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  • by sANyAmG on 06 January 2017
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    good baby products range view more
  • by A2Zdeals on 02 April 2016
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    Unmatchable customer support. You get credit for refund before they even pick up. It shows tremendous trust firstcry puts in its customers. I love shopping on it. view more
  • by siddharthd on 21 December 2015
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    I placed an order on 15th December. I placed this order because the discount I was getting on firstcry was better than any other store. I guess I made the right choice by selecting Cash On Delivery. The shipment status says out for delivery on 16th December and it is 21st December and I haven't received the same yet. I got call from the delivery guy on 16th but since no one was at my place I requested him to give it to my neighbor where he said that he will come tomorrow. I received an upfron... view more
  • by tomcruisedj803 on 02 June 2015
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    Just read this email and you will know everything!!! On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 10:03 AM, John Vick <[email protected]> wrote: Are you guys going to deliver my product or not??? On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 11:40 AM, John Vick <[email protected]> wrote: Hi, You told me to wait 24-48 hours and now and still the same situation is here. Could you please tell me at what date my product is gonna deliver. I have a function on 3rd of this month. Wh... view more
  • by neelu.venus0... on 19 May 2015
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    p. Getting all baby products online is just so great! Thank you Firstcry for making life of parents like me easy. I just love shopping for my kids here as they have a very exhaustive list of products like diapers, baby lotions, cradles, toys, clothes etc. Now I even get a lot of their school supplies from Firstcry, saves a lot of trouble of going to a store. And you don’t get discounts on kid’s stuff in stores. That is why I now prefer shopping online for kids. Also, their pack... view more
  • by syedibr on 28 December 2013
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    Most items are overpriced on firstcry, particularly clothing and toys. However the customer service is good. Shipping and packaging is great. Shipping may take place with an hour or two. I was quite surprised when my item was shipped within two hour of ordering. Returns policy is a little bit cumbersome compared to other sites. Navigation is great. I particularly visit it for baby items and the exhaustive list. Few items are at deal prices. I will recommend this for new born babies and also ... view more
  • by Jus012 on 28 December 2013
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    The list of things that a baby needs is obviously very huge. Moreover baby products can hardly be found on discount in offline stores. Browsing through the web to find the best baby essentials (and even some irresistible non-essentials) was the only alternative left to me. And that is how I came across searching for baby essentials and also gifts for my sisters kids. My First purchase with them was a Fab N Funky - Baby Cradle @ around 3k after a good discount. The revie... view more
  • by dipakpatel11... on 30 October 2013
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    First Cry is Totally Fake Online shopping site please do not buy from this site because i have ordered one product and i received totally different from site they display product and when i talk to their customer care executive she is laugh with my problem like they have no any responsibility for customers so please friends don't wast your time and money.. This is my order No : 991017MN38495135 view more
  • by m_raj on 30 September 2012
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    It is best site for baby products:-} view more
  • by mac.jpr753 on 31 December 2011
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    I bought a baby suit for Rs 399 from In the picture on their website the product looked fine but when i receive it, the suit was so thin and doesn't seems to be more than 100 rs. view more