BSNL 4G Rollout by January 2023: All you need to know

BSNL 4G rollout is delayed than its prior timeline of November this year. However, it seems like the launch date of BSNL 4G is finally near now. Find complete details below

by Vrushali.S Updated: 08 Dec, 2022, 22:46 IST
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BSNL 4G & 5G launch date has been much awaited by telecom users. After a long delay and many obstacles, the telecom company, BSNL finally seems to be on the roadmap to launch its BSNL 4G by December 2022 or January 2023. Find the complete details of the BSNL 4G launch date and its deal with TCS and how BSNL is going to bring its BSNL 4G & 5G Launch in the country and if BSNL users would get lucky enough to see the telecom brand, BSNL improving the quality of its services.

BSNL 4G & 5G Launch Details

BSNL 4G Launch Date to be December 2022 or January 2023

Previously when speaking about the BSNL 4G launch date, the Chairman and Managing Director of BSNL, Mr.Purwar said, “The first rollout (of planned BSNL 4G network) should take place in November this year, 2022.”

However, recent reports suggest that BSNL 4G launch date will likely be December 2022 or January 2023.

BSNL users have been waiting for the telecom company to bring its 4G rollout for quite a long time, given its competitors such as Jio and Airtel have already launched 5G in select Indian states and cities.

So, how is BSNL going to bring its 4G Launch?

BSNL received a massive revival package approval of Rs.1.64 Lakh Crore from the Union Cabinet recently. The bailout package deal was allocated for BSNL with a focus to use its fresh capital on allocating spectrums for its 4G rollout, which already has been delayed by a good amount of time.

After the BSNL’s bailout package deal, came the development of the BSNL & TCS deal of Rs.26,821 crore wherein Tata Son’s unit Tejas Network was said to be the local manufacturer of 4G equipment for BSNL. Under the order, TCS will also take up the management of the network for the next 9 years.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) also received the central government’s nod for their BSNL & TCS deal.

So far, things seemed to be flowing smoothly, and seemed like BSNL was on track to launch its BSNL 4G by December 2022 or January 2023. Until a report started flowing on the internet BSNL might ditch TCS and take help from Jio or some other companies to establish its 4G network due to the high-cost constraints with TCS. However, it is not confirmed whether the report was true as so far, BSNL & TCS 4G Launch deal is still confirmed.

What we know so far is that the biggest IT company in the country, TCS will be developing the system integration, the core & RAN for the BSNL network & Tata Son’s unit Tejas Network will be manufacturing the equipment needed locally for the telecom company. BSNL will issue a tender to TCS to purchase 1 Lakh towers for the telecom company.

As per a recent report, it is also said that additional 25,000 towers for the BSNL-MTNL network will be established in areas affected by "left-wing extremism, Lakshadweep islands, and 4G saturation areas."

With all this, we can now finally expect BSNL 4G network to launch by December 2022 or January 2023. So far, one of the major obstacles the telecom brand was facing was with finding the right local partner for building up their 4G technology. Now that BSNL seems to have sealed the deal with its partners for the launch of 4G and the obstacle seems to be out of the way, BSNL users can expect to receive a 4G network soon.

Will, BSNL Services improve with BSNL 4G Rollout?

BSNL users have frequently reported of the telecom’s network needs to improve its services. With the upcoming BSNL 4G rollout, users might get lucky enough to see BSNL improving its services.

On July 27, 2022, the minister of telecom, Ms.Ashwini Vaishnaw said that the cash proponent includes a grant of the spectrum, capital expenditure, and viability gap funding, among other elements.

As per a report, the package which consisted of three key elements will be used to improve the quality of BSNL services, de-stress the balance sheet, and to expand the company’s fiber reach with the merger of Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) with it.

With this, we can expect that shortly, BSNL would also lay its focus on improving the quality of its services.

BSNL 5G Launch Date?

The BSNL 5G Launch date is August 2023 as per the chairman and managing director of BSNL. The telecom brand has plans to launch its BSNL 4G & 5G networks simultaneously. In October this year, the chairman and managing director of BSNL said, “The minister has given us a clear path that August 15, 2023, should be the date when BSNL should be in the 5G domain. We are working in the direction which we have received. We should be able to meet it (the target timeline).”

Only time will tell whether BSNL will be able to meet its 5G or even 4G deadline or not. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think BSNL would bring the good news for its users and bring its BSNL 4G launch by December this year or in January next?

It would be interesting to see the BSNL 4G plans and BSNL 5G tariff plans rates and benefits.

FAQ on BSNL 4G & 5G Launch Date and more
1. When BSNL will launch 4G?
BSNL will most likely launch its 4G network by December 2022 or January 2023

2. Is BSNL available 4G?

BSNL 4G is currently not available as of yet. However, we are expecting it to be launching soon by January 2023, as shared above

3. Why BSNL 4G is not available?
Until almost July 2022, BSNL had not received its 4G spectrum and that could be the reason why BSNL 4G was not available yet. However, the telecom is now set to launch its BSNL 4G network by January 2023

4. Is BSNL launching 5G?

Yes, BSNL has acquired 5G spectrums such as 10MHz of spectrum in the 600MHz band, 40MHz in the 3.5 GHz band, and 400MHz in the mm-wave band and the brand is said to launch its 5G network by August 2023

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I don't remember BSNL getting any 5G spectrum O.o

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BSNL has been given 10MHz of spectrum in the 600MHz band, 40MHz in the 3.5 GHz band, and 400MHz in the mm-wave band, for 5G purposes

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3g services hi barabr se nhi ati, 4g kaise smile
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You guys are getting signals? flushed
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BSNL/MTNL destruction is prime example of crony corruption in India. While companies are moving to 5G now BSNL will get 4G. In Delhi (prime revenue region) you can’t get MTNL signal so that private players can have an open field.
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Moreover one prime player using bsnl towers 🤕

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Launch of 4g now smile
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5 or 4 🤔
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Both of them. Of course, 4G would come first and then hopefully 5G. BSNL anyways have gotten instructions from the minister that BSNL 5G should be in the domain by August 2023 & the chairman of BSNL agreed to it as well. So most likely we would see BSNL 5G launch too.. But then only time will tell:)

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coming here in february still no 4g

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