How to Enroll and Book Tickets for Space Travel and what is the cost?

Are You Ready for Space Adventure? Space Travel is on its verge of making its debut this year. Get to know How to Enroll and Book Tickets for Space Travel along with ticket prices.

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Space Travel is nothing short of an adventure. Around 60 years ago, Yuri Gagarin became the first one to visit space as a Soviet cosmonaut, but now with technological advances you can also witness this dream arena. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are all set to give a green flag to their individual company’s spacecraft which are specially built for travelers. We will look into How to Enroll and Book Tickets for Space Travel and its cost in this article along with many more insights.

Space Travel

Musk’s SpaceX will probably be the 1st one to launch the flight in September 2021. It will be followed by Branson's Virgin Galactic and later by Bezos’s Blue Origin in 2022.

Many ultra-rich people have already booked their seats to space travel and have also finished their training. Around 400 Virgin Galactic travelers have undertaken the training at National Aerospace Training and Research Center in Pennsylvania with many more waiting.

Space Travel will en-route suborbital flights to the edge of space and the duration will be around 30 minutes or depending on the space conditions. The good news is that even if you are highly aged or unfit you can still qualify for training and possibly can be on-boarded. Kids can also taste this ultimate pleasure.

Virgin Galactic plans to complete 400 trips annually starting 2022 while SpaceX’s Inspiration4 will launch its 1st commercial spacecraft in September. In Jan 2022, Axiom Space might send a former astronaut along with civilians to space. Space Adventures will also send 4 tourists to the space ride next year. In all, 7 civilians have visited space by 2009.

According to Robert Goehlich, an adjunct assistant professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide, it will take some more years for space travel to become a common travel space for tourists. Also, sustainability will be the key to the space tourism market, he adds. On the other hand, NASA plans to send travelers to Moon and Mars which seems a bit in-digesting, but you never know!

How to Enroll and Book Tickets for Space Travel?

You can Enroll and Book Tickets for Space Travel for Virgin Galactic flights by registering for the program. Simply fill a Virgin Galactic Fly With Us Registration Form which includes your basic personal and occupational details, and submit. You will get a notification once the program starts, and you will be updated on all the latest developments.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft will soon take individuals to space. You can fill the Blue Origin Fly With Us Registration Form and reserve a window seat for yourself and those you want to take along!

SpaceX allows you to view the Earth orbit from above 300+ km. Its space vehicle Dragon flies above your hometown and places relevant to you so that you can experience them from space. If you want to book a seat in SpaceX’s spacecraft then send in an inquiry at spacex.com

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What is the Ticket Cost for Space Travel?

Currently, space travel can be afforded by highly wealthy people as its ticket cost is humongous, but in coming years will probably come down due to further explorations. A Virgin Galactic space trip will cost you minimum $2,50,000 i.e. approx Rs 18 crores while Blue Origin will be a bit less expensive. SpaceX haven’t come up with any official announcement so can’t take a call on it right now.

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