Google's Interview Warmup launched: How to Use, Features, and more

Get Interview Ready with Google's Interview Warmup. This AI-based tool helps you Analyze and get Insights from your Interview Answers of your desired Industry.

by FighterMan Updated: 23 May, 2022, 17:38 IST
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Google has launched its new ‘Grow with Google’ free tool called Interview Warmup. This tool is made for interviewees seeking to change career paths or start one (self-employed ones) which has become a new normal in this pandemic hit world. It will get them ready to face their interviews confidently with the required industry knowledge.


How Google Interview Warmup Works?

Google‘s Interview Warmup is based on AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning). It shows you various types of questions related to your desired field. There are technical, situation-based, behavioral, and background question types.

Our tool makes it easier for anyone to practice answering interview questions, become more confident, and grow comfortable with the interview process.

You need to speak your answers out just like you do in a real-world interview. The tool will convert your speech to text so that you can get insights and analyze your answers. Keep practicing until you feel confident about your answers. There are thousands of questions available.

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How to Use Google's Interview Warmup Tool?
  1. Firstly, visit the Google Interview Warmup page.

  2. Click on ‘Start Practicing’.

  3. Select the field you want to practice for.

  4. Answer 5 interview questions.

  5. Check your answer after every question for ‘Job-related terms’, ‘Most-used words’, ‘Talking points’, etc with examples.

  6. That’s it!

  7. Now, you can retake the interview with different interview questions.

Google's Interview Warmup Features

Interview Fields : You can prepare for interviews in the field of Data Analytics, E-Commerce, IT Support, Project Management, and UX Design. There is also a General category available. More are to come soon.



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Job-related terms : All the job-related terms from your answer will be highlighted. For instance, ‘keywords’, ‘KPI’, and ‘landing page’ are the terms for the E-Commerce field. You can click on “see all terms” to view all of them related to this field. It will help you familiarize with some unknown terms.

Most-used Words : Here you will get to know which words you have used 3 or more times. Thus you can replace a few of these with similar words as suggested by the tool. This will help make your interview non-repetitive.

Talking Points : This makes the base of your answer. It includes Experience, Skills, Lessons learned, Goals, and Interests. Each of this section will make you learn what all you can include in your answer. For example, in ‘experience’, you can add your previous roles, education, training, and how your past experience is relevant to this role.

You will also get before, during, and after interview tips by clicking on the 3 dots icon (top right) and selecting ‘interview tips’.

Google Interview Warmup Official Video

This new Job Interview tool from Google is good in terms of basic industry knowledge and analyzing & improving interview answers. It will be interesting to see how interviewees use this tool and benefit. Will you use it? What are your views on it? Please do share & contribute well.

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