Home Waffle Maker Buying Guide for India 2023

Browse through this Home Waffle Maker Buying Guide before purchasing one so that you can make an informed & better decision.

by FighterMan Updated: 20 Apr, 2023, 16:50 IST
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Planning to buy a waffle maker for home? This waffle maker buying guide will help you know all the important aspects to consider before selecting the ideal one. I have also answered some of the popular & necessary questions related to these machines.

After going through this guide, checkout the Best Waffle Makers for Home in India in 2023. We have also compared these best waffle makers so that you can strengthen your decision on selecting the ideal one!

Home Waffle Maker Buying Guide for India 2023

How to Make Waffles without a Waffle Maker?

This is a very popular question among waffle enthusiasts. Well, you can use a waffle pan and make waffles on the stove top. However, this won’t give you crispiness which is a must in a waffle. Another way is to use a waffle mold for baking in the oven. Again, crispiness is what you will miss. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a good branded waffle making machine to get authentic waffles with different browning levels as per your requirements.

How to Use a Home Waffle Maker?


  • Preheat the waffle maker for around 1-2 mins (different machines may have different preheating times). There is an indicator light for ‘preheating done’ so no need to worry!

  • Pour the waffle batter into the bottom plates and spread evenly (don’t overfill else will make a mess when closed).

  • Close the machine and lock the lid.

  • Wait for the green light to on/off (machine specific), after which your waffles are ready!

  • Check for browning. If you want more then cook for some more time. However, the bottom may get burnt so keep a check.

  • Remove waffles with a wooden spatula.

  • Enjoy your yummy waffles with your desired toppings or get creative with some waffle recipes.

How to get Waffle Batter for the Waffle Maker?

You can get pancake or waffle premixes available in grocery stores or can make your own waffle batter at home. Make sure to add some baking soda, flavour essence, and water to the batter and blend it well. Also, it should not be too liquidish else it will flow out of the machine resulting in improper waffles.

Important Aspects of an Home Waffle Maker to Consider
Preheating Time

Normally, home waffle makers get preheated in 1-2 mins. However, different machines may have different preheating times. The ones we have reviewed in the Best Waffle Makers article get preheated quickly, also they have an auto light to indicate when preheating is done. Make a note that preheating is compulsory.

Waffle Thickness
e-1-9d7fdb41a0Belgian Waffle

If you are looking for Belgian waffles then this is an important thing to consider. Belgian waffles dig deep at the centre, and are thick. Thus, your waffle maker plates should have more space and square points should be longer in length. The Wonderchef Belgian waffle maker is a good example to consider.



My best waffle maker for home article lists the 10 best waffle maker brands so you can have a look. Giving a glimpse, Wonderchef, Borosil, Dash, Black & Decker, and Prestige are some good ones.


A good waffle maker will cost you anywhere between ₹1000-₹4000 depending on size, brand, features, and body material.

Preparation Time

Different waffle makers take different time to prepare a waffle/waffles. Normally, the preparation time is around 5-10 mins. It varies depending on the browning you need. You may also need to flip the waffle midway for even cooking. There is an auto-indicator which lights up when the waffle is prepared.


A waffle maker with more power will get waffles ready quickly. Generally, bigger sized waffle makers have more power. You will see power ranging from 350W-1250W among the waffle makers. Also, more power means more energy usage so choose as per requirement only.



Size will determine if it will fulfil your family or not. However, it is not necessary to go for the ideal size because not everyone in the family may have waffles often. Also, you can prepare waffles in batches for smaller requirements.

Waffle Maker Size (inches)

Ideal for




A Couple


2-3 people


3-4 people


5+ people

No of Waffles

multi waffle maker

There are waffle makers that can make 2 and even 4 waffles at a time. The Glen heart waffle maker makes 5 waffles simultaneously! These multi waffle makers will save time and are energy efficient. If there are 3+ members in your family for waffles then the multi waffle maker is a good option. Also, check the size of waffles here because some make tiny waffles.

Browning Level Adjuster / Temperature Control

This is a feature found in high-end waffle makers where you get a knob for setting the desired temperature range for getting the required browning. It ensures that you don't need to cook again & again for getting the perfect browning. These are costly so you can go for the regular ones and get used to them to get the desired results in one go!

Rotating Waffle Maker

Rotating Waffle Maker

Rotating waffle makers need to be flipped midway so that the batter spreads properly and the waffle cooks evenly on both sides. This results in better softness and crispiness. Such models are rare to find in India, and so are costly.

Crispiness & Softness

What makes a waffle standout? Its crispiness, softness, and texture. Also, whether it is cooked evenly on both sides or not. The ones mentioned in my best waffle maker guide will give you soft waffles with good levels of crispiness. However, it also depends on your waffle batter quality.


Make sure your waffle maker has ‘preheating done’ and ‘waffle ready’ alerts. These are given by red and green lights which are turned on/off automatically. This is just a basic alert to ensure your waffles are not burnt so you can cook for some more time to get darker shades.


Most of the branded waffle makers come with a 1 or 2 year warranty. Choose the one which suits your needs irrespective of the 1/2 year warranty periods because good brands make products meant to last for a lifetime!


A strongly built waffle maker will last long. Also, a stainless steel body will maintain the machine for a long time, and will also ensure the body is kept cool. You will come across mediocrely built machines, but some of these make amazing waffles so don’t ignore them, just use them carefully.

Imported Waffle Makers

If you are willing to spend 3X-4X more then there are Imported Waffle Makers to consider. These last for a lifetime, have faster processing times, make better crispy waffles, are energy efficient, and generate high quality waffles. Cuisinart, Breville, Presto, and Dash are some popular International waffle maker brands in India.

Regular vs 3-in-1 Waffle Makers

Regular vs 3-in-1 Waffle Makers

Regular Waffle Makers

3-in-1 Waffle Makers

Almost Even browning on both sides

Top part of the waffle needs more time for better browning

Only waffles can be prepared

Can also be used as a toast and grill machine

Better crispiness and softness

Good crispiness and softness can be achieved but after getting used to the machine, right!

Delicate in some parts so needs to be handled with care for long-lastingness

Strong Built

Costs a bit more


Recommended for Belgian waffles

Regular waffles

Popular Waffle Maker Types in India

Popular Waffle Maker Types in India

Checkout the Popular Waffle Maker Types in India so you can select your desired waffle maker. Belgian waffle makers are the choice of most of the users because they are cost effective, go along with many waffle recipes, and highly available compared to other types.

  • belgian waffle maker

  • bubble waffle maker

  • stick waffle maker

  • heart shaped waffle maker

  • mickey mouse waffle maker

  • thin waffle maker

  • lego waffle maker

We hope you found this Indian Home Waffle Maker Buying Guide useful. Please share your valuable feedback and any other queries.

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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