Watch Boo 2023 movie for Free on JioCinema (Cast, Release Date, Plot)

Rakul Preet and Vishwaksen’s Indian horror movie Boo revolves around a group of girls who read a book about ghosts, & the events described in it start happening. Find below how to watch Boo on JioCinema for free

by Vrushali.S Updated: 25 May, 2023, 12:18 IST
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Rakul Preet and Vishwaksen’s Boo has been making some buzz, especially among the horror-thriller genre-lovers. The Indian horror movie ‘Boo’ is set to premiere on 27th May on JioCinema for free. Awaited fans and horror movie lovers can enjoy watching Boo on the OTT Platform, JioCinema. Let’s have a quick look at Boo’ 2023 movie OTT release date, platform, cast, and story. Also, find steps on how you can watch the upcoming OTT release of Boo on JioCinema for free.

Watch Boo 2023 on JioCinema for Free (Cast, Release Date, Plot)

Watch Boo Trailer Horror Movie Starring Rakul Preet & Vishwaksen

Watch Boo 2023 for Free on JioCinema

The Indian horror movie ‘Boo’ 2023 is going to be available to stream for free on JioCinema. Currently, the 2 languages the movie will be available in are Tamil and Telugu. However, with JioCinema’s multi-lingual support, fans can hope to see the Hindi-dubbed version of Boo 2023 with English subtitles.

How to Watch Boo 2023 horror movie on JioCinema for free:

  • Sign up or Log in to JioCinema

  • Find ‘Boo’ 2023 horror film premiere

  • Click on it and enjoy watching the movie for free

  • Optional: Change the language or add subtitles from the video settings if required

Note: Boo OTT date is 27th May on JioCinema

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Boo 2023 horror film Cast, Release Date, OTT Platform, Language, Genre

Title: Boo

  • Release Date: May 27th (premiere on JioCinema)

  • Release Platform: OTT platform JioCinema

  • Availability: Free (separate from the premium subscription)

  • Genre: Horror Thriller

  • Language: Tamil-Telugu bilingual

  • Lead Actor: Vishwaksen (making his debut on the OTT platform)


  • Vishwaksen (in the lead role)

  • Rakul Preet Singh

  • Megha Akash

  • Manjima Mohan

  • Nivetha Pethuraj

  • Vidyullekha Raman


  • Director: Vijay

  • Cinematography: Sandeep K Vijay

  • Background Music: Intensifies the eerie atmosphere

  • Color Grading: Dark, scarlet-ish, adds to the haunting ambiance

Boo Starring Rakul Preet and Vishwaksen Plot


A group of girls hold a seance and read a book about ghosts. The events described in the book start happening to them. Soon enough, the girls experience a terrifying series of encounters. Hiccups are used as a sign of the presence of a ghost.

So, this was all about sharing the upcoming OTT release of the Indian horror movie, Boo (2023). The movie is described as a cinematic experience with chilling moments through out. 

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