Home Atta Chakki Buying Guide with 10 Best Home Atta Chakkis in India in 2023

Look into the Best Domestic Flour Mills in India in 2023. Several new models have come up from the Best Atta Chakki Brands. Also, checkout the Home Atta Chakki Buying Guide before buying.

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Gone are the days when we used to go to a flour mill shop to grind our daily grains, spices, and dals. The reason for this is more fresh & nutritious (carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fibres) flour, money & time savings, and convenience.

Moreover, today’s home atta chakki brands have got the best machines, technology, and materials to give a quick & seamless milling process. What’s amazing is the life of these home flour mills. They last for nearly a decade or even more depending on the usage and quality.

We have got the 10 Best Home Atta Chakkis / Domestic Flour Mills in India in 2023 which will help you get the ideal one for your home. These are extended with pros, cons, and price options for a better overview. In addition, there is a quick Home Atta Chakki Buying Guide to have a better idea before purchasing one. Let’s get started!


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Home Atta Chakki Buying Guide for India in 2023

Types of Home Atta Chakkis



Stone atta chakkis are similar to the traditional ones. They don’t have an outer covering like the stoneless ones. Thus, it is a bit difficult to use and may hurt while using it due to the fast rotating stones. They use stone plates to process grains. The best part here is that it comes with a stainless steel body.



Stoneless Atta Chakkis are closed machines so that you don’t face any unwanted cuts and bruises. They use electric power to convert solid grains into powdered form. You will get a hopper here where grains are placed for processing. Then there are the stainless steel blades inside the grinding chamber.


Automatic Atta Chakkis are programmed for various functions so you have very few things to work on. It has sensors that detect the grains so it starts and stops automatically. Thus, saving energy and time.

Stone vs Stoneless/Automatic



Can powder grains, masalas, and dals

Can powder grains, masalas, and dals

Cannot refine dal into pieces

Can refine dal into pieces

Perforated Sieves for different types of flour fineness

You need to manually set up to achieve different types of flour fineness

Automatic on & off

Manual on & off

Very low maintenance cost

Low maintenance cost



Has wheels

Has wheels

Price is more (almost double)

Price is less

Avg. cost is ₹17000

Avg cost is ₹9000

Up to 3 year warranty

1-year warranty

10-15 year motor warranty

Stones may last for 8-10 years

Wooden body

Stainless steel body

Highly durable

Comparatively less durable

Highly convenient

Less convenient

Easy to use

Tough to use

High grinding capacity (faster)

Low grinding capacity (slower)


The motor in a domestic flour mill has 2 factors to access, speed and power. Speed is measured in RPM (rounds per minute) and power in HP (horsepower). Thus, check these for having good motor performance. The ideal combination to look out for is 2880 RPM and 1 HP.

Grinding Blades

Grinding Blades are those which powder the grains to their full potential. Thus, it is important to have stainless steel grinding blades with sharp edges. You can ask for a warranty on these blades before purchasing.


While buying an atta chakki, a user-friendly design can be really helpful. Some points to consider here include weight, portability (wheels), inner space, space for accessories, and heat dissipation. Some might also like to consider its look & feel. There are many premium designs available today for this.

Auto-Clean/Vacuum Cleaner in-built

Some brands provide an attached vacuum cleaner for cleaning the machine after every use. This is essential to avoid germs, bacteria, dust, and other contaminants in the flour. These auto clean atta chakkis are costly so you can also go for a separate small handheld vacuum cleaner, but need to check how it gels well.

Child Lock

The child lock feature shuts down the atta chakki immediately when its door is open. Thus, children are prevented from getting hurt. Turn on child lock only when required otherwise it will deteriorate performance.

Grain Support

Look out for a domestic flour mill that supports maximum types of grains or at least the ones which you are gonna use. Ideally, it should support Wheat, Besan, Rice, Bajari, Daliya, Mehandi, Moong, Kali Mirch, Maize (corn), Jowar, Coffee, Rava, Udad, Dhaniya, Haldi, Salt, and Amla.

Sturdy Wheels

As discussed in the design section, sturdy wheels will help you move the atta chakki seamlessly anywhere in your home. This is useful if you don’t have a fixed place for milling your grains. Since it is not one of those enjoyable tasks, you can use it while watching TV, spending time with family, doing daily chores, etc.

Energy Savings

An ideal energy saver atta chakki consumes around 0.7 units/hr. There are also some that go up till 1 unit/hr, but those are also fine.


Domestic flour mills make a lot of noise so even if you use it for 15 mins you may have a bad experience. Therefore, test the noise levels before buying as no company gives this measurement.


Most atta chakkis come with a 1-year warranty, but there are brands that also provide 2-year warranty. You may also come across some cheap atta chakkis with no warranty. Make a note that some don’t cover rubber and plastic parts under warranty.

Perforated Sieves

Perforated Sieves are differently-sized stainless steel or brass plates used to give your flour the desired fineness. It helps in making for different purposes like rotis, dals, masalas, etc. Some atta chakki brands give up to 8 Perforated Sieves.

Milling Capacity/Speed

It is the quantity of flour milled in an hour. The best atta chakki has a milling capacity of 7-10 kgs/hr. Thus, helps get work done faster, and so is useful for joint families or big families.

10 Best Home Atta Chakkis in India in 2023

Now let's get into the top home atta chakki picks for this year.

Natraj Florence Home Atta Chakki with Vacuum Cleaner

The Natraj Florence Atta Chakki comes with a filter, castor wheels, door light, variant cutters, and a cleaning brush. It has a microprocessor-based control unit. The overload protection here prevents it from overheating.

<a href=https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/74....SL1500.jpg?1644134478">

  • 2800 RPM motor speed

  • 1 HP motor power

  • 7-10 kg/hr grinding capacity

  • 0.75 unit/hr power consumption

  • Grinds all types of grains

  • 8 different perforated sieves

  • Fully automatic

  • 5 year motor warranty

  • 2 year warranty

  • Lifetime Warranty on Chamber

  • 4.5-5 kg hopper capacity

  • Membrane Shutter with ABS Body

  • In-built vacuum cleaner

  • Child lock


Natraj atta chakki is 22 years old and has vast experience so you can depend on it for high-quality atta chakki. Its glossy-type modular door structure gives a premium look & feel. The days when 5 Star atta chakkis were famous, Natraj also had a reputed name. Finally, the huge 5 year motor warranty is amazing.


This vacuum model is costly so you can opt for a regular one and buy a small handheld vacuum cleaner separately. Although, this vacuum model is worth every penny due to its effectiveness.

Prestige PGG 01 Stone Grain Grinder Domestic Flour Mill

This unique Stone Grain Grinder from Prestige comes in classic wood decor. It has fine to coarse settings for getting the desired type of flour. It weighs just 6.5 kgs so makes it the lightest home atta chakki available in India.

<a href=https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/74....SL1000.jpg?1644134515">

  • 180W power

  • 2-year warranty

  • Grinds wheat, rice, pulses, oats, ragi, jowar, bajra, corn, spices, sprouts, and more

  • 3-5 kg/hr grinding capacity

  • Fully wooden body


It has got superb aesthetics. Moreover, it is ultra-light so can move easily. It has a unique design and covered top which avoids any cuts or bruises otherwise while operating. The best part is that it is amongst the cheapest atta chakkis in India, and that too from the renowned brand ‘Prestige’.


It does not come with wheels, maybe due to its less weight. Compared to stoneless ones, it lacks speed and effectiveness.

MicroActive Florence Fully Automatic Domestic Atta Chakki

The MicroActive Florence Fully Automatic Domestic Atta Chakki comes with a 6 blade grinding chamber. Also, it has got full copper winding on its motor so makes it is long-lasting.

<a href=https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/74....SL1500.jpg?1644134539">

  • 1 year warranty

  • Inner Steel body

  • 8 different perforated sieves

  • Includes body cover and cleaning brush

  • 1 HP motor power

  • 2880 RPM motor speed

  • 5kg hopper

  • 8-10 kg/hr grinding speed

  • LED light

  • Child lock

  • Fully Automatic


It is designed well. The grinding chamber is solidly built for high performance. Price is low compared to its peers. Also, the quality of plywood used is good. Gives great power and speed at this price.


Warranty period is mediocre.

Haystar Deluxe Home Flour Mill

This Haystar home flour mill is best known for its auto-clean feature which helps you clean the grinding chamber automatically after processing grains. Moreover, it has got an extra airflow vent so that the machine gets cooled faster after heavy usage.


  • Auto-cleaning

  • Lifetime cutter warranty

  • 1 year warranty

  • Microprocessor-based control unit

  • Child lock

  • Fully automatic

  • 1 HP motor power

  • 7-10 kg/hr grinding speed

  • Multi-channel airflow

  • 6 different perforated sieves

  • 0.5-0.75 units/hr power consumption

  • Copper motor


Haystar is a popular brand for home atta chakkis as of now. The glossy modular doors are a plus here. The best part here is the lifetime warranty for the cutter which is rare. The price is also reasonable.


Has a peacock design which needs a bit of better finishing. Long-term value is something to be checked.

Lesco MMaaMILL MultiGrain Atta Chakki for Home Use

The Lesco home atta chakki is amazingly compact, easy-to-use, and portable. It can get you 1kg of flour in just 3 minutes which makes it stand out among others. Thus, is the fastest home atta chakki in India currently.


  • 1-year warranty

  • 5-year motor warranty

  • Copper motor

  • 9 kg/hr grinding speed

  • 220 HP motor power

  • 30000 RPM motor speed

  • Weighs 5.5 kg


It has got an amazingly high functioning motor which makes grinding done in blink-of-an-eye. It's Best for grinding small amounts of grains frequently. Additionally, you can carry it anywhere due to its ultra-compact build.


The price here is high. Hopper size is less so not suitable for grinding more quantity at a time. Getting different fineness of flours is not possible in this machine.


Milcent Neo Talky Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

Milcent has been into domestic flour mills for 70+ years now which makes it a highly experienced player. The USP of this atta chakki is its fully stainless steel inner body which is rare to see. This makes it more impactful and long-lasting.

<a href=https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/74....SL1032.jpg?1644134609">

  • Child lock

  • stainless steel body

  • 1 HP motor power

  • 2880 RPM motor speed

  • 5kg hopper and container

  • 8-10 kg/hr speed

  • 1-year warranty


Stainless steel inner body is a plus here. Strong brand name in Milcent. Also, has a strong build.


Warranty period is less considering the brand.

Lucky MycroFine Super Star Home Atta Chakki with Vacuum Cleaner

This home atta chakki machine from Lucky MycroFine comes with 2 perforated sieves in thick and thin variants. It gives you a vacuum cleaner attached to clean the machine quickly & easily after every use.


  • 6.5 kg stainless steel hopper

  • Double action auto cleaning system (vacuum + self)

  • stainless steel cutter with a lifetime guarantee

  • 10 years motor guarantee

  • 2-year warranty

  • Aircooled filter

  • Automatic atta chakki

  • Child lock

  • Microprocessor-enabled


It is the only home atta chakki brand that gives a guarantee on motor and cutter. Its hopper size is quite big compared to others. Design-wise also beats its peers. Cherry-on-the-cake is the acrylic mirror finish designer door.


Price is a bit high. Comes with only 2 perforated sieves which disallow to get different types of flour fineness.

Natraj Shakti 1.37 HP Ghar Ghanti

Natraj Shakti is one of the best-selling ghar ghanti in India. It is a stone-based home atta chakki. It has got a very high grinding speed which makes the process a breeze. The stainless steel body protects it from rust and gives it a long life.

<a href=https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/74....SL1500.jpg?1644134732">

  • 1.37 HP power

  • 11-15 kg/hr grinding speed

  • 960 RPM speed

  • 0.75 unit/hr power consumption

  • Emry stone used for grinding

  • 6 months warranty

  • stainless steel body


It has got the best grinding speed among others. Moreover, the motor power here is the highest in this segment. The price is reasonable.


The warranty period is less. Motor speed is very low considering the stone-based milling.

Navsukh Prima Plus Domestic Atta Chakki

The Navsukh Prima Plus atta chakki stands out with best-in-class grinding chamber warranty. It follows the simple home flour mill policy with all the basic parts well in place. You can also consider its other variants in healthy pro, sparkle plus, and vikrant.

<a href=https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/74....SL1500.jpg?1644134759">

  • 35-year warranty on grinding chamber

  • 1 year product warranty

  • Wooden body

  • Splash proof

  • 8 different perforated sieves

  • Child lock

  • Nano processor technology

  • Overload protection

  • 6 blade grinding chamber

  • 10-12 kg/hr speed

  • 1 HP & 2880 RPM motor


It has the highest machine warranty among its peers. Grinding speed is also at par. Includes all the elements of a complete home atta chakki.


Design is a bit old-fashioned which impacts its look & feel. It's a bit noisy so might be annoying during longer usage.

Navdeep Ghar Ghanti

Navdeep brand specializes in making ghar ghantis. What’s special here is that it is founded by Ami Shah who is the only woman entrepreneur in a domestic flour mill business in India.

<a href=https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/74...%281%29.jpeg?1644134783">

  • 6-8 kg/hr speed

  • 1-year warranty

  • 1 HP & 2800 RPM motor


The company has a strong background in making home atta chakkis. Makes less noise compared to others in this list.


Hard to buy online as it only sells to retailers.



Cookwell Instagrind 750W Mixer Grinder cum Home Flour Mill: Bonus Addition

This is a unique mixer grinder/home flour mill/juicer from Cookwell. You can use it for wet & dry grinding, mincing, and blending. It is best for grinding small quantities at a time for fresh & nutritious flour.


You get 4 mesh sizes in the giant atta chakki attachment on the top. This helps in getting different fineness of flours. Additionally, it has 5 blades for grinding. This machine also includes 3 jars a juicer, a dry grinding jar, and a chutney jar. You also get a grater and whipper.

Thus, if you are looking for a multipurpose compact machine then this product serves this purpose well. Also, its price is under budget. Moreover, it gets you a 1-year motor warranty and a 1-year overall warranty.

Summary of the Best Atta Chakkis in India in 2023 with Price

Best Atta Chakkis in India in 2023

Best Price

Natraj Florence with Vacuum Cleaner


Prestige PGG 01 Stone Grain Grinder


MicroActive Florence Fully Automatic


Haystar Deluxe


Lesco MMaaMILL MultiGrain Atta Chakki


Milcent Neo Talky Domestic Flour Mill


Lucky MycroFine Super Star with Vacuum Cleaner


Natraj Shakti 1.37 HP Ghar Ghanti


Navsukh Prima Plus


Navdeep Ghar Ghanti


Cookwell Instagrind 750W Mixer Grinder cum Home Flour Mill


Home Atta Chakki FAQs

Q. Which Atta Chakki is Best for Home Use?

A. There are many Home Atta Chakki brands to place your bet on including Natraj, Navdeep, MycroFine, Milcent, Haystar, MicroActive, and Prestige. You can check the entire list of Best Atta Chakkis for Home Use in the article above.

Q. Which type of Flour Mill is Best?

A. Well if you are looking for the latest, speedy, long-lasting, energy-saving, and efficient flour mill then Stoneless/Automatic flour mills are the best.

Q. Which Stone is Best for Atta Chakki?

A. Emery Stones are considered the Best for Atta Chakkis.

Q. Which is the Best Home Atta Chakki Brand in India?

A. There are several Best Home Atta Chakki Brands in India namely Natraj, Navdeep, MycroFine, Milcent, Haystar, MicroActive, and Prestige.

Q. How to Grind Grains in Atta Chakki at Home?

A. Simply put the grains in the hopper, select the grinding mode (wheat, bajra, etc), and start. The machine will automatically stop when grains are done. Now, take out the flour collected in the stainless steel jar. That's it!

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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Vu for efforts bro …

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unless you are starting atta chakki business in your society or neighborhood wont recommend purchasing the same.
in local market the cost of of flour mill is 5-6r/kg with same day service.. for a family of 2 parents and 2 kids 10kg aata would be sufficient i guess..lets consider it 15 so it comes to 
15×6=90, 90×12=1080 that very economical.. with no hassle/hustle to grind your own 🌾 wheat.! also it saves your time and light bill.. if you even consider the inflation its still worth it. 

Vu for the post. i didn’t know about the automatic flour mill! 

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“Classic Atta Chakki 2 In 1” Is The Best Forever…. Awesome Customer Support…. Available At Both Flipkart & Amazon.

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These aata chakki are a boon for someone with gluten allergy, you can make your own gluten free aata with zero contamination.

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Local grain mills makes flour so heated that nutrients go down significantly
So buy anything that have blades rather than stones so less heat is generated

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PandaLife wrote:

unless you are starting atta chakki business in your society or neighborhood wont recommend purchasing the same.
in local market the cost of of flour mill is 5-6r/kg with same day service.. for a family of 2 parents and 2 kids 10kg aata would be sufficient i guess..lets consider it 15 so it comes to 
15×6=90, 90×12=1080 that very economical.. with no hassle/hustle to grind your own 🌾 wheat.! also it saves your time and light bill.. if you even consider the inflation its still worth it. 

Vu for the post. i didn’t know about the automatic flour mill! 

Makes sense…. Nice post btw, @FighterMan bro. Thanks

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I find it really evil and unethical how such marketing campaigns downplay the classical process showing them as unworthy and in bad light. The comparison sheet shows that classic stone grinders have a warranty 3 times less than electric and lasts half the lifetime as they are less durable, tough and have low grinding capacity - Seriously show me the proof for this stupid claim! Stone Grinders can last for ages and not all were manual giving much higher yield for free. Multiple techniques were used like flowing water to avoid any manual process shown in old Hindi movies jail prisoners!! Similar evil marketing strategy were used to sell RO water which was built primarily for Ships to filter ocean and sea water while most domestic homes required a simple UV+UF Filter only for municipal drinking water!!!
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