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  • by popeyethedimer on 07 February 2020
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    <p>IF <span class="caps">YOU</span> <span class="caps">ARE</span> <span class="caps">NOT</span> <span class="caps">GETTING</span> <span class="caps">ANY</span> <span class="caps">OFFER</span> <span class="caps">MORE</span> <span class="caps">THEN</span> 50RS <span class="caps">THEN</span> <span class="caps">USE</span> MY <span class="caps">JIO</span> <span class="caps">APP</span> TO <span class="caps">RECHARGE</span> PAY VIA&nbsp; <span class="caps">AMAZON</span> <span class="caps">UPI</span>... view more
  • by syed786 on 04 May 2019
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    I am using Reliance Jio services where Packs are at Lowest Prices ! You have an option to Recharge with a choice of Packs available You have to do Prime recharge per year with RS. 99 to use Prime Recharge Packs ! Also your number won’t disconnect any time if you didn’t do Monthly Recharge but your outgoing will be barred ! You can port out of other networks & join Reliance Jio . Final Words : Reliance Jio is cheapest but still in some areas where Network Towers are been shared with ot... view more
  • by androgame on 08 January 2019
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    Really happy using Jio They provide high speed data and calling throughout the area with a good signal strength Also the cost is very nominal as compared to other networks Strongly recommend it to my friends and acquaintances view more
  • by Loki-deal on 08 January 2018
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    Sorry for the Jio . Please try to give a good support and network view more