New Whatsapp features! Disable Call Notifications, Accidental Delete Feature & more

Whatsapp is soon bringing an option to disable call notifications as well as an Accidental Delete feature. Below are the complete details of it & the upcoming Whatsapp features that we can expect to see soon.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 20 Dec, 2022, 17:02 IST
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India is the 2nd largest market share for Whatsapp in 2022. With Whatsapp having such a powerful presence of its social media in the country, and worldwide, we have seen the Meta company come up with frequent updates and new exciting features. Be it Whatsapp Sticker Avatars feature, the new disable call alerts for Windows feature, or the Whatsapp Accidental Delete feature, in this article, we have shared all the new and upcoming Whatsapp features that you must know.

Whatsapp New & Upcoming Features 2022

The Meta-owned company launched a couple of new Whatsapp features in 2022 such as the new Whatsapp video call feature, the Message Yourself feature, hiding your online status to select contacts & others. One of the latest launched (in beta) features of Whatsapp is the Disable Call Alerts for Windows feature and the Whatsapp Accidental Delete feature.

How to Disable Call Alerts for Windows on Whatsapp?
  • Open your Whatsapp, and make sure it is updated to the latest version of or up

  • Go to Whatsapp Settings

  • Towards the bottom, click on “Notifications”

  • Find the option to disable notifications for incoming Whatsapp Calls (if available)

Though currently in beta, this feature is only available for Windows, we can expect the Meta-owned company to soon launch it for mobile devices too.

What is Whatsapp Accidental Delete Feature?

If you have ever sent a Whatsapp message to the wrong person or a group, you’d, especially like this new Whatsapp feature more. The Accidental Delete feature of Whatsapp gives you a time slot of 5 minutes to reverse/unsend a message. Similar to what we get in Gmail.

The feature is available for both iOS & Android and to use the feature, all you have to do is ensure your Whatsapp is updated. It is the latest Whatsapp feature so don’t worry even if you have not yet received it on your device yet. It should be available to all users soon.

This year has seen many new Whatsapp features come up on the Meta-owned app. Below we are sharing a list of the new Whatsapp features announced or launched in 2022 and the upcoming Whatsapp features including disabling call alerts for Windows on Whatsapp Beta & Whatsapp Accidental Delete feature.

Whatsapp New Features of 2022
  • One of the new Whatsapp features is the Whatsapp video call limit being extended to 32 contacts. Be sure to update your Whatsapp to use this feature

  • Whatsapp's new feature is also offering the ability to hide your online status from select contacts. Once you enable it through your “Privacy Settings” you too won’t be able to see the online status of those contacts

  • Another Whatsapp new feature is the one that allows you to leave your unwanted Whatsapp groups silently without alerting everyone

  • Hiding profile picture from select contact groups is also been an important new feature of Whatsapp this year

  • Earlier this year, Meta partnered with JioMart to launch an in-app shopping feature on Whatsapp. With this new Whatsapp feature, users can buy groceries right from JioMart in Whatsapp Chat.

  • React to messages with emojis is another popular new feature of Whatsapp. Earlier the number of emojis available as reactions were limited to 5 but now you can react to a message with any emoji of your choice

  • While on that, I am sure you also must be aware of the new reactions to Whatsapp status with emojis feature that Whatsapp recently launched this year

  • If you have not noticed yet, Whatsapp now also allows you to record audio and listen to the draft before you share it. Earlier this option was not available. You simply need to record a Whatsapp audio as you do and slide up (to the lock icon) on the right corner of your screen, to capture a draft of your recorded audio

  • Whatsapp has also brought one more exciting feature this year called Whatsapp in-chat polls feature which you can use by tapping on the attachments icon in a chat

  • One of the recent Whatsapp new features is Whatsapp Communities which allows you to manage your different Whatsapp groups under one umbrella

  • You can even share up to 2GB of data file on Whatsapp as per its new feature update

  • Lastly, you can also use the same Whatsapp Account on 2 phones. You simply need to link the device and you can link up to 4 devices.

So these were some of the new features of Whatsapp that were recently launched. Meta as a company though does not seem to be doing its best with its market value being plunged by $700 billion, its self-owned companies like Whatsapp and Instagram have been bringing some new exciting features for its users consistently. Below is a list of all the upcoming Whatsapp features that we can expect to be soon launched including Whatsapp disable call alerts for Windows and more other features.

Whatsapp Upcoming Features
  • Whatsapp Stickers Avatars has been one of the popular announced upcoming Whatsapp features in India and worldwide. With this new feature of Whatsapp, users will be able to use a 3D avatar of them in their profile picture as well as chats.

  • Next new and upcoming Whatsapp feature is the Whatsapp Accidental Delete feature that allows users to take back their sent/delivered messages within a timeframe of 5 minutes.

  • Whatsapp Disable Call Alerts on Windows feature is another upcoming feature of Whatsapp through which users will have a setting to toggle on or off the option to receive or not receive their Whatsapp call alerts.

  • Disappearing texts on Whatsapp may also soon be launched after Whatsapp launched the disappearing message feature on Whatsapp earlier. This new feature will let users get the View Once feature on their text messages the way it is available currently for images & other media files

  • For iOS users, Whatsapp is bringing a new feature to display the profile icons of the contacts in the notifications bar.

  • One of the upcoming features of Whatsapp is the picture-in-picture feature which will allow users to use other applications while on a video call. Though reports suggest that this feature would only be available for iOS users.

  • Another rumored upcoming Whatsapp feature is the Screen-lock which will require users to put a password every time they need to open the application providing an added layer of security

So, this was all about sharing the newly launched disable call notifications for the Windows WhatsApp beta feature, the Whatsapp Accidental Delete feature, and other new Whatsapp features launched this year in 2022. We also saw a list of the expected upcoming features of Whatsapp. What are your thoughts? Please share with us below.

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