Youtube Shorts on TV: All you need to know

Youtube Shorts on TV is a brand new feature of Youtube that it is said to be bringing soon globally. In the coming weeks, you’d be able to watch your favorite Youtube Shorts on your TV screen. All details are below.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 08 Nov, 2022, 15:39 IST
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Youtube Shorts, the ones with whom many of us have a love-hate relationship. Sometimes when we are pushed to the boring side of the world, we love them. Sometimes, there’s nothing more annoying than them. Well, love them or hate them, Youtube Shorts are certainly here to stay and this is now proven by the fact that now you would be able to watch Youtube Shorts on a television big screen. Youtube has now announced the launch of Youtube Shorts on TV.

In a recent press release titled, “A design journey from mobile to TV: Youtube Shorts arrive on the big screen” Youtube announced the launch of Youtube Shorts on TV and even shared the behind-the-scenes design process of it which honestly is quite interesting to know.


Youtube Shorts now supports Television’s Big Screens (TV)

As shared above, Youtube has now launched Youtube Shorts on TVs globally. What this means is that now you can watch your favorite Youtube Shorts on TV and the video platform has even worked to make mobile Youtube Shorts functionalities available on TV such as like or dislike buttons, & more.

What TVs support Youtube Shorts?

As per the press release, Youtube Shorts will be rolled out on the 2019 and later TV models. Along with this Youtube also said that the Youtube Shorts feature will be rolled out on gaming consoles as well, most likely on the 2019 and later models of them.

How to watch Youtube Shorts on TV?

To watch Youtube Shorts on TV, you would first need to have a smart TV, a gaming console, or a streaming device such as Jio or Airtel streaming box or Tata Play Binge Plus or any streaming device.

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Alright, so if you already have a smart TV, you simply need to open the Youtube app on your smart TV and navigate down to its homepage, there you will see a recommended panel of shorts for you to watch and this is how you can watch Youtube Shorts on your TV screen.

The Behind the Scenes of Bringing Youtube Shorts to TV

Youtube says that even though the idea of bringing Youtube Shorts on TV may look straightforward conceptually, it was not as simple to bring this feature on TV. Here’s how Youtube brought the Youtube Shorts to feature onto TV or television big screen.

  1. Deciding on the viewer’s experience using Love me & Love me not letters

Youtube asked participants to write “Love” or “Breakup” letters to express their experience with short-form content on TV. The majority of them wrote “Love” letters and some wrote “Breakup” ones

2. Three different design concepts for Youtube Shorts on TV

    As seen below, there were 3 Youtube Shorts design options available, out of which the Option B was proven to be most effective and engaging as per Youtube’s research and hence was chosen for the final prototype


    3. Finalizing Youtube Short’s features for TV

      After confirming option C Youtube Short’s design, the team had two prototypes to choose from for features and functionalities. One was “Minimum” which had a minimalistic design and functionalities and one was “Maximal” the one that allowed more functionalities such as comments, likes, dislikes, and more. In the end, the Maximal layout proved to be the most effective.

      So, this was all about Youtube introducing its new Youtube Shorts for TV feature, how the feature was designed, and how one can watch Youtube Shorts on TV.

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      All I know that it sheer waste of time

      Your finger may got shortened by pushing the screens but these videos will never end.

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       YouTube shorts is Waste of time.

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       YouTube shorts is Waste of time.

      How ? You can see it in free time or when getting bored or travelling.
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      How to stop such videos appearing in our shorts ?

      Particularly  that channel you not like  you can block  by pressing    ...  button and select Don't  recommend this channel.    ...  it is above like button i think.
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      The moment one gives up scrolling YouTube or for that matter any social media, you'll never go back again. 

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