Best Free Games on the Epic Games Store

Here are the best free games that you can download and enjoy from the Epic Games Store.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 23 Aug, 2022, 18:04 IST
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Ever since we got introduced to the Epic Games Store, we have been hooked on the amazing game titles that it has to offer. Games like Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, and Fall Guys have been such big hits that they do not need any introduction. So, why don’t you try playing some games by downloading them from the Epic store? Today, we will talk about the best free games that you can get on the Epic Games Store.

Every true gamer knows how greatly Epic has contributed to the gaming community. Especially when you consider its games, Epic surely has some of the best titles on the market. And the best part? Gamers can get many great games from the Epic Games Store giveaways. In this article, we will show you how to collect some of the best Epic Games titles for no cost.

How to Get Free Games from the Epic Game Store?

Getting some free computer and console games has never been easier. Since 2019, Epic Games has been giving away a large number of games at no extra cost to get as many gamers’ attention as possible.

There are two types of free games that are available on the Epic Games Store. First, those games which are always free. You can get these games whenever you want and they may be some pretty good games, based on your preference, surely.

The second type of free games are those which are only available on some predetermined days. These free games are quite popular among gamers and may cost you a lot if they weren’t for the Epic Games Store. Trust me, if you can manage to get some of these free games, you will surely love them all. We have seen some fabulous games like GTA V given away for free by the Epic Games Store and as a gamer, I’d not miss any chance to get my hands on them, would you?

Now the simple question is- how do you get free games on the Epic Games Store? We will help you with the same right here.

Get Free Games on the Epic Games Store

Curious to try some free Epic titles? Here is a list of all the games that you get for free on the said games’ store:

Free Epic Store Games for Limited Time

As explained earlier, there are certain games available on the Epic store that are free for a certain period and these games, in the best sense, are truly spectacular. Let’s see which are these limited-period free deals that Epic offers:-

Download Doom 64 for Free:

Doom 64 is a part of the classic Doom series. Even though this game is from 1997, it gives that old-school vibe which is enough for some gamers to try and enjoy this game right now. Doom 64 may not be the best game with the highest graphics, but it is one of the predecessors of the infamous Doom Eternal. It is an FPS where players are required to fight-off demons, minions, and their bosses. This is the same story that the original Doom and Doom II followed. Even though it may sound quite simple, the game itself is really interesting for gamers who like that 90s era of gaming. Those games are very rare nowadays and Doom 64 is the perfect game for you to re-live those times. It follows the aesthetic and gives you an adventurous ride throughout the game.

Download and play Doom 64 for free from the Epic Games Store.

Download Ring of Pain for Free:

Released in 2020, Ring of Pain is a strategy-based card game. For players who like slow games that require proper decision-making and do not prefer fast-paced action, this game can be quite fun. The player starts the game in random dungeons and encounters magical beasts. Then, the player needs to make a choice and the following decisions will carry the game forward. At first, it may not sound so fun since the Ring of Pain lacks those flashes and bangs like other games but, it surely gets interesting when you have to squeeze your brain and get through without making any mistakes. So even if the game is something entirely different than what you might have experienced till now, giving it a shot won’t hurt since it’s free, right?

Note: Ring of Pain will be available for free from the 25th of August, so make sure you add it to your wishlist now.

Download and play Ring of Pain for free from the Epic Games Store.

Best Free to Play Games on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store also has many legendary games that are free to play since day one of their launch and some of these games are truly epic. Let’s get started with some of the best free Epic games that you can get right now:


Rumbleverse is one of the fewest battle royale games of its type. It has all the elements of some great battle royale games such as Fortnite, but with a solid twist. There are NO GUNS!! The game can be seen as wrestlers having a battle royale match, in an open world and with some iconic moves and traits. The fist fights and special moves in the game definitely stand out when compared to the same old guns and stuff in other battle royale games. Rumbleverse is definitely worth giving a try. This is a new game that was released as recently as the 11th of August, 2022. This game has been popular ever since it was announced and gamers are taking a liking to it. So make sure that you do not miss out on this unique battle royale game.

Download and play Rumbleverse for free from the Epic Games Store.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most famous video games right now. It is played by millions of gamers and streamers. Why, do you ask? Genshin Impact is an open-world game that is based completely on the anime world. Its characters, breathtaking sceneries, and every other element make it evident that this game is a treat for all anime lovers. It follows an adventurous story that is based on some celestial beings. You get to fight some slimes, monsters, and tough bosses who’d haunt you in your nightmares. Genshin Impact, being a multi-platform game, has gained so many fans worldwide. Considering the fact that you get such a fabulous game for free, it’s difficult to think of a reason to not play it.

Download and play Genshin Impact for free from the Epic Games Store.

Fall Guys

For me, Fall Guys is one of the funniest games I have ever played. It is a party royale game where you play as a cute, little character and survive the different stages in the game along with other players. You just have to keep moving and face many challenging obstacles where many players will be eliminated altogether. Among the last surviving players, only one would be the winner. Fall Guys is really addictive and its animation is very charming too. Also, it can be a good game for someone who doesn't like action and other genres of video games.

Download and play Fall Guys for free from the Epic Games Store.


Does this game even need any introduction? Fortnite has a crazy number of players and there’s nothing that can stop one from not appreciating this game. It’s a battle royale game but it has many other elements which you may not find in other games of the same genre. Also, Epic keeps the game interesting by introducing new character skins, events, and other fun things to keep the gamers engaged. Once you start playing Fortnite, there’s no going back and that shows how crazy fun this game is. Although players usually play its battle royale mode, Fortnite also has a story mode called ‘Save the World’ which is quite big and it usually takes players a few weeks to complete this game mode. Thus, playing Fortnite is a must if you need to be in the trends as a large number of streamers cover content based on Fortnite too.

Download and play Fortnite for free from the Epic Games Store.

So, these are some of the best free-to-play games that you can get on the Epic Games Store. Don’t forget to check out all the free Epic games and download them.

How to Get a Discount on Epic Games?

The Epic Games Store keeps surprising everyone with unexpected discounts on many games. If you manage to grab a good deal, you may get a game for hundreds of rupees that would usually cost you a thousand or more. So, go through all the discounted games on the Epic Games Store and see if any deal piqued your interest.

Also, go through our thread on How to Get Free/Discounter Games for PC & Console to understand how you can fill your library with the best game titles at the least cost.

This is everything you need to know about getting free and discounted games on the Epic Games Store. If you consider visiting the game store every week, you may even get your hands on some of the best game titles for free and that would be great, right? So make sure that you get all those games out there and till then, happy gaming!

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Can anybody share the account where you have claimed gta v for free and not using the same. I missed it 


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