Google Maps Immersive View Will Help You Explore a City!

With the use of machine vision and AI, Google has integrated its Street View and satellite images.

by Akansha_B Updated: 16 May, 2022, 12:50 IST
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Google Maps has been an indispensable tool for traversing the world since 2005. Street View's on-the-ground photos and connections with local transit networks have been introduced over time to improve the service. Google has just introduced the new Immersive View option, an exciting addition.

Immersive View is a Google Maps feature that seeks to provide comprehensive information beyond simple navigating tips. Google has combined its wealth of Street View photographs with aerial photos to build a sophisticated digital model of numerous cities that anyone can now visually explore. Computer vision and AI techniques were used to bring it all together.


There's no need to look at grainy Street View photographs while attempting to figure out the atmosphere of a place in cities where Immersive View has been activated. Instead, there's a 3D environment to explore from any perspective. When you can easily shift viewpoint and see how everything is connected spatially, it's much simpler to gain a sense of a place's layout.

What Is Google Maps' Immersive View?

Immersive View is a feature that blends Street View with aerial pictures to create a three-dimensional depiction of the globe. For starters, you may utilize Street View, one of the greatest Google Maps navigation tools, to use a digital model to visit intriguing areas. Live View is built on top of Street View, which allows you to traverse a location using a digital model.

Immersive View takes things a step further, giving you the ability to see a city from above and dive down to get additional data about a single spot.

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Experience Cities in 3D


Google Maps now offers you a virtual tour of a location before you visit there with Immersive View. If you want to go to San Francisco soon, you may use Google Maps to choose the precise region you want to visit, and it will show you a digital model of the city with major landmarks highlighted.

You can see the neighborhood at various times and in various weather conditions, as well as learn about congested areas that you should definitely avoid. Immersive See will offer you available eateries with the ability to view more details up close if you want to try out other restaurants. You may also take a 3D tour of a restaurant to see how it appears.

When will Immersive View be available in Google Maps?

Google claims Immersive View will be available later this year in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, but doesn't say when. It will be available exclusively in those cities at first, but more cities will be added later.

Is this also available for iPhone users?

iPhone users are often the last to see new Google Maps features when they are introduced. On the other hand, Google claims that Immersive View will function on practically any phone or gadget, even your iPhone.

Google Maps is one of those things that serve as a constant reminder that we are living in the future. With a small magic oblong that lies in the palm of one's hand, we have access to an enormous quantity of data and capability. With these recent enhancements, Google appears to be poised to use the platform to achieve even bigger goals.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

How do I see immersive view?

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
dddeal wrote:

How do I see immersive view?

You will soon get an update. 

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

I guess they are bringing in existing ‘3D view’ feature of google earth into googlemaps.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar

will not be available for India. They didn’t make street view available for India due to Government restrictions.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
rupisekhon wrote:

I guess they are bringing in existing ‘3D view’ feature of google earth into googlemaps.

3d feature is already available on google maps

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