Revisiting How to get Rupay Platinum Debit card from ICICI post.



I am creating this discussion to share information with new members who may not be aware of it yet. Please note that this is a duplicate post.( @admin if this is not allowed then kindly delete this post). 

If you are not able to get Rupay debit card from AU, NSDL, BOB etc or not interested in opening new accounts. Then In past @abhishek012 and @dippy44 has shared tricks for ICICI bank users to get Rupay platinum Debit card. This trick is only for ICICI Bank account holders. And if you hold salary account with them, then it's going to be life savior. 2nd trick is only for Salary account holders. 

1. ICICI RUPAY PLATINUM DEBIT CARD (how to get) (Step by step guide) :

2. ICICI Salary account - Multiple Add-on RuPay Platinum debit card apply process :

I have personally tried the first trick and it worked for me. Not sure about second trick if it works or not. 

Special thanks to @dippy44 and @abhishek012

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Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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First apply add-on icici debit card and then call immediately, share your SR number and tell them to apply only RuPay Platinum DC variant for your add-on debit card request.

By the way, you applied on April month right ? if you got Contactless variant ICICI Physical RuPay Platinum DC then dnt forget to share.

As per latest RuPay circular, all issuer must issue contactless variant RuPay cards after March month. ICICI still issuing non-contactless variant RuPay Platinum dc.

Flame Flame
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Once I receive it, I will definitely share. However as per imobile, it looks like it is going to be contactless 
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Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Hello @Stone_man , Did you receive Rupay Platinum DC ?

I called my RM Today and he mentioned that only Normal Rupay will be issued , ICICI Stopped Issuing Rupay Platinum DC.

Flame Flame
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They only issue rupay platinum, so for them platinum is normal. I have rupay platinum issued by them last month. 

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