secret that the iPhone 14 series and iPhone 13 series are almost identical. But, if you are among those dedicated Apple fans who would be down to purchasing the iPhone 14 from foreign countries through relatives & friends just to get it at a cheaper price, then here’s something to know

Currently, the Apple iPhone 14 series is available in most countries including the US, Japan, Canada, Turkey, the UK, and UAE with the prices being different in each country.

Apple iPhone 14 Prices in Different Countries: Price Comparison
  • Apple iPhone 14 Price in India: Starts at Rs.79,900

  • Apple iPhone 14 Price in US: Starts at $779 (approx Rs.63,697)

  • Apple iPhone 14 Price in UK: Starts at €849 (approx Rs.77,161)

  • Apple iPhone 14 Price in UAE: Starts at AED 3399 (approx Rs.73,774)

  • Apple iPhone 14 Price in Japan: Starts at 119800 Yen (approx Rs.66,670)

  • Apple iPhone 14 Price in Canada: Starts at $1121 (approx Rs.67,221)

  • Apple iPhone 14 Price in Turkey: 30999 TL (approx Rs.1,35,228)

  • Apple iPhone 14 Price in Australia: Starts at AUD 1399 (approx Rs.74,537)

Before you consider buying the iPhone 14 from the US because iPhone 14 is available at the cheapest price there, do note that iPhone 14 models in the US do not come with SIM Tray and only support the eSIM feature. eSIM is basically a digital SIM so you can temporarily shift to different networks as in the case of eSIM, you are not using a physical nano SIM card as such. Buying an iPhone 14 from the US would mean that you’d need eSIM support. However, many top telecom brands do offer this facility.

So, we would recommend that if you really wish to buy the iPhone 14 at the cheapest price, you may get it from Canada as the prices are relatively the same in the US and Canada. But, the iPhone 14 in Canada comes with both, eSIM and physical SIM card features.

After Apple announced its brand new iPhone 14 series in the Apple Far Out Event on 7th September, many of users have been anticipating the prices of the iPhone 13 and previous iPhone series to get a price cut (as has been the case over the years). The iPhone 14 series in India were said to be launching today, on the 16th of September.

Flipkart, the eCommerce giant revealed the prices of the iPhone 13 series in its Big Billion Days sale recently and well, it is no secret that the iPhone 14 series and iPhone 13 series are almost identical except for a few features.

What are your thoughts on buying the iPhone 14 from the US or other countries? Would you consider doing it?

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iPhone 14 is iphone 13 with a new name. Don't waste money

Tech Guru Tech Guru
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You have ignored taxes.

In India MRP includes taxes. In US additional taxes will be added (depends on the state), which can be upto 15%.

in US:     a $779 will become $895 for the base iPhone 14, thats 73.2k INR.
in INDIA: With HDFC 6k discount on the MRP 79.9k,  the price of iphone 14 will be 73.9k INR.

Not sure that its that high a price difference. Probably points will make up for the same smile

Not to mention, I haven't included forex processing fees in the calculation.

Review Expert Review Expert
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Hey, some points to clear here: 

1. Prices mentioned are "approx" as mentioned 
2. The price of the iPhone 14 (128GB) in US is $799 (inclusive of taxes) which translates to the same Indian INR amount we have mentioned in this article (approximately) 
Here's a screenshot of it: 


Link - https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-14...

As for the taxes, the prices mentioned on the Apple website are inclusive of taxes so naturally, the price we have mentioned in the article is the same too  
source: https://www.apple.com/in/shop/help/payments#:~:....

As for the Forex Taxes, I am not as experienced in it but from what I understand, it should not apply to products which you may buy through your foreign relatives or friends (i.e on purchasing the product in the home country itself and not importing it) 

Tech Guru Tech Guru
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No, thats not what costs ultimately. Move forward, add to bag and a shipping address you will see the price change with taxes in the final page. Also an unlocked iphone costs 30$ more.

Refer Below:



Also as long as you are transferring the money to foreign relatives or say paying with your cc to their address or say a visiting friend uses his cc to buy it for you.. all scenarios will cost Forex charges. So unless it's a gift from a friend living in US, forex cannot be avoided.

These are from real experiences, multiple times.

Review Expert Review Expert
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I get your point @Seinfeld but as mentioned it is a "starting" price and not the final one. Also, it is just an approx. But, I appreciate you taking the time to put your POV. I do agree with what you are trying to say.

Also, yes, in this article we were referring to the same practice of asking your relatives/friends to purchase the iPhone 14 with their CC and the user then repaying them (Some people do it and the article speaks for them) In that case, there should not be any Forex charges, most probably.

Of course, it would not make sense to import an iPhone from the US (though I am sure there's probably someone out there who is thinking of doing it😄)
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