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  • by Oogs on 17 July 2018
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    Order #108247305110805273403 Order date 3rd July 2018 Order receive date 6th July 2018 Order cancel and refund requested date 6th July 2018 Product has been picked up from my place and their website says Return Declined. I have given 3-4 complaints already since 7th July 2018 and each time they say someone from their senior team will contact me within 24 hours. I am shocked and surprised that inspite of repeated complaints NOBODY has yet called me. They have taken my product an... view more
  • by nidhi.chhabr... on 12 July 2018
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    I got a used product with discharged battery ,which was non-returnable , I complaint regarding that the next day I receive it with the picture of the product and from last 2 weeks they constantly call and say we can't do anything , In short they are taking advantage of the fact that its a non- returnable product and they are not gonna do anything about it.Such worst services I haven't experienced earlier. I will never recommend this shopping site to anyone. view more
  • by syed786 on 27 May 2018
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    Here is most amazing experience with shipping speed and shopping products with nice packing! view more
  • by deepdeep29962 on 24 March 2018
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    I would say is the worst experience with E-commerce sites jabong in India, because I have been into an incident recently. I have order some cloths (Urgent basis) for Rs. 1374/- (which was the best offer in the website at that point of time for next day order delivery actual value Rs.1325/-) in the month of march 22th and the expected delivery date was 23rd of march 2018. Unfortunately, I did not receive anything on that date (even call, mail or SMS about the product). I am already pay 49 r... view more
  • by mishraparija... on 25 November 2017
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    Pathetic service ever. They don't have return pick from few locations and they do not mention it before. Once I returned the product they don't even provide full refund on return courier receipt, based on their policy. view more
  • by 10584vallie698 on 08 November 2017
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    Placed an order for Blue Jeans on 12th of October but never received it. Called customer support they info that the shipped was returned back. So I raised a complain. 2 weeks passed no got back to me so I called back. Customer service informed that the complain was closed as the shipment was returned back. Raised another complain got a call today but the supervisor was least interested in resolving my issue other than closing the complain.This is the worst service ever received and will neve... view more
  • by randomdodo983 on 08 May 2017
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    Hi, I was out of the country when Jabong delivered my order. So basically, the delivery person at Jabong just chose a random person from my hostel to deliver the items. This was extremely irresponsible to begin with. Therer was no guarantee that I would receive the products at all. The point to note is that I was not the one who received the orders but somebody else. In my absence, Jabong should have simply taken the order back. When I came back, I found all the three orders wer... view more
  • by kumudbhardwaj on 19 January 2017
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    Never Purchase any product, if you will face any problem them they will never resolve it. Totally money waste. Worst experience ever. i purchased product in 2016 still its more than 6 months no solution. my product cost 10,000 and neither they refund nor exchanged even not repair. no warranty provided by them. NEVER TRUST JABONG. view more
  • by nofpd on 07 January 2017
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    # Better than flipkart # Offers reduced after the acquisition view more
  • by shahnawazyou... on 22 November 2016
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    The jabong people are fraud ..these people are bunch of liars they deduct your money on instant basis and use it for weeks then they say that the product is nt available. They have now started it on regular basis. We should totally bycott this site! view more