Facebook BARS App launched to give Budding Rappers an experience like TikTok

Facebook BARS app and tools it offers include pre-recorded beats, Challenges, rhyming dictionary, and more.

by Akansha_B Updated: 11 Apr, 2021, 01:21 IST
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Facebook BARS App launched to give Budding Rappers an experience like TikTok

Facebook has made another endeavour to take on TikTok with Facebook BARS targeting budding rappers. The BARS developed by Facebook's New Product Experimentation Research and development (R&D)team is currently authorised under closed beta testing.

The APP allows users to create and share raps using built-in tools. Unlike popular short-video sharing apps, Facebook's BARS is specially devised for creating content in a rapping style. BARS enables users with unique features and modes.

Highlights of the features of Facebook BARS -
  • The app offers pre-recorded beats to convert your words into professional-style raps and suggests you rhyming words to keep the flow going.
  • BARS has a challenge mode in which you'll get a feature to freestyle with auto-suggested word cues.
  • Further, the Facebook BARS app also gives you multiple audio and visual filters to improve your rap content.
  • The app has preloaded tools such as Clean, AutoTune, Imaginary Friends, and AM Radio to change your vocal output in the videos.
  • You can share your content with other social media platforms as well.

Once you are done creating your video, you can export your rap videos and save them to your Camera Roll. BARS suggests diverse levels of tools depending on your rapping skills. All artists can pick from a library of professional beats and add custom lyrics over them.

The primary reason for developing the BARS app was the pandemic outbreak. It took away their access to recording studios and live performances where they often create and share work stated in a blog post by BARS Community Manager DJ Iyer.

BARS is currently limited to a closed beta app in the US. Besides, the app is limited to iOS devices. If the app increases friction, we could anticipate seeing Facebook BARS brought to Android devices and other countries.

Until then, you can keep an eye on their Instagram channel for all the latest updates if BARS has got you interested, and drop us your views in the comments below.

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