Person Gets Xbox S Console with Wireless Controller for Rs 42 on JioMart: Huge Loot Deal!

Reliance JioMart recently sold the Xbox Series S Console with a wireless controller at just Rs 42! Make sure to never miss such loot deals ever again with DesiDime.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 15 Nov, 2022, 12:38 IST
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Getting your favorite gaming console at a discounted price is all well and good, but what would you say if you would get an Xbox S gaming console with a wireless controller for just ₹42? Such are the deals that you would get here at DesiDime. JioMart just held the biggest loot sale ever by giving an Xbox Series S console with a wireless controller for Rs 42 and you wouldn’t even hear about it anywhere else. Many people enjoyed this unbelievable offer on JioMart and got their Xbox Seris S console at the biggest discount yet.

Xbox Series S with Wireless Controller for Rs 42 on Jiomart

Getting an Xbox Series S console along with a wireless controller is just an example of what great deals you can get on DesiDime. For more such deals, you can set a deal alert by clicking/tapping the button given below:

You can create a deal alert to get notified whenever there is a discount on your selected product. In this case, you may create a deal alert for the Xbox Series S gaming console and as soon as there is any discount or offer on it, you will be notified.

Xbox Series S Console with Wireless Controller for Rs 42 on JioMart: Biggest Loot Deal Ever

Recently, JioMart sold the Xbox Series gaming console with a wireless controller for as low as ₹42. The same gaming console and controller together cost more than ₹35,000! Yup, it’s difficult to believe even for me. The same gaming console that rivals the likes of PlayStation 4 and 5 was available at the same price as that of a chocolate, how surprising is that? And don’t worry, this offer is not a fake one like those iPhone offers where users end up getting bricks in boxes.

Our Dimers were lucky enough to get this deal within time and the same was shared by @ luciferous. This loot deal by JioMart was so unexpected that it’s difficult to even believe that you could get such a great gaming console for so less and unfortunately, you missed this deal. Two to three dimers got their Xbox S with a wireless controller from JioMart for Rs 42.

The Xbox Series S is one of the latest gaming consoles launched by Microsoft. With the Series X being the flagship console, the Series S console provides a great gaming experience even for a lesser price of Rs 34,990. You can check out all the features of the Xbox Series S here.

Keeping the specifications and all the features of the console aside, what you need to know is that the Xbox S, along with a wireless controller is nothing but a huge treat for Rs 42. Frankly speaking, that’s almost an Xbox S console giveaway from JioMart. The same gaming console that would otherwise cost you a fortune, was available at such a huge discount, simply amazing.

Here are a few users who got their Xbox S gaming console and wireless controller from JioMart:

So considering the price that some people got this gaming console for, this loot deal from JioMart was a huge surprise that many of us, unfortunately, missed.

No worries though, you can still grab any such deals and offers in the future by simply setting a deal alert/multiple deal alerts on DesiDime.

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  5. Select the modes of alert- ‘Email’, ‘App’, and ‘Chat’.

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That’s it! You will now get all the deal updates related to Xbox and if you are lucky enough, you may be the next person to get the Xbox S console with a wireless controller for Rs 42.

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This loot deal by JioMart might have been a huge offer, but is it the only best deal on DesiDime? I think not…

Our DesiDime community keeps getting the best offers like:

If you are a new user, this guide for New Dimers will help you understand DesiDime much better.

The Xbox S console with a wireless controller for Rs 42 was an unbelievable deal on JioMart and we just hope to see more such offers in the near future. So to get more such updates and offers, make sure to join our DesiDime community.

Sahil Jain is a personal finance and tech enthusiast who excels in matters related to tech and investment. His content revolves around mobile phone reviews, computers, operating systems, investments, credit cards, and other tech & finance topics.
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They didn't cancel it? I'm sure only those customers got it who had the most minimum time delivery.

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@Sahil_Jain add @MR_BEAST in the list of beneficiaries, in your description.
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Definitely it has gone to guys who are in need for it. It was not in my list so skipped it. I am very particular what to buy and what not to buy. I stopped playing games long back and now in love with only listening songs. So, No regret!! Congrats guys sunglasses
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You could always sell it and buy what you need, but yeah, this is my coping mechanism too 😂
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As you have mentioned the feature of deal alerts, please Allow to add more than 10 deal alerts @admin @bumblefoot @MJ911 
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Desperately needed it guys, missed it completely, feeling very low cry cry cry
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If anyone has extra please give it to me , I'll pay double the price! 😆

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Bro, send one to me 🙋

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@Turrent acted like a torrent and downloaded a whole batch at once smile
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