Apple May Launch A Foldable iPad in 2024? Credibility Check!

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a supply chain analyst, Apple may launch its foldable iPad in 2024 globally. If Apple's foldable iPad arrives next year with a carbon fiber kickstand, it will be a breakthrough.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 01 Feb, 2023, 12:39 IST
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Apple will reportedly launch its first foldable iPad with a carbon fiber kickstand in 2024 and this is not just a rumor but a huge claim made by a well-known supply chain analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst said in a tweet on Monday that he is ‘positive’ about Apple launching foldable iPads in 2024. He added that this will result in a boost in shipments and product mix. So will we be able to use a folding iPad by next year? Is it really true? Well, we may have to wait a bit to know the answer but till then, we can take a closer look at Kuo’s tweets regarding Apple’s new plans for a folding iPad. 

Apple's Foldable iPad May Launch in 2024? Is It True?

Kuo is a supply chain analyst at TF International Securities and his predictions regarding tech have always been quite popular. This time around, he has made a really shocking prediction that the American tech giant, Apple will come up with a folding iPad with a carbon fiber kickstand in 2024. In a series of tweets, he explained how all these things will be planned by Apple and the possible effects of a foldable iPad on the company’s sales. Now without any further ado, let’s dig into the news…

Will A Foldable iPad Arrive Next Year?

As mentioned by Ming-Chi Kuo in his tweets, Apple’s foldable iPad will arrive next year, which is 2024. Now that is a really big thing, why? We have seen how even the Best Foldable Phones By Various Brands have not been as perfect as they should have been, right? As of now, a foldable phone does not make sense for a general user. Now apply the same scenario with Apple; do you think this brand, which is known to be a ‘perfectionist’, will launch a foldable iPad this early in the game? Wouldn’t Apple take more years to make its foldable iPad the best one?

Questioning the same, Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, replied to the tweets by Ming-Chi Kuo and said that we will see multiple OLED iPads in 2024, but a foldable iPad is out of the question in 2024. Earlier. Ross Young also made a claim that Apple will start working on a Foldable iPad in 2024, but its sales will probably start in 2026. 

Moreover, it’s highly unlikely that Apple will launch a folding iPad next year since it still hasn’t started giving OLED displays in its iPads. And as a brand that literally takes zero or half-a-step every year, giving a foldable display in 2024 is nothing short of a hilarious joke. Apple will still take a few years to fully develop a folding screen for its iPad series and once it gets done, our pockets will be bobbing up and down.

Check out the tweets by the supply chain analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo given below: 

Foldable iPad with Carbon Fiber Kickstand

Although Apple may not launch a folding iPad the next year, the idea of having a carbon fiber kickstand makes sense for the brand. It will make their foldable iPads lighter and more durable, which is really necessary for the folding tech used in these devices. So if Apple decides to go with a carbon fiber kickstand for its foldable iPads, it will be some good news for all Apple fans.

This is everything that we know about the upcoming Apple Foldable iPad. Yup, we can’t be sure when we will get to see a folding iPad in India. But, when we do, it will be a really interesting time for the Indian smartphone industry and for the world too. Do let us know what are your thoughts on the same. Also, feel free to ask any questions too.

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foldable tech  is still in Apha stage   apple won't risk it.

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foldable tech  is still in Apha stage   apple won't risk it.

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