BGMI can have a comeback – The company rushes to change servers’ location

BGMI Unban Date might be closer then we imagined. Krafton is changing the location of Battlegrounds Mobile India Servers.

by Akansha_B Updated: 12 Sep, 2022, 12:11 IST
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Players of Battlegrounds Mobile India, you may be able to play the game again! According to reports, the corporation is moving its servers from India to Malaysia from India to Singapore. According to a report by Inside sport, many players have started witnessing that specific player id are not coming up in the in-game search results, even though these IDs are visible in the ranking table.


The data transfer prompt, according to the report, is similar to the one that appeared during the PUBG Mobile-BGMI data transfer. Users are reporting seeing a migration notice that reads, "The player you are viewing has migrated to Battlegrounds Mobile India."

Famous YouTuber Ocean Sharma went live on his Gamingpro Ocean channel on September 9th to discuss BGMI's comeback to the gaming industry. He urged players and followers to hold onto their hope for the game's impending comeback. In addition, Ocean said that he is praying for the best.

To the audience's dismay, however, Ocean revealed that he had no clue whatsoever when the game will return to Google's and Apple's online stores. It should be noted that BGMI has not officially stated anything about this. If the report of data transfer is actually true, it means that the BGMI ban by India may lift soon.

The article states that the news has resulted in the unban date becoming shared in big numbers. “All these speculations picked up pace when many fans started facing an ‘account migration’ prompt upon searching for specific player IDs in BGMI," it says.

Google and Apple, both subsidiaries of Alphabet Inc., removed the Krafton game on July 28, 2022, citing instructions from the Indian government. The government prohibited the royal battle-ground type game, utilizing a part of the IT legislation that it has cited since 2020 to block Chinese applications on national security and data exchange concerns.

Fans believe something is back since the most recent reports indicate that it has moved from India to Malaysia from India to Singapore. As previously stated, Krafton is making a valiant effort to retain the title by agreeing to the GOI guidelines. Fans are still waiting for Krafton's formal response.

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