Bad News for Swiggy One users! No more free delivery till 10kms, also pay more!

Swiggy recently updated its Swiggy One free delivery benefits. Now Swiggy One users need to order for a minimum ₹199 to get free delivery. Also the free delivery distance is only up to 7kms as oppose to 10kms earlier

by Vrushali.S Updated: 20 Jun, 2024, 01:15 IST
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Swiggy One, a premium membership of the food delivery app Swiggy first launched in the year 2018 by the name of “Swiggy SUPER Back.” Later the membership was renamed & upgraded to Swiggy One membership which we all know in today's times. During these last 6 years, the Swiggy One membership has gone through a rollercoaster of changes. In the latest post shared by our user @Cybertechie it seems the Swiggy One free delivery is now again changed to only up to 7kms on orders above Rs.199.

Read on to know to the complete details of the Swiggy One free delivery update as of June 2024, what is free delivery limit and the minimum order value and what the Swiggy One plan costs currently.

Swiggy One free delivery downgrades (10km to 7km now)! Minimum order increased

Swiggy One Membership Timeline of Changes & Updates from 2018 to 2024

Year 2018: Swiggy launches Swiggy SUPER Back to compete against Zomato’s Piggybank membership

Swiggy launches Swiggy SUPER Back to compete against Zomato’s Piggybank subscription. Swiggy SUPER Back benefits included free unlimited deliveries, exemption from surge fee (during peak hours, monsoon days), special restaurants-exclusive discounts

Year 2019: Swiggy launches Swiggy Delights for Swiggy SUPER customers

Swiggy in 2019 launched Swiggy Delights for Swiggy SUPER customers wherein users could get one free item (usually a dessert) on every order they place above ₹99. The free item could range anywhere from a cookie, a pastry or even halwa (pudding).

Year 2020: Swiggy SUPER subscription ends but returns again

After suspending its loyalty program in May 2020 (due to COVID-19), Swiggy resumed its Swiggy SUPER subscription in October 2020. This time, only offering a monthly subscription plan of Rs.149

Year 2021: Swiggy launches Swiggy One with Free Unlimited Deliveries, No Surge Fee & more

In November 2021, Swiggy launched (or more of rebranded) its membership Swiggy One. During this time, users could orignally get unlimited free deliveries with no minimum orders on select restaurants, extra discounts up to 30% or more, unlimited free deliveries on Swiggy Instamart on orders above ₹99 and no surge fee during peak or traffic hours. Originally launched with 2 plan options Rs.500 (3 months) and Rs.1499 (1 year). Note that later, Swiggy added a minimum order of Rs.199 and a maximum 10km distance limit.

Year 2022: Swiggy One offers a trial period 15-30 days for Rs.49 to select users and updates free delivery criteria again

In the year 2022, Swiggy One started to offer a free trial period of 15 to 30 days to select users for a price of Rs.49. Moreover, Swiggy in year 2022 also updated the Swiggy One free delivery benefit to a minimum order of Rs.149 and a 10km distance. Some of our lucky users were even able to grab the Swiggy One deal for Rs.1.

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Year 2023: Swiggy One Lite launched with 10 Free Deliveries for Food & Instamart

In October 2023, last year, Swiggy (backed by Venture Capitalists like Softbank) launched a brand new verison of Swiggy One, the Swiggy One Lite which started at Rs.99 for 3 months, offered 10 free deliveries for food (above orders of ₹149) & Instamart (on orders above ₹199)

This was also a time when Swiggy launched its co-branded credit card with HDFC. Swiggy HDFC Credit Card

Swiggy also hiked its platform fee to 2% which even Swiggy One users had to pay (sounds metaphorically similar to a surge fee?😂)

Later in the year, Swiggy also hiked collection fees for restaurant partners.

At this point, Swiggy One free deliveries were up to 10kms on orders above ₹149 (unlimited free deliveries) but wait, there comes the year 2024.

Year 2024: Now Swiggy One Free Delivery up to 7kms on orders of Rs.199 only.

Coming to the present year (wow, its been a long journey of changes for Swiggy One), Swiggy as of June 2024 has now reduced the Swiggy One free delivery benefits. Now in year 2024, Swiggy One users can get Swiggy free delivery only up to 7kms on orders above Rs.199. Currently, the changes are visible on the Swiggy One membership page (new users) on the Swiggy app. Here’s a screenshot of the page:

Swiggy One Free Delivery Up to changed

On an end note, it's been interesting to see how Swiggy One has gone from being Swiggy SUPER offering free desserts to Swiggy One which costs Rs.599 per month. Some new users can get the Swiggy One for Rs.9 too.

Do share with us in the comments below how long have you been a user of Swiggy One or Swiggy? Let's share some thoughts:))

I personally have been one ever since I joined Desidime 😄

Post credits: Swiggy one changes. Free delivery applies upto 7 kms and minimum order is 199

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Thank God. I don't have money to use swiggy anymore...I was addicted once, now didn't place any order from last one year..😅

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so what do you generally prefer to order food online? zomato? magicpin? smthg else? pls share😄
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😔Honestly, Nowadays I only order Milk online. No online Food orders, I prefer Gym over Junk 😅

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Thank God. I don't have money to use swiggy anymore...I was addicted once, now didn't place any order from last one year..😅

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Some great self-discipline at display ok_hand
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Greedy One! Then why would anyone pay for One membership if it still has MOV? They should at least give free delivery without MOV for HDFC Swiggy card holders then

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makes sense @some1anywhere but perhaps not as long as Swiggy has users who order 6 lakhs worth of Idlis and over 269 items in a single order by yet another user:)) There was also some news of their IPO launching soon..let's see how that goes & if any big changes come after that
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Kehte hai Chidya Marne se pehle bahut pad pada hai 

Just like Chidya Zomato and Swiggy trying very hard to sustain food delivery business in the game of membership

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must say, that's quite an offbeat comparison I have read so far:)..the last line sure feels true💯
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Platform fee, weather fee, surge fee and now km fee. Next one in line is pee fee, where you have to pay convenience fee for rider to take a bio break before delivery
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Itna aasaan ni ha itne logo ko Swiggy HDFC CC LTF dena 

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