Microsoft Loop Announced as a Hybrid & Productive Workspace for Teams

Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others now have a peer in Microsoft Loop. Get to know its features and more.

by FighterMan Updated: 11 Apr, 2022, 18:42 IST
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Microsoft Loop was announced earlier this month (Nov’21) as a reason to provide a Hybrid & Productive Workspace for teams to work together online. The company said that this idea popped during the lockdown period when employers struggled to get the work going efficiently.

The company is planning to come with Microsoft Loop components for Microsoft 365 tools such as Teams (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), Outlook, OneNote, and others in this month (Nov’21). Besides, the complete Microsoft Loop tool might come later.

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What is Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop combines all the Microsoft 365 tools with its portable components, and is always in sync with anywhere accessibility. Thus, it helps teams to work together easily, efficiently, and simultaneously.

Microsoft Loop Features

Microsoft Loop comes with features like Loop components, pages, and workspaces. However, there are many more to come in the upcoming months.

Loop Components

Loop Components are fluid units that are engaging as well as super-productive. Some of them include lists, tables, notes, and tasks. You can use them in chat, email, meeting, document, or a Loop page. Let’s have a look at some of the Loop Components.

Voting Table

A voting table may include ideas, pros, cons, and votes. Team members can give-in their ideas along with related pros and cons. Finally, the no of votes decide whether the idea should be taken into consideration or not.

Status Tracker

A Status tracker may include work area, owner, status, due date, and blockers. Work area is the task of a project you wanna track. Owner is the person who will be held responsible for this task. Status can be completed, in-progress, failed, etc. Blockers are tasks which need to be completed in order for a work area to be successful.

Loop Pages

Loop Pages are where you can organize components. You can also get-in files, links, or data to collaborate with your team. These pages are optimized for flawless teamwork so work feels like fun throughout. There is no limit to how much data you can add so keep going for as big your project can be.

Loop Workspaces

A Loop Workspace is a shared area where a team gathers all their important aspects of a project for better clarity. Here, you can have shared goals and also track them. Thus, it is a place where you can see what others are working on, share your ideas with them, and get a final effective output quickly. Teams can also work without syncing here as per their comfort.

How to Download Microsoft Loop?

The Microsoft Loop app is currently in its development phase. Its components will come in this month (Nov’21) so can be downloaded after the release. However, the entire Microsoft Loop package can’t be downloaded as of now. Make a note that you need to have a Microsoft 365 subscription to use the Microsoft Loop. To save on subscription fees, you can check out the latest Microsoft offers.

This was all about the Microsoft Loop. Do share your valuable views on this latest Microsoft software in the comments section below.

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Cheap version of Notion

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