7 Holi Gift ideas under Rs. 5,000 to Surprise Your Loved.

Holi gift ideas to celebrate holi with with with great zeal and joy and gifting that will surely make a smile on your loved ones faces

by Akansha_B Updated: 17 May, 2021, 11:51 IST
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Holi gift ideas

Holi, or the festival of colours, is widely celebrated in India with great zeal and joy. Are you one of those people who gets overly excited about the Holi festival? Holi gifts ideas have become somewhat a trend and people love them as it makes them happy.

People are painted in shades on this day and celebrate with so much enthusiasm. Every colour of Holi represents something, and each colour reflects people's feelings.

When it comes to gifting, Holi's true allure is that there are no age barriers. Did you know what the shades of holi represented and how you can use them for gifting purposes as well? Let us have a look at them.

People consider giving holi gifts to be one of the most auspicious actions because it allows them to exchange happiness. However, if you are stuck on what to gift them and need some great ideas, you have come to the right place.

Let's look at some wonderful Holi gift ideas that will make your loved ones happy and emotional.

1.Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa
Holi gift ideas

The Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker that is compact enough to carry in your favourite places. The best thing about it is that the person you gift it to will truly enjoy listening to a smart speaker helping them all the time. It can be operated remotely; Alexa can speak in both English & Hindi and it can be connected to all your smart devices.

It is not just an electronic holi gift but something they can truly rely on for the menial work, like alarm, reminders, control appliances and much more. It is truly a genius gift. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) costs Rs 3,499 and even has EMI options.

2. Organic Colours
Holi gift ideas

Holi is a festival of colours, so why not give your loved one’s organic colours? Chemicals are present in many of the colours on the market, and they can be harmful to the skin. So, this Holi, give your loved one’s organic colours and let them play without fear of harming their skin. Organic colours are non-irritating to the skin and simple to remove. These are well worth the money.

3. Grocery Gift cards and Subscription
Holi gift ideas

Isn't this an unusual present? We're aware! Get your loved ones a membership or gift card to an internet grocery store. You should also give them grocery points or credit for their e-wallet to allow them to shop for groceries online for a few months. They will purchase organic foods, cheese and bread, lean meats, and almost everything else. Gift your loved ones the joy of shopping without paying, that is the actual joy.

4. A karaoke speaker and Mic
Holi gift ideas

Going out to party makes no sense when the world is still in the grip of the pandemic. But what if your social circle wants to celebrate Holi with a karaoke night?

The Zoook Rocker Thunder will help you in resolving this issue. It has a karaoke system and a microphone, as well as a 20W audio output. However, the greatest feature is that it is portable and can play music for up to four people.

5. Energy stones and Crystals
Holi gift ideas

If you are a big believer in the Law of attraction and reading energies, here something that says I care about you. If your loved one is crazy and passionate about stones and crystals then it is the best holi gift ideas for them and for those who aren’t able to learn about your interest through it.

It is said that – “When you gift someone one of your healing crystals, you're being guided by the universe to give them the energy they need at this point.” Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

6. Bluetooth Earbuds or Headphones
Holi gift ideas

These are ideal Holi gift as a modern-day gift idea for those who enjoy listening to music at all hours of the day. If you have a friend or family member who enjoys music or is looking for earbuds or headphones, give them wireless earphones or headphones as a gift.

7. Chocolates and Sweets
Holi gift ideas

During the Holi season, chocolates and sweets are customary gifts. (They're also safe to give as gifts.) You should buy a box of chocolates or sweets for your co-workers, friends, or family members. You can get sugar free desserts for someone in your family that doesn't like sweets or is diabetic. One of the finest corporate gifts is a box of chocolates or sweets.

There you have it—some fantastic Holi gift ideas for your loved ones. Consider the likes and dislikes of the woman you're shopping for when choosing a gift, and you'll have chosen the best present for them! Happy Holi and happy gifting!

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