Top 10 IPL Fantasy League Cricket Apps in India in 2021

Get ready to put your cricketing knowledge to work with the Top 10 IPL Fantasy League Apps in India in 2021. These are not only time tested but also full of surprises.

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The Indian Premier League 2021 is round the corner. Players and fans are getting ready for this cricket extravaganza. Although, fans will be a bit disappointed as they won’t get to see live matches in stadiums due to the rising pandemic in India. Nevertheless, they can watch it from the comfort of their home plus get their hands on fantasy cricket games for extra income and loads of fun. Therefore, we bring to you the list of Top 10 IPL 2021 Fantasy League Apps in India which you can bet on.

Top 10 IPL Fantasy League Apps in India in 2021
What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is an online prediction game based on your cricketing knowledge. Here, users make their own team of 11 players from the 2 teams participating in the match. To play, users need to pay the given entry fees. The team who scores more points gets the decided prize money. Here, points are given on the basis of batting, bowling, fielding, strike rate, economy rate, and many other factors.

There are many fantasy cricket apps available in India where you can play. These apps act as aggregators between all playing users. Thus, if you believe in your cricketing stat expertise then using this readymade platform you can make predictions and win big. Now, let's have a look at the top 10 apps in India today.

1. Dream11 IPL Fantasy League App

Dream11 is the official fantasy game sponsor of Vivo IPL 2021. It has 10 crore+ users and cash prizes turn out to be Rs 25 crore+ in a day. Besides, the Dream11 app has a 4.5/5 star rating.

Dream11 IPL Fantasy League App

You can play for any of the IPL matches here. Each match will have several contests with assured winnings. The beginners contest is ideal for people new to this game as it has low entry fees somewhere below Rs 50. If you are looking to earn more then head-to-head contest is for you because here only 2 players compete so the winner takes all. The champions contest is for expert fantasy cricket players where the fees is high and prize money is huge(in thousands and lakhs).

Dream11 has a level structure where as you progress in matches, your level increases. A new level brings in rewards like cash bonus, free entry, and more. You can even earn Rs 100 per friend you invite to Dream11. Moreover, you can use Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and Mobikwik wallets for adding money to your account because they have cashback and/or discount offers so you can benefit from them.

Where to find Dream11 IPL Fantasy Prediction?

You will get Dream11 fantasy predictions on all the IPL matches via the Fancode app. It has experts who predict which players are gonna perform well and which all will falter. This all is done in the pre-match analysis with respect to venue, weather, comparison, stats, pitch, and more. Moreover, these experts have their own teams which can help you pick your Dream11 winning team.

2. MPL(Mobile Premier League) IPL Fantasy League App

MPL or Mobile Premier League currently has 6 crore+ users and a money pot of upto Rs 20 crores daily. It has a dedicated 24x7 customer support team so you can approach them anytime for queries like unfair contest, money not credited, etc. You can play the IPL Fantasy Cricket game via the MPL Pro app.

MPL(Mobile Premier League) IPL Fantasy League App

Its UI is similar to Dream11 so it will be easy to catch up. Here, contests start from as low as Rs 5. Moreover, you can play in a 5 Rs Free Contest and earn upto Rs 1000 daily. You can enter a pool contest, private contest, and free contests. Pool contests are popular here as it offers high cash rewards.

Earning Money and Rewards on MPL Fantasy Cricket

There are 4 types of cash balance available on MPL Fantasy Cricket namely deposit cash, winning cash, bonus cash, and token balance. Bonus cash is the one you earn via promotions like sign up bonus, refer & earn, etc, and can be redeemed partly for contests. Winning cash is the only one which can be transferred to your bank account.

If you lose a cash contest then you get 5% back in your wallet, that’s a unique thing MPL offers. Moreover, adding money is rewarding here as you get scratch cards which wins you coupons, tokens, free contests, and more. One of the popular coupons here is 100% cashback on the first MPL wallet add money transaction.

Another great way to save & earn more is MPL VIP Membership. It costs Rs 49-99 per month. Here, members get tickets worth Rs 150 to play fantasy cricket contests i.e. you can play 1 contest of Rs 5 everyday for free for a month. Moreover, you will earn 2% more of your winning amount every time. Besides, there are special MPL VIP Contests which provide great earnings.

3. My11Circle IPL Fantasy App

The My11Circle IPL Fantasy App has 1.3 crore+ users and carries a 4.3/5 star rating. It states that it has given away prizes worth Rs 100 crore+ till date. It has included Indian legendary batsman VVS Laxman as its face alongside Sourav Ganguly, Shane Watson, and Rashid Khan.

My11Circle IPL Fantasy App

This app lets you play from over 100 cash contests starting from Rs 10 and goes upto Rs 25,000. The winnings here can be upto Rs 1 crore. Moreover, if you beat any of the expert’s team then you will win 5X more. Additionally, you can also win smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Realme, and others.

When you add cash for the first time in your My11Circle account, you will get Rs 1500 bonus cash. This bonus cash can be used for partial payments. Besides, it gives you the highest referral reward of Rs 551.

4. Paytm First Games IPL Fantasy App

The Paytm First Games IPL Fantasy App offers upto Rs 1 crore in winnings daily. Moreover, you get Rs 50 as a signup reward. Its refer & earn scheme is a bit lengthy and thus offers upto Rs 10,000 in reward.

Paytm First Games IPL Fantasy App

This IPL fantasy app has a unique feature called ‘Guru’. Here, you will get a list of teams picked by expert players. You can also check the expert’s past performance which will help you in winning team predictions. Besides, the ‘Missions’ feature earns you points for completing daily missions like make a team, play 2 contests, etc.

You can even play free contests and win Rs 50 daily. Other contests include, mega, 100% cashback, hot, winner takes all, top 3 win, and gang war. Out of these, hot, mega, and cashback contests are popular. The mega contest is the highest winning contest with the prize of Rs 1.5 lakh for the winner.

5. PlayerzPot IPL Fantasy Cricket App

PlayerzPot is another IPL Fantasy Cricket game, but it has a unique format. The ‘live fantasy’ game is played with only 5 players in a team where a batsman scores highest points i.e. 3X. Here, you get points for batting, bowling, and fielding only.

PlayerzPot IPL Fantasy Cricket App

Just like the new format, its refer & earn policy is also “hatke”. You get 2% of your friend’s deposit amount for lifetime. If you want to withdraw your earnings then you should compulsorily have a Paytm account as it can be transferred to Paytm only.

PlayerzPot comes up with weekly tasks where you can earn upto Rs 100 or exciting goodies. Besides, on your first deposit it gives 100% cashback upto Rs 12,000 in cash bonus.

6. MyTeam11 Fantasy Cricket App

The MyTeam11 fantasy cricket app has got 18M+ app downloads, 3 crore+ in daily winnings, and 100+ daily contests. It is a 5 year old fantasy sports gaming company. It gives Rs 25 as signup bonus and Rs 200 as 100% cashback on 1st cash deposit.

MyTeam11 Fantasy Cricket App

You can also benefit from wallet offers from PhonePe, Mobikwik, Paytm, PayU, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay. Besides, The MyTeam11 refer & earn program gives you upto Rs 1000 per referral so it's a rewarding program.

You also win scratch cards, golden tickets, and MyTeam11 coupons here on moving to next levels. Here, you can win a maximum of 5 lakhs in a contest and entry fees start from just Rs 5. There are many spots available in a contest so you can make more than 1 team to increase your chances of winning.

7. FanFight IPL Fantasy Cricket App

FanFight has 6M+ players in its circle. It has got a 4.6 star rating and states that it fetches 20X more winnings. The best part here is that you can use 100% of your bonus cash for contests. Talking about contests, there are special ones for gadget lovers where you can win smartphones and more.

FanFight IPL Fantasy Cricket App

You can benefit from wallet offers from Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm while adding money for playing. Also, you get a signup bonus of Rs 25 and Rs 100 for each referral. Currently, if you add money via Paytm for the first 5 deposits then you get 100% cashback. For all these offers, FanFight coupon codes might be required.

There are many contests available here namely rumble, double or nothing, topXwinners, champions, and more. The maximum prize money here is Rs 50,000. You can get the match fantasy predictions via

8. Halaplay IPL Fantasy League 2021 App

Halaplay states that players can win upto Rs 1 crore a day in paid contests. Moreover, you can participate in free contests to win upto Rs 10 lakhs daily, it adds. This app helps users to analyze their team’s performance to better their fantasy skills. One of the unique features here is the ‘reverse’ contest where the player with the worst team wins.

Halaplay IPL Fantasy League 2021 App

Some of the popular contests here are monster, lit, last man standing, mile high club, 10% bonus, multipliers multi entry, 5 players 1 champion, and VIP leagues. To play in the VIP league, you need to have a VIP pass which costs Rs 149/day, 2999/month, and 7499 for 3 months. The benefit here is that if you win then you get more than the winning amount.

You can use Halaplay promo codes while adding money to get bonus cash and other rewards. Besides, you can also refer & earn to win tickets. Moreover, when you register in the app you get 2000 tickets which can be used to play special leagues of upto Rs 1 lakh.

9. IPL 2021 Official Fantasy League Game

If you want to play fantasy cricket for free, fun, and freebies then the IPL Official Fantasy League is for you. It is powered by Dream11 so the format is the same as this app. The difference is in the prizes and contest categories.

IPL 2021 Official Fantasy League Game

Here, you can play daily contests and a league contest. The daily contests are for that particular day’s matches whereas the league one is for the entire IPL season. In daily games, you can win team jerseys, signed merchandise, gift vouchers, and more. The league game lets you win playoff tickets, winning team kits, branded gift cards, and other heavy prizes.

You can also create private contests and play with your friends for fun. This app can also serve as knowledge on which players and teams are performing well or worse via data analytics. Thus, if you are new to fantasy cricket then this is the right game to start with as there is zero risk and plenty of rewards.

10. Sixer IPL Fantasy League App
Sixer IPL Fantasy League App

Sixer is a stock market like fantasy cricket game where you buy and sell players which are your stocks. It has got 1 lakh+ users in its kitty. To play, firstly you need to analyze the market. Then, build your portfolio to whichever amount you like. Finally, start trading i.e. invest in players who you think will perform well in the long run or sell player stocks who will go down.

You get tokens for trading where 1 token equals 1 Rs. There is a daily insights section which informs you about the pros and cons of players and teams, just like the experts in stock markets. Thus, people who enjoy trading will love this game.

These were the Top 10 IPL 2021 Fantasy League Apps in India. Which ones are on your list and why? Do share your views with us in the comments section below. You can also check How to watch IPL 2021 for FREE with Hotstar VIP Subscription Offers?

Disclaimer - The information given in this article is only for knowledge purposes. We are not responsible for anyone's winning or losing money in any case. We recommend that it should be played only if you are aged above 18. This game may be addictive so play responsibly.

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