Buy Samsung Smartphones on Installment with the Samsung Finance+ credit program

Samsung announced that it will increase it's credit from it consumer credit program to aid customers to buy smartphones of their choice.

by Akansha_B Updated: 13 Apr, 2022, 00:33 IST
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Samsung Electronics Co. is extending a consumer credit program it introduced three years ago in India with the goal of increasing smartphone sales in the world's second-largest smartphone market.

Through its Samsung Finance+ credit program, which allows users to pay for a smartphone in installments, the South Korean tech giant is recording monthly sales of 5 billion rupees ($65.8 million). According to Raju Pullan, the president of Samsung's mobile operations in India, this pace would likely increase the company's sales through that channel this year. In 2021, the finance plan produced sales of almost 30 billion rupees.

The Samsung Finance+ credit program has proved popular among price-conscious Indian customers, and Samsung, which sells gadgets online and through a network of 180,000 outlets throughout the nation, is trying to increase its credit plan's availability, according to Pullan. It is presently available in 50,000 retail shops across the country, including both small towns and rural areas as well as major cities.

Each month, the firm processes an average of 300,000 loan applications. To qualify, potential clients must pass identity and creditworthiness checks. You can always check alternatives to save money on gadget shopping with good Samsung deals and discounts.

This year, the business expects to release five new A-series smartphones, three of which will incorporate a 5G wireless connection, which is a top goal for the South Korean electronics manufacturer. According to its local mobile CEO, it would focus on the 20,000-45,000-rupee section of the market.

What is the Samsung Finance+ credit program?

Samsung frequently offers great deals available for a limited period. It allows customers to purchase one of its many different items at a discounted price. Customers can typically acquire two or more gadgets at a big discount when they purchase a bundle package from the firm.

One such deal is the Samsung Finance+ credit program where you can buy a Samsung galaxy easily in installments. The device must be purchased through or the Shop Samsung app. The process is assured to be safe and beneficial to shoppers. Here is how you can get the Samsung Finance+ credit program credit –

  1. Visit your nearest select Samsung store

  2. Ask for Samsung Finance+ at the desk

  3. Present your e-documents for KYC verification

  4. Get instant loan approval

  5. Enjoy your favorite Samsung handset

“We are seeing very strong growth in the overall 5G segment in India and that’s going to be our core focus," Pullan said. “India is one of the biggest 5G players for us."
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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant

didi koi 70-80% ka discount code dilvao, jeb khali ho chuki

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Jab iphone ke prices mein android milega toh lena hi hogi emi….this is just another business model and how is this better than bank emi? In cost of S22 you can give downpayment of a mid size car and enjoy for 15 years… So think before you buy…

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

Currently samsung have capped 25% down payment on this model for all his new A series Launches.

Apart from this even if somebody has bad cibil score or out of state ID’s which other finance companies don’t approve , Samsung Finance will approve finances for such customer under this program.

Those who wants to buy samsung handsets from jaipur under this program may contact me. I am a retailer from jaipur.

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