7 Valentine’s Day Unique Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

Put the heart shaped chocolates back and try one of these 7 Valentine's Day Unique Gift Ideas instead for your Significant other.

by Akansha_B Updated: 20 Jul, 2021, 22:55 IST
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If you're shopping for a gift for your significant other this V-Day, it's better not to go down the practical route. As a new set of cookware might sound reasonable but not the day for practicality, it is about love and all things corny. On the other hand, a romantic gift feels extra thoughtful and memorable because it can only come from you.

Since romance can turn cheesy, like, real fast, we've rounded up some non-sappy gift ideas your loved one will definitely appreciate. So if you're shopping for your S.O, here's a word of advice: put the heart-shaped chocolates back and try one of these 7 Valentine's Day Unique Gift Ideas instead. We promise they'll love these almost as much as they love you.

1. Customized Glass Art Spotify Music Plaque

Do you remember the first song that connected you and your S.O for the very first time? A song is a "significant memory" quoting the movie upside down. Well, we totally love the idea of keeping that significant memory right before your eyes. A Customized Glass Art Spotify Music Plaque that can help you do that. It has a barcode that you will scan on your smartphone, and it will play the song you have picked as your "We Song." What's more romantic is that you can also add your picture to the frame.

2. Matching Hoodies

Marking territory is not only a men's job. Ladies out there! It’s time for the match-up game, because getting a little possessive is cute. All the fun apart, couples’ goals call for some matching hoodies, and we have picked this pair as it describes couples perfectly and respectfully. You can also explore for a complete set or pair them with the same colour types of denim or joggers.

3. Mischievous Valentine Combo

Finally, a game that doesn’t come with any rules. Here’s a box of 50 truth cards and 50 dare cards for those couples who are way past the honeymoon stage. You and your partner can take turns and perform the dare or spill the beans. It is a regular game of snakes and ladders. You are legally obliged to carry out the task as your life depended on it. Whoever wins gets access to all the leftover reward cards, whereas the loser must endure all the leftover punishments.

4. Reversible Emotional Octopus

An expression can resolve big battles, but what do you do when you are at a loss for words. Here is something you and your partner can use when you both need to communicate without words. A reverse octopus with happy and sad emotions lets you know that your partner adores you for the things you do or is angry with your laziness.

5. A Plant

A plant is the most ideal gift ever, Period! You can gift it on birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties and more. So why not experience your love for your partner with a desk plant that reminds them of you when they work. Plants are believed to help in reducing stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Gift them a Green Syngonium Plant In Raisin Pot that keeps them stress-free and at peace.

6. Nintendo Gaming Console

This one for the special guys in your life ladies, we know that it goes over the Valentine's Day gift Budget, but this one is a good one. You can combine the Birthday and valentines day gift and make it extra special for him. A Nintendo gaming console that he can take wherever he goes and spend some time between work to blow off some stress. If you are a guy reading this, a woman loves a gaming console if she's into gaming.

7. Tropical Forest Facial Beauty Masks Gift Set

Have a spa day, they say! Here is the best way under a budget to have a pamper session at home for both of you. Get these Tropical Forest Sheet Masks and have a day resting and taking care of your skin. Women love a good skincare mask, so if you want to gift something and are out of ideas, add this to the basket and gift her. Don't forget scented candles and flowers for her.

What are you waiting for, Valentine's Day is only a day away, pick your favourite gift and get buying and yes do use top Valentine's Day Deals for additional discounts on your bonus gifts. Happy Valentine's Day!

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