Uber Green Cabs in Kolkata! How to Book, Fare Price & more

In this article, we will be sharing all the details you need to know about Uber EV cab rides in Kolkata, available routes & more. Moreover, how to book an Uber Green EV in Kolkata and how much does it cost.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 20 Jun, 2024, 21:57 IST
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Uber with a market cap of over $146.95 Billion has now newly launched Uber Green Electric Vehicle cab rides in Kolkata. The company aims to “allow residents to book zero-emission rides with ease through the Uber app.”

In this article, we will be sharing all the details you need to know about Uber EV cab rides in Kolkata, available routes & more. Moreover, how to book an Uber Green EV in Kolkata and how much it costs.

Uber Green Cabs in Kolkata! How to Book, Fare Price & more

What is Uber Green?

Uber Green is a service launched by Uber that allows customers to book cab rides in EV cars that run 100% on battery. Hence reducing fuel consumption & pollution. Since its a ride option that helps in the “Go Green” initiative, Uber has named it as Uber Green.

What is Uber Green in Kolkata? (Uber EV Cab Rides)

Uber Green in Kolkata launched on 20th June, Thursday 2024. The West Bengal Index official X (formerly Twitter) account said

“Uber Green, in Kolkata, marking a step towards eco-friendly urban transportation. Uber becomes the second ride-hailing service provider to offer electric vehicles in the city, following Snap E, another brand operating with an all-EV fleet.”

For those of you who may not know, Snap-E Cabs is a brand owned by EC Wheels India, a subsidiary of Steelman Telecom Ltd. The company is mainly based out of Kolkata.

With the new Uber Green service in Kolkata, Snap-E will likely have to face some strong competition.

How to Book Uber Green EV Cab Rides in Kolkata?

To book Uber Green cabs in Kolkata, customers need to follow the given steps:

  1. Download or open the Uber app

  2. OR

  3. Visit the Uber Green website

  4. In the search bar, enter your pick-up & drop location and select Uber Green from the given ride options

  5. Currently, there are only 4-seater options available in Uber Green (Kolkata)

  6. Review your fare & use Uber coupon code to get a discount

  7. Confirm the ride once done

  8. Wait for your ride to arrive to your pick-up location. Once arrived, share OTP with the driver

  9. You have now successfully booked an Uber Green cab in Kolkata

Note: Keep in mind if you are booking an Uber Green cab from an airport, you need to select your pick-up from the zones available. For example, B18 to B21 or B29 to B30 for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport. There are also Uber Moto rides available in select areas that get a single passenger to their desired location in a much cheaper price compared to a cab.

How to Get Discounts on Uber Green (Kolkata) Rides?

Currently, the company is not running any special discounts on Uber Green car rides in Kolkata. However Prime users can get 5% discount on their Uber rides fee using Amazon Pay Balance.

Sometimes, the company does come with some special launch offers such as free bus shuttle rides (twice) for new users. So similarly, if Uber launches a special discount or free Uber Green rides in Kolkata, we will be updating this article.

Uber Green EV Cars Options in Kolkata

Uber did not disclose details on the number of vehicles under Uber Green or its expansion plans for the city. However, as a result of Uber Green’s partnership with Tata EV, the company will be using Tata Tigor EVs to facilitate the Uber Green service.

The electric sedan is powered by a permanent-magnet AC electric motor and is a 5-seater vehicle.

Tata Motors last year in 2023 promised to supply 25,000 XPRES-T electric vehicle units to Uber in one of the largest deals in the green mobility space. So expect to see the Uber Green Kolkata cab rides to use the Tata XPRES-T EV cars.

Here’s a picture of Uber Green cabs in Kolkata that one may anticipate seeing on roads soon. 

Uber Green Cab in Kolkata

What Routes are Available in Uber Green Car Rides in Kolkata?

Uber Green in Kolkata is a newly launched service for those who wish to book EV cabs for transport. The routes currently available are anywhere in the city including to & from Kolkata International Airport.

We tried booking a Green EV cab in Kolkata from the Kolkata Howrah Bridge to the Netaji Subhas Kolkata Airport and the fare for Green EV cab in this case came to about Rs.858 (with a longer waiting period). At the same time, the Uber Go & Uber Sedan with the same seating capacity were much cheaper.

So, are the Uber Green EV rides expensive to book, at least in Kolkata? There’s no clear yes or no as it depends on several factors including location, user history, etc but for now it does feel like the Uber EV rides are a little bit more expensive than cab rides running on fuel. Not to mention, the waiting period would be slightly longer for Uber Green cabs comparatively.

Nevertheless, it's still a good initiative taken by Uber. What do you think of these green EV rides by Uber? Do you they can compete against the monopoly of Snap-E EV cab rides in the city of joy, Kolkata?

Uber also launched its Uber Bus Shuttle Service in Kolkata some time back. Check that out too if you haven’t

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