How to earn money with Google Task Mate in India?

Google launches new app "Task Mate" in India that will pay users to complete various tasks

by Akansha_B Updated: 25 Nov, 2020, 10:13 IST
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In an attempt to improve its mapping services and bring more businesses online, Google is testing a paid crowdsourcing service called "Task Mate" in India that will help users earn some money through their phones. The service is in its beta testing phase and is currently only a limited selected tester through a referral code system, as reported by 9to5Google.

Task Mate will provide access to a variation of tasks posted by businesses from around the world. The tasks are "simple" and are categorized as "Sitting" or "Field".

The Task Mate tasks include things like -

  • Answering a survey question
  • Clicking a picture of a restaurant
  • Translating sentences from English to other languages.

The Task Mate testing was spotted by a Reddit user running its beta service in India. Users will be paid in Indian currency for the tasks that they complete. While the app is available to download on Google Play, you can’t use it unless you have a referral code, which is available through invite-only.

A Reddit post by a user also suggested that such Google service is now live in the country: "Google seems to be testing their new Task Mate app in India which pays you in Indian currency for completing tasks regarding Google app ecosystem (Currently invitation only)".

How can you earn from the Google Task Mate App?

While the beta testing service is running for only a selected number of users through a referral code, here is how the service works for the invitees.

  1. Download the Task Mate app from Google Play
  2. Enter the referral code
  3. Find Task nearby
  4. Complete task to begin earning
  5. Cash-out your earnings

You can also see the number of tasks completed, your level, and task under review. To cash-out your earnings, you need to register an e-wallet account or an in-app payment partner. Once that is done, users can earn money by clicking the "Cash Out" button.

Google is yet to make an official comment on the Task Mate

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