Will Varun Dhawan recreate the magic of Govinda in Coolie No 1? Checkout Release Date, Review, and Amazon Prime Video offers

The highly awaited movie of the year Coolie No 1 is here. Grab exciting Amazon Prime Video Subscription offers to watch and download this movie in full HD.

by FighterMan Updated: 11 Jan, 2021, 01:27 IST
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Govinda and Karisma Kapoor’s Bollywood hit Coolie No 1 is back with a new twist. This time, it's a lot more fun filled with Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan, and a whole bunch of comedians. It will be streaming on Prime Video so if you already are a member then you are good to go else checkout some cool offers to save more on your subscription fees. Moreover, you can check out this movie’s Release Date and Review.

Will Varun Dhawan recreate the magic of Govinda in Coolie No 1? Checkout Release Date, Review, and Amazon Prime Video offers
Coolie No 1 Movie Release Date in India

The much anticipated movie of the year Coolie No 1 is now ready to release in India. Its trailer has already created a huge buzz among Bollywood fans.

Release Date

25th December 2020

Streaming Platform

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers to Watch & Download Coolie No 1 Full Movie in HD

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Coolie No 1 Movie Review

Coolie No 1 is a laugh riot handled well by Varun Dhawan and of course his director dad. Credit also goes to the experienced comedy cast lead by Paresh Rawal. Sara Ali Khan looks refreshing in the movie although she has a less part to play, but she exceeds in songs and punch dialogues.

The music is peppy and groovy, especially the “mirchi lagi toh” and “mummy kasam” songs, thanks to Tanishk Bagchi, DJ Chetas, and others. Besides, the story is nothing to fancy about, but the performances make it stand out. In addition, the second half is more interesting and humorous with Varun playing different characters. Furthermore, the climax is very engaging and funny so you can definitely go for Coolie No 1 to have a fun time pass.

Coolie No 1 Cast & Crew


Varun Dhawan | Sara Ali Khan | Paresh Rawal | Rajpal Yadav | Johnny Lever | Javed Jaffery


David Dhawan


Jackky Bhagnani and others

What do you think, Will Varun Dhawan recreate the magic of Govinda in this version of Coolie No 1? Do share your views via the comments box below.

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar

Bakwas dhawan, even trailer his dialogs sound so poor.
And you taking to compete with Govinda!!!
David just wants to replace Govinda with his boy but he forgets that old films were far better due to both, good direction of David and the super comedy of Govinda.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

No , govinda has another level of swag .

Entertainer Entertainer

Another bollywood thread 🙄

If we don’t track bollywood and politics I definitely feel we will be at great peace ✌🏻 ☮️ bro.

Nothing against you or this post per se. Pl don’t take offence. Of course it is personal choice 🙂

Deal Hunter Deal Hunter

Didn’t like the old one and the new trailer looks uninteresting

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Nope. No way in hell. Varun “Over Acting” Dhawan ko mein free mein Amazon pe bhi ni dekhoonga unamused

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

Please stop this nonsense. Say no to any discussions on bollywood and IPOs. We dimers are a totally different community.

Deal Captain Deal Captain
pingpong wrote:

Another bollywood thread 🙄

If we don’t track bollywood and politics I definitely feel we will be at great peace ✌🏻 ☮️ bro.

Nothing against you or this post per se. Pl don’t take offence. Of course it is personal choice 🙂

Its all about money honey wink
More eyeballs mean even better alexa ranking

Entertainer Entertainer
pensive Mujhko movie acchi naa lagi toh ab maiin kya karoon…. 2/5⭐

Too much over the top acting. Haven’t put any effort in changing the storyline. Atleast they could have added some different twist. Could have used Rohit Dhawan instead to direct this remake. Direction was below David sir’s standard. Sara- Varun couldn’t even do minimal justice to what Karishma-Govinda created, so no comparison there. Music was least appealing. Seriously, mazaa nahin aaya, utter disappointment 👎👎

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

The movie was average ,i just finished watching it and varun’s acting was good(dont compare govinda with him as govinda has a very good comic timing which i dont think anyone in bollywood would be capable of doing it) and sara ali khan was just shown for not more than 20 mins and she was not at all attractive, other cast have done their work really well especially Javed Zafri ,the dialogues were poorly written but the direction was really good .A one time watch movie with your whole family but if you watch it alone u will definitely get bored .

2.5 star out of 5 star .

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

I dont understand one simple thing. When we have so much quality content to watch and discuss then why are we discussing this sh!t. I have amazon prime but wont waste my time watching this poor copied junk.
In 1 line: No, nope, never, nadaa i can not tolerate this sh!t movie.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

This movie is a complete disaster, overacting by all renowned artists, poor script,
poor performance, even if you have spare time , like really fukat you are
Go do some labor task outside , and save ur precious time.

Its a complete waste of digital energy. Peace!!

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar

That depends,
1. Watch a movie on the base of entertainment then you’ll definitely have fun either on the good part, dialogue, actions of different actor rather than protagonist in the movie or you have fun the poor delivery of those. Both way you’ll be at the point of fun which is the ultimate goal if you’ve mindset of entertainment.

2. Now come to the part of acting of protagonist and storyline based on direction and scriptwriting, we in that case on should refrain to compare two movie even if it’s a remake. One can’t be so clone to anybody especially there is generation gap in movie release time.
I personally don’t like Varun for his over acting skills, though movie isn’t just a part of a protagonist there are other people who deliver definitely a better role. Why to watch a movie on the basis on protagonist?
I just suggest you to watch a movie Kamyaab in which you’ll get to know the power of people working on a film other than propagandist.
& Remember movies are made for entertainment, don’t judge like a critic.

We’re audience not the producer who is willing to invest money over it so better we should watch it as audience and enjoy the best part, best play and laugh on worse acting of protagonist.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Where is the moderator ? Previously discussion on IPO and now discussion on a 3rd grade remake of a 3rd grade movie.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

Useless Bollywood… please remove this… nothing to do with dimers

Deal Captain Deal Captain
Rocking_since_1992 wrote:

People’s reaction after watching this movie


I saw that stunt scene in someone else’s feed and I was like thank you I saved my time, energy and my bw laughing joy joy joy joy

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Woww what a great thing to discuss about..and its coming in hot section..grow up guys ! Dnt waste time on such things! @admin @admin480