Uber Reviews

  • by popeyethedimer on 29 March 2020
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    IF YOU WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE don,t search every time it on the app as their artificial intelligence ia very quick they will increase the price . view more
  • by androgame on 08 January 2019
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    Uber is the best cab service in india and in many parts of the world to commute from one place to another The cabs are technically equipped But the only issue is urge pricing, it happens often that the fare you see at the beginning of the ride miht not be there till its end, that is very frustrating, though the customer service is very helpful in this case view more
  • by Iakvarshney on 21 April 2018
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    Ola is better beacuse 1)In uber there is no OTP verification at the time of boarding 2)In pricing , Ola wins the race view more
  • by nofpd on 10 February 2017
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    *Less cities/areas covered compared to Ola *Heard from the drivers that driver/customer quality, behavior is better in case of Uber *Less variety of services *Price is little bit higher(actually head to head with Uber) *Lots of yellow taxi drivers joined ola, be aware. tHey may ask you the route preferance, dont fell into his trap, strictly follow teh map *Some driver may call you before reaching ur place, and after sometime they may cancel. Dont be conviced by them or follow them to bo... view more