Domino’s 20 minutes Delivery in India launched! Complete details

On Tuesday 20th December, Jubilant Foodworks which owns Domino’s announced the launch of Dominos 20 minutes delivery in India. Below are the details on cities covered & more.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 22 Dec, 2022, 07:29 IST
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On Tuesday Domino’s which is India’s largest pizza food chain network in India announced the launch of Domino’s 20 minute delivery service in India. Dominos is planning to launch the 20-minutes delivery service in 20 zones across 14 cities in India. The cities available for Domino’s 20 minute pizza delivery service are not yet announced but it is expected that metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai will be included. Below are the complete details on Domino’s new 20-minute delivery service offer.

Dominos Pizza 20 minutes delivery in India launched

Domino’s is among the largest QSR food networks in India and the world selling approx 70% of total pizza delivery services in India. While its competitors, Pizza Hut also offers a 30-minute delivery service and McDonald's promises to deliver within a maximum of 40 minutes, Domino’s India seems to have gone ahead in the race by now bringing a 20-minutes delivery service.

In a press release, the Jubilant Foodworks company announced the launch of Domino’s 20-minutes delivery in India. Below are the key highlights of the news.

Key highlights of Domino’s 20-minute delivery service:

  • Domino’s 20-minutes delivery launched in India in 14 cities in 20 zones

  • The cities where Domino’s 20-minutes delivery service is available are not yet disclosed officially. But we expect these cities to be popular metropolitan cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi & others where there are more Domino’s stores available.

  • Jubilant Networks said they will be “ensuring the delivery of hotter, fresher and tastier pizza in 20 minutes without compromising the food quality and the safety & well–being of its delivery riders.”

  • The company said it will be providing the 20-minutes delivery service in India using a 3 approaches; analytics, insights and technology

India has emerged as the biggest market for Domino’s after the United States so the 20-minute delivery initiative will continue to make India a growth story for Domino’s. Referring to the same, Domino’s CEO, Russell Weiner said the following.

“India is the largest market outside of the US in the global Domino's network. Domino's India's growth trajectory has been phenomenal in the recent past, and we believe there is huge potential ahead for us. India is a great example of successfully driving consumer-centric strategies across all business verticals. The 20 minutes delivery launch, in which pizzas are delivered hotter, fresher and tastier, is just another example of the consumer-centric approach of India” - Russell Weiner, CEO, Domino’s

Speaking on how Domino’s 20-minute delivery service in India works, the company said that the 20-minute pizza delivery is driven by enhancing process improvements, resource planning, technology, and expanding more Domino’s stores in the vicinity.

Domino’s currently has over 1700 stores in India and customers frequently get to enjoy some enticing Domino’s offers and discounts. In the coming days, we can expect to see Domino’s increasing its number of pizza outlets in India as per the statement released by the Jubilant Networks

What are your thoughts on Domino’s launching 20-minutes delivery service in India? Presently, we are also seeing an increase in the 10 to 20-minutes grocery delivery apps in India and the new Domino’s 20-minutes pizza delivery service seems to be in parallel to the trend. Do share your thoughts below.

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Deal Detective Deal Detective
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Roads availability and there conditions are becoming better day by day , thats why fast delivery coming . When drones will be allowed than delivery in 5 minutes stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye Nice plus1
Review Expert Review Expert
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Not sure of the road conditions getting better but yes, with drones. But then even for drones to be serviceable in India, we still have a long way to go. 

Thank you for your comment @Loaferg

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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30 min guarantee not fulfilled and they are promising 20 mins here. Lol what a joke
Helpful Helpful
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Zomato, Swiggy, Domino's... Who ever may promise... Burden falls ultimately on delivery person.
Review Expert Review Expert
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True though they are promising that they will not be compromising on the safety of the delivery person. 
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Brand Enthusiast Brand Enthusiast
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This months road accident stats show less casualties? Now others deliver in 5mins, at the cost of what? They should all be sued 

Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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I wonder why they need 20 mins to deliver already prepared dough cakes ⚠️,they can throw it like a discus throw from store, hardly takes 1 min in this case..

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Bhai, in our case we really get in 5-7 minutes.

Dominos is at ground flour and our house at 1st floor we send bucket down side attached with rope, they keep pizza box in it and we pull it upwards

joy joy joy joy
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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Does the existing 30 min delivery work. I remember getting orders past 30 mins. Still i have to pay full amount.

Helpful Helpful
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I had heard from friend few years back, they give free if delivery time is more than 30 mins.

Was it true? Donimos or MacDonald, i don't remember.

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Helpful Helpful
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Kal zepto se order karaya bc pura 1ghanta laga doya aane mai aur 15min delivery likha tha.
Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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put a hot box or something that keep food warmer rather than rushing delivering   , i would prefer 35 -45 min delivery of warm food and good quality  rather than in 20 min with rush delivery and compromise in the quality...

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Service Guarantee has three variables (Applicable only on Delivery orders):

  • 20 mins : Service Delivery Promise upto the first barrier point , in case of promised time breach, customer is eligible for a Service Guarantee of maximum 200 Wallet points or upto order value, whichever is lesser.

  • 30 mins : Service Delivery Promise upto the first barrier point, in case of promised time breach, customer is eligible for a Service Guarantee of maximum 300 Wallet points or upto order value, whichever is lesser.

  • 45 mins : Service Delivery Promise upto the first barrier point, in case of promised time breach, customer is eligible for a Service Guarantee of maximum 300 Wallet points or upto order value, whichever is lesser

Budding Star Budding Star
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People should call dominos instead of ambulance then..
Helpful Helpful
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I think Domino's is 32 years behind in bringing 20 minutes Delivery, Little Nero Pizza brought it in 1990. Watch Home Alone Movie again😜


Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Their 30 minute itself was useless as if u order more than 1 pizza or more than 1 item, it will say 30 minutes guarantee not applicable !! So how are they going to even meet 20 minute guarantee. It's just a marketing trick.

Also, it was never 30 minute or FREE. It was 30 minute or we give you Rs 250 irrespective of the order size !! And you have to follow up several times to get that Rs 250 credit to your account (if you have a good store manager, they will send free pizza next day) else you are stuck with their horrible customer service.

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