Is Buying Branded Products directly from their Official Website, Cost-effective and Reliable?

We will discuss Brand eCommerce sites vs online Marketplaces in this article. Get to know which is better for savings and great quality products.

by FighterMan Updated: 18 Feb, 2021, 12:41 IST
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When you decide to shop online, a question may arise in your mind that should I buy from the official site or from online marketplace sites, for reasons like trustworthiness and savings. Well, if you want to buy branded products online, these are the possible two options:

  1. Buy from the brand’s official website.
  2. Buy from online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, etc.
Is Buying Branded Products directly from Official Websites, Cost-effective and Reliable?
How to decide the best option for shopping online?

Firstly, compare the cost of the product on the official site and on marketplaces. Here, cost means after deducting all the discount and/or cashback amount i.e. finally how much you will pay after savings. If the cost on the official site is lower or fractionally higher then without any doubt, you should buy from there itself, but if vice-versa then you need to explore something more and go for marketplaces.

If you are saving heavily on Online Marketplaces then you need to check the following things:
  1. Whether the product is taken care of by Amazon, Flipkart, etc or not?: On the product page if you find “Fulfilled by Amazon” means that the product is stored at Amazon’s warehouse and the entire shipping process will be carried out by Amazon. This means that the product has gone through Amazon’s quality checks so you are assured of a genuine and new product. Similarly, for Flipkart it is “Flipkart Assured”.
  2. Check the Users Ratings & Reviews: On the product page you will find ratings & reviews of people who have bought and used the product which you are willing to buy. They also post product images which help in checking the original look. If the average rating is above 4 star and user count is high, you can say that the seller is genuine and trustworthy. Flipkart, Amazon, etc does not allow fake/biased reviews and ratings so you don’t need to worry about that. Moreover, you can see “Verified Purchase” written beside the user’s name in Amazon which means that Amazon has done quality checks on this user.
  3. Check the Seller: You need to check the seller which can determine the quality of product that you will receive. If the seller is the brand or marketplace itself then no need to worry. For others, you need to check the seller ratings. If the seller is on the marketplace for a long time and has more than 3.5 stars of average rating from many users then it's safe. For instance, Cloudtail India is one of the best sellers on Amazon with over 1.8M+ user ratings.
  4. Other Advantages: When you buy a “Flipkart assured” or “fulfilled by Amazon” product, the return policy is good i.e. you will have enough days to return(if required), the delivery process is executed by Amazon itself so you get safe & faster shipping, and Amazon provides the complete customer support for the product.
Benefits of buying directly from the Brand’s official website:
  1. Authenticity: Brands will never want to let down their own name so will always deliver genuine and seal packed products.
  2. Reliability: If you find some issue with the product, you can directly contact the brand instead of going via 3rd parties.
  3. Promotional Offers: Brand sites provide great discounts and/or cashback since it helps in growing their own site and saves their money from commission to retailers.
  4. Exact Warranty: We found a branded product on Shopclues which gave 6 months warranty while on its official website it said 1 yr warranty.
  5. Shop More Save More: Brands have loyalty programs where they offer good discounts, freebies, giveaways, and gift cards frequently so that you don’t leave them.
  6. New User Coupons: Brands welcome their new customers with good discounts so getting a new user coupon from DesiDime is easy and gives you great rewards.
  7. Clearance Sale: Many brands have a store clearance sale where products are liquidated at better discounts. You can visit DesiDime for updates regarding this.
  8. New Products: You will find exclusive and new products at the brand's site. Also, if you are an existing customer of the brand you can save big on new products via the new user coupons.
Brand Sites vs Online Marketplaces

It is possible that more people will shop from the brand’s official sites in the years to come, but it is a huge task for brands to satisfy their customers from all angles. The below table includes some brand sites and online marketplace sites which are competing in terms of offers, discounts, and quality.

Online Marketplaces

Brands Official Sites

Brand Factory, Club Factory, Shoppers Stop, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq, Paytm Mall, and more

Bata, Adidas, Decathlon, Skullcandy, Samsung, Pantaloons, Biba, Puma, VIP, Levi’s, Fastrack, Philips, LG, and more

Deal Alert: Customized deals from official sites and marketplaces, delivered to you instantly

You can try the Deal Alert feature of DesiDime to get your required fresh deal directly in your inbox from official stores as well as marketplaces. You need to input product keywords and the store names. Whenever your deal arrives, it is sent to you via email, sms, or app notification. For instance, if you want to buy a Boat bluetooth headset, you need to input keywords like boat bluetooth earphone, boat wireless earphone, boat bluetooth headset, etc. In store names, you need to select Boat(official website), Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. That’s it. Now, when a deal saying “Boat wireless bluetooth headphones at just 899” arrives, you can check the stores and grab the deal accordingly.

Buy directly from the brand's site or from marketplaces, DesiDime has deals and coupons for every source so that you keep saving every time. What do you prefer? Do share your views via the comments box below.

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Coupons on the brand’s website make the difference


Good post,Vu+Kg for the info and writing efforts raised_hands raised_hands


My decision to buy new mobile has now new angle to investigate


Online stores like Amazon and Flipkart are good. Others are risky. Please check vendors who are selling. Always by prime or assured.


Sometimes very cheap on bata site duringclearancesale…but no option to return even if size wont fit…so better buy through market place


It depends on product site and offer some times amazon flipkart gives more flexibility than official product sites


Usually big marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart are easier to deal with instead of a manufacturer with 15-20 service reps. This might not be true for all manufacturers though. While dealing with manufacturers, you are left at the mercy of the person dealing with it. Marketplaces don’t have anything to lose if a particular product is bad/substandard. Infact if they provide good customer service while dealing with such products, people are more likely to buy again although something different. Loss is borne by the seller. Marketplace just loses the commission that it is likely to get back at a later time. Whereas a manufacturer has a conflict of interest. Accepting that a product is bad harms their image, they lose money if a item is returned. If you have ever noticed, you are very unlikely to purchase an item from a particular brand if a previous product from the same brand did not turn out to be as good as you were expecting.


So a manufacturer has less chances of making the money back that it is about to lose. Hence they tend to be stubborn with returns/refunds. Hence they usually don’t provide a good customer service experience. Having said this, some manufacturers are better than marketplaces(usually luxury items) while some marketplaces (Paytm) are worse than manufacturers

sujankumars wrote:

Sometimes very cheap on bata site duringclearancesale…but no option to return even if size wont fit…so better buy through market place

Bata site has no return option? That’s really a risky move


that’s true sometimes. I bought Green Soul office chair from Amazon and on official website it was cheaper than lightning deal.


Buying from brand websites always give genuine products but if their return policy is not very flexible, eg shoes not fitting, sound issue with headphone, etc