JioTag launched, Price, Worth buying or not? JioTag vs Apple Tag

JioTag is officially launched. Let's quickly discuss JioTag price, is JioTag worth buying or not and a comparison between JioTag vs Apple AirTag

by Vrushali.S Updated: 09 Jun, 2023, 12:07 IST
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Wondering if the newly launched JioTag is worth buying or not? Wasn’t JioTag released in 2021 itself? What’s JioTag's price and how does JioTag compare to Apple Tag? In this article, we are going to discuss all of these things as well as what JioTag means, what its features are, and finally, our review of JioTag.

JioTag's price is Rs.2199 but the launch offer price currently is Rs.749. But before you consider buying the JioTag, there are some essential things you must know. Overall, JioTag gives tough competition to Apple AirTag in terms of price & functionality but also loses a few points in some of its features. More details are below.

JioTag launched, Price, Worth buying or not? JioTag vs Apple Tag

What is the Jio Tag device?

JioTag is a tiny Bluetooth tracker similar to Apple AirTag that can attach itself to your personal items such as wallets, keys, mobile phones, and bags and can help you locate them upon being lost using features like sound alerts, location tracking, etc.

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JioTag Specs & Features

On the face of it, JioTag offers some interesting features at the current price of Rs.749. Features like inbuilt speakers, extra battery, and 1-year battery life as well as the range are quite appreciable. Have a look at the complete specifications of JioTag below:

  • Product Dimensions: 3.82x3.82x0.72 cm

  • Net Weight: 9.5g

  • Technology: Bluetooth 5.1

  • Battery: Replaceable CR2032

  • Battery Life: Up to 1 year

  • Indoor Range: Up to 20 meters indoors

  • Outdoor Range: Up to 50 meters outdoors (Direct line of sight)

  • Device body: Plastic

  • Inbuilt speakers: Yes

  • Water resistance: No

  • Dust resistant: No

  • Color: White

  • Compatibility: Android & iOS

  • App: JioThings

  • JioTag Price: Rs.749

JioTag Additional Features:

  • Comes with an extra battery and lanyard cable in the box

  • The Lanyard cable helps attach the tracker to other items easily

  • Allows tracking of smartphones

  • Double-tapping the JioTag makes the phone ring, even when in silent mode

  • Supports Jio Community Find feature

  • Users can list their JioTag as lost on the JioThings application when unable to find the connected items at the last disconnected location

JioTag vs Apple AirTag Comparison

If you are planning to buy JioTags, you must have got this question in your mind if JioTags is worth buying or not and if are they any better than the Apple AirTags?

If we compare JioTag vs Apple AirTags, JioTags definitely wins in terms of affordability & providing value for the price of Rs.749. However, JioTags’ location reliability is still in doubt.

In terms of quality, accuracy, and features, Apple certainly wins in terms of providing a UWB chip, Siri support, location accuracy, IP rating, durable body etc.

JioTag vs Apple AirTag comparison: Which one is better?


Apple AirTag

JioTag is a bit larger

Apple Tag is a bit more smaller and compact

JioTag is square in shape with rounded edges

Apple Air Tag is circular in shape

JioTag comes with a lanyard cable

Apple Air Tag needs you to buy a loop separately

Extra battery


Plastic body


Location tracking may not be as accurate

Accurate information on the location (gives you exact directions)

Comparatively, speakers produce more sound

Comparatively, speakers produce less sound


Comes with Siri support

No Ultra-wideband chip

Comes with an ultra-wideband chip (transmits info across wide radio bandwidth)

No IP Rating

IP67 Rating

Said range: 20 to 50 meters (approx)

Said range: 10 to 30 meters (approx)

Cannot be personalized with custom engravings or emojis

Can be personalized with custom engravings or emojis

Return policy: 7 Days from the date of delivery

Return policy: 14 Days from the date of delivery

Price: 2199 (currently available at Rs.749)

Price: 3490

Is JioTag worth buying? Our JioTag Review Based on its specs

Before we share our quick review of Reliance Jio’s JioTag and what we think of it, here are some pros and cons of JioTag that we think might be useful for you to know.



Affordable Price (Rs.749)

Location reliability & accuracy may be a doubt

Offers similar features as that of Apple AirTag which costs almost 4 times as JioTag

No UWB Chip

Comes with a Community Find feature

The case can be opened pretty easily and the device built puts a small doubt of durability

Comes with an inbuilt lanyard cable for accessibility

No IP Rating

A range of 20 to 50 meters (if it provides) would be great

Compatible with both Android & iOS

Comes with an extra battery

As you can see, JioTag by Reliance Jio offers a pretty good deal of features for the price it is currently available at. Even the location accuracy of JioTag isn’t “bad” per se. It does however can be improved we believe.

For the number of features, it offers such as a range of 20 to 50 meters, an inbuilt lanyard cable, Community Find, in-built speakers, a 1-year warranty, and an extra battery, the JioTag is worth buying at its current price of Rs.749 or lesser, we believe.

For indoors or smaller distances or minimal usage, JioTag may be a good deal to buy. But if you do not want to compromise on quality, accuracy, and durability, Apple AirTags may still be a better option for you.

Note that this is our personal opinion and review of JioTags. You may have a different experience or opinion to share which is welcome too in the comments below.

Lastly, JioTags isn’t coming up in the market for the first time. Reliance Jio released JioTag back in 2021 at a price of Rs.699. It is only now that the JioTag launch is official and commercial. Interested buyers can buy the JioTag device from Reliance Jio's official website.

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