10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023 with buyer's Guide

Learn about the top 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023 and shop with the help of a smart buyers guide.

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Kitchen Chimneys are an essential and necessary aspect of today's kitchen. Toxic chemicals and other polluting compounds can be eliminated from the kitchen by using a chimney. Kitchen Chimneys will clear approximately 60-70% of pollution and improve air quality even at low speeds. It also aids in the reduction of carbon dioxide levels and leaves the air inside clear.

In India, there is a range of chimney styles to choose from, while It can be confusing when picking a product for your kitchen. So, we have made a buying guide to make you understand the basic parameters of a chimney. Also, you can find the list of the best kitchen chimney in India 2023.

10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023 with buyer's Guide

Buying Guide for Best Kitchen Chimneys in India– How to choose the best Chimney for your Kitchen.

Purchasing a chimney that is both within our budget and offers us more value for money is our main goal here. Here we will discuss some important factors of what makes a good chimney and how you can pick the best kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

Chimneys, on the other hand, can be used anywhere there is a fire, haze, or soot coming from a place. People have a chimney over their fireplace, much as in colder places. But we don't need that in India, instead, we need them in our kitchens.

The two most important aspects we will be discussing further will be the types of chimneys and the types of filters. We will also take a look at the additional features that make a kitchen chimney a selling point.

Types of Kitchen Chimney

Based on the installation, there are three styles of kitchen chimneys in India.

Wall-mounted Chimney

Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimneys are by far the most often used kitchen chimneys, and they are typically situated against the wall and near the cooktop. These are the most popular in India. They use ducts to vent the smoke outside and filters the air before realising it to the kitchen. Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimneys also have a ductless category for the same.

Straight-line Chimneys

Straight-line Kitchen Chimneys are another common option for Indian kitchens. Straight-line kitchen chimneys have powerful suction capabilities that enable them to suck up smoke directly from the cooktop as well as from other areas of the kitchen. Furthermore, these kitchen chimneys have overhead storage space for your kitchen pieces.

Auto-cleaning chimneys

Auto-cleaning chimneys are pre-programmed with an auto-clean option that clean the oil, grease, and soot collected in the filters with the push of a button. The chimneys have Baffle filters made of stainless steel making them easier to clean and last longer.

You just need to hold a limited amount of the specified water in the chimney's reservoir. Then, after a week or two, simply push the auto clean button. It would clean the filter's accumulated oil and other contaminants and transport them to the oil collector. Which is simple to take apart and disinfect.

Types of Kitchen Chimney Filter

Another important aspect is the filters. The correct filter will improve the efficiency of the kitchen chimney. If the filter does not work properly, the suction capacity reduces, which may be dangerous to your wellbeing. There are three types of kitchen chimney filters available, which are as follows:

Cassette Filters/ Mesh Filters

Cassette Filters, also known as Mesh Filters, are often made of several layers of aluminium or stainless steel to catch solid particles while also passing smoke outside. These, though, can reduce the suction power of the chimneys. That is why the Cassette Filters must be maintained or washed daily.

Baffle Filter

These filters are a great alternative to mess filters, in truth, they are 30% better than mesh filters. The sheets on the filter have several curves that enable smoke to pass while preventing grease from doing so. Baffle filters make kitchen chimneys in India easier to clean and manage. You should clean them about every three to four months without the assistance of a technician.

Carbon Filters

Another common filter in India is the carbon filter. Similar to the carbon filters in your water purifiers, the carbon filter aids in the removal of unpleasant odours from food. These kitchen chimney filters are made of charcoal and can be found in both ducted and ductless chimneys. However, when oil and other greasy substances bind to the carbon filters, you will have to change them after about six months.

Other Key Aspects to keep in mind while buying a chimney.

When purchasing any commodity, you should be aware of the significant factors that must be considered to provide the best product at a reasonable price. Especially in Indian kitchens, where oily and spicy food is prepared almost every day, the best Kitchen Chimneys in India with higher suction power are required. In addition to this, there are other important factors to consider to buy the right one on the market.

Suction Power –

The ability of the engine to pull smoke, oil particles and odour is calculated in cubic metres per hour (m3 per hour). It is recommended to choose a kitchen chimney with a higher air suction capacity that is appropriate for Indian kitchens. In contrast, ducting chimneys have a higher suction capacity. Aim for a flow rate of 500 m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr for optimum results. For larger kitchens, the higher suction capability is often preferable.

Auto clean chimney

Kitchen chimneys with auto-cleaning capabilities are a perfect choice to consider. Unlike regular kitchen chimneys, you will not have to clean these styles of kitchen chimneys as much. The auto-clean function assists in the effective accumulation of oil by the kitchen chimney. This type of kitchen chimney is usually fitted with an aluminium non-stick turbine blower that is used to circulate the cooking fumes. Auto-clean kitchen chimneys tend to increase the suction capacity of the chimney while needing less cleaning.


During the cleaning process, kitchen chimneys make some noise. The noise is caused by air circulation, which varies in speed and suction strength. It ranges from 50 dB to 75 dB, which is not a concern. The lower suction force would help if they wanted a quieter kitchen chimney. However, more luxurious kitchen chimneys seem to be quieter. Some kitchen chimneys have an incorporated silent kit that makes them less noisy.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023
1. Faber 90cm 1500 m3/h Chimney – Hood Primus Energy TC HC BK 90


When it comes to kitchen chimneys, Faber is among the first names that come to mind. Faber is one of the most famous chimney models in India today for a reason. The suction power is excellent, allowing you to cook your food in comfort and peace.

The amount of oil and smoke that your kitchen chimney will suck in an hour is referred to as suction strength. The best feature of this kitchen chimney is how quiet it is, allowing you to enjoy cooking.

Faber Hood Primus Energy Key Features –
  • Faber Hood Primus Energy has a greater suction capability with improved grease and noise reduction.
  • It has 1500m3/h suction power with a powerful motor that allows for a broad suction capability.
  • The Faber Hood Primus Energy makes low to no sound thanks to its powerful suction capacity.
  • It has Three-layer baffle filters for excessive oil and grease.
  • Filters need no replacement because they are stainless-steel filters.
  • Easy to use with one click of a button to start roaring.

2. Elica 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – WD HAC Touch BF 90


Elica is a popular choice among the Indian household for its attractive style and amazing features. It blends in seamlessly with the kitchen's ambience, making it a must-have kitchen accessory.

The Elica chimney's dimensions are such that it can fit well in your kitchen. As a result, it is one of the strongest kitchen chimneys in India.

Elica WD HAC Touch BF 90 Key Features –
  • Easy and Convenient Touch Control Panel
  • The chimney is an energy-efficient model that requires no upkeep.
  • Heat Auto Clean technology makes cleaning the chimney remove the sticky oil molecules and contain them in an oil filter.
  • The chimney is fitted with LED lamps with 180watts resulting in lower power costs.

3.Eurodomo 90cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


Having to clean a chimney by hand is a difficult job. As a result, a chimney with an auto-cleaning feature is often preferred. One such appliance is the Eurodomo chimney.

LED lamps may be used to illuminate the space immediately under the chimney. The chimney is built in such a way that it suits your kitchen perfectly, winning it the title of best chimney under Rs 10,000.

Eurodomo Auto Clean Chimney Key Features –
  • The high suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr
  • The auto-cleaning capability of a chimney is one of its best qualities.
  • The filter needs less upkeep and washing. Oil, soot, and other residues are drawn down by the stainless-steel baffle filters.
  • Heat auto clean technology removes impurities without the need for human interference.
  • Has LED lamps
  • Excellent design with tempered glass finish

4.Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


Hindware is an Indian company that produces some of the best kitchen chimneys in India and the world. This chimney is outfitted with energy-efficient LED lights to light your kitchen, especially the countertops and other cooking areas. The energy-efficient motor means that it uses the least amount of fuel available.

Hindware Auto Clean Chimney Key Features –
  • Easy to operate and clean the chimney.
  • Has a luxury stainless-steel finish.
  • The high suction power of 1200 m3/hr, resulting in less smoke in the kitchen.
  • Excellent design that adds sparkle to the kitchen
  • Maximises airflow to the kitchen by removing smoke.
  • One-touch controls, operating the chimney is easy.

5.Elica 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


Elica chimneys guarantee a smoke-free atmosphere in your kitchen, even though you're frying your favourite treats. This chimney's specifications are suitable for a small to the medium-sized Indian kitchen. The touch control pad, which allows for smooth running, is one of the best features of this chimney. The LED lamps provide required lighting while also increasing the chimney's energy efficiency.

Elica Auto Clean Chimney Key Features –
  • The high-quality suction power of 1200m3/hr
  • Auto head cleaning technology eliminates manual intervention.
  • High suction power
  • Stainless steel Baffle filters
  • Energy-efficient device
  • Has LED lamps that require low energy consumption.

6.Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney


Faber is a well-known global chimney brand that is suitable for Indian kitchens. This chimney features auto head cleaning technology, which allows you to clean the chimney with only a single button press. The oil residue collects in the oil filter, which can be quickly removed and washed.

The Faber chimney is a next-generation chimney with advanced features such as motion and touch control. The motion control feature helps you to operate the chimney without having to touch it.

Faber Heat Auto Clean Chimney Key Features –
  • Highly Suitable for Indian Kitchens
  • Filter-less technology
  • Efficient motor and practical suction capability of 1200 m3/hr
  • Auto head cleaning technology with a single button

7. Hindware 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney


The measurements of this Hindware chimney are perfect for standard-sized Indian kitchens. It is a compact chimney with outstanding features and an LED lights monitor for lighting. This suction capability provides optimal ventilation, ensuring that all toxins are removed and released into the atmosphere. Because of these fantastic features, this Hindware chimney is one of the best chimneys for under Rs 8,000.

Hindware 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney Key Features –
  • Easy to operate because of one-touch controls.
  • High suction power keeps the kitchen smoke-free.
  • Noiseless and energy-efficient
  • Has a powerful motor with a suction strength of 1100 m3/hr.

8. Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney


Elica chimneys are familiar to consumers due to their fantastic features such as an urbane nature, an effective Baffle filter, and a powerful suction capability. These features help to make this chimney the best kitchen chimney for under 9,000 rupees.

The dimensions of this chimney are suitable for mid-size Indian kitchens. The LED lamps provide illumination for the kitchen, removing the need for another lighting in the room.

Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney Key Features –
  • Effective and easy to clean Baffle Filter.
  • Noiseless and energy-efficient operation
  • Powerful motor with a functional suction capacity
  • LED lamps for illumination

9. Glen 6071EX Black Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney 60cm 1000m3/hr


Since these chimneys have been around for more than two decades, Glen kitchen chimney is a household name in India. This chimney has an exquisite style and sticks out gracefully to add to the ambience of your kitchen. Even though this chimney does not have an auto-clean option, it is simple to clean due to the advanced construction features.

Glen Black Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney Key Features –
  • Toughened glass body makes it a long-lasting, heat-resistant, and easy-to-clean appliance.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Baffle filters with dynamic airflow
  • Excellent design and fantastic features
  • Powerful suction
  • Suits Indian conditions perfectly.

10.Faber 60cm 1500m3/h Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney


This kitchen chimney is smaller than the Faber model described earlier. As a result, this chimney is incredibly useful in small Indian kitchens. The filter guarantees that oil and grease are isolated and deposited in the oil collector.

The stylish touch screen makes operating the chimney a breeze. The black touch panel suits the hue of the chimney and complements the overall style. This Faber chimney is one of the better kitchen additions because it improves the overall ambience.

Faber Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney Key Features –
  • The suction capacity of 1500m3/h and strongest among the lists
  • A triple-layer baffle filter
  • Easy auto-cleaning features
  • Good value for the money you spend.

So, here you have the 10 best Best Kitchen Chimneys in India with an easy to understand buying guide. Let us know what you want us to top the list next, as we have much more to come for you.

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where is preethi alcor? I researched a lot and settled with Preethi, very happy with it.. Cheap and best!! Features - Stress Proof- Free installation kit including aluminum duct pipe, Brackets with Screws, Expansion Bolts with Washers and Cowl. Smoke Proof - Quadra Suction power. 10% more suction power. Groove filter coupled with advanced multi-fin blower motor assembly. Time Proof - The First brand to give 3 free deep cleaning service for 1 year to make your chimney look new. Oil Proof - Anti Grease Coating on the outside. Makes oil-residues "Very Easy " to clean. 2X times lesser effort in cleaning than any conventional filter in the chimney with oil collector & anti-grease coating. Pest Proof - Pest repellent technology enabled by Ultrasonic wave to prevent pests from encroaching your chimney & cooking areas up to 3 meters around Rigid Proof - Moveable 3D focus LED lamps so you can adjust it according to your cooking need. 2 times higher Illumination. Free rotation of lamps for 180-degree viewing. Powercut Proof - Emergency lights with 20 mins power backup to help you continue cooking even after a power cut. It's rechargeable batteries. Feather Touch - The sensor touch keys add a touch of elegance while enhancing your controlling aspects at the same time. Timer Function - When chimney keeps working 1 hour without any button operation (or) forget to OFF, the chimney will be turn off automatically. No worry to switch off Filter Cleaning Indicator - Indicates the need to clean the chimney filter. After 30 hrs cumulative time count Motor Endurance Test - Robust motor tested for 2900 hrs of running. Corrosion Resistant Test - Continuously tested for 72hrs to prevent corrosion. Life-Long Free Service- No Labour Charge. Suction Power: 1200 M3/Hr Body Finish: Stainless Steel with glass panel Product Dimensions(H*W*D) (In MM): 535*595*500
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where is preethi alcor? I researched a lot and settled with Preethi, very happy with it..
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Things I considered before buying Chimney. 1. Size -- depending on the size of the hob you have -- 60cms or 90cms 2. Suction power -- Depending on your cooking style 3. Type -- With filters or filter less 4. Looks -- Very important for me 5. Cleaning options -- I would prefer DHC 6. Noise level 7. Brand and Service availability 8. Budget
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