Google Releases Android 12 Beta 1 : Features and How to Download & Install?

The 1st Beta Version of the much awaited Android 12 is out now. Check eligible Android devices and also get to know its Features on offer. If you are looking to Download & Install it then get links here.

by FighterMan Updated: 26 May, 2021, 12:09 IST
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The Android 12 Beta 1 OS was released on 18th May 2021 in the Google I/O conference. This OS purely believes in its user’s requirements and thus supports ample customization. This is done with the help of AI (artificial intelligence). Besides, it takes care of user’s privacy as well as data security by implementing many in-system computing features. There are many more unique features in it which will be discussed ahead. We will also have a look on How to Download & Install it so that enthusiasts and developers can benefit.

android 12 beta 1
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Android 12 Beta 1 Features

Android 12 Beta 1 adapts well to your preferences which is what makes it privately (customized) designed. It is such an operating system that is secure by default. It makes all your devices work amazingly well together. Let’s have a look at its features.

Customization like never before

It helps you customize with custom color palette and redesigned widgets. The color extraction feature turns the entire OS in the shades of colors from your wallpaper. It does this by finding the best suitable colors from your wallpaper, and then applying them via the algorithm (Material You). They are applied to the notification area, lock screen, volume controls, new widgets and much more.

Intelligent & Responsive OS

Whenever you tap, swipe or scroll on an Android 12 mobile, there will be something or the other happening for a reason. Try dismissing your notifications and when all are dismissed you will see your clock appearing in big size. This tells you that you have cleared notifications at that particular time. Thus, it helps you in catching up with notifications effectively. While doing all this you will experience Effortless Motions & Animations which makes it the best intelligent & responsive OS.

Enhanced Battery Life

The Android 12 Beta 1 OS helps in increasing the battery life of your smartphone. It does this by

reducing the CPU time used by core system services by upto 22%. It also does it by reducing the use of big cores by the system server by upto 15%. These numbers are expected to increase as this OS progresses.

More Intuitive & Playful System Spaces

The important system spaces like the notification shade, quick settings and power button are redesigned to be more intuitive & playful. The notification shade includes app notifications (summary), media bar (song or video controller), and quick settings so that you get all your most used options in one place. The quick settings space now includes Google Pay and Home Controls. You can still add more here.

Google Assistant at Your Fingertips

Google Assistant helps you in making calls, opening apps, Google search, reading aloud text-heavy stories & articles, and much more just with your voice command. On Android 12 Beta 1 you can activate Google Assistant by simply long pressing your mobile’s power button. Although, many latest smartphones have got a dedicated hardware button for it.

Privacy Dashboard & Data Security

Now, you will get more transparency on which apps are using your data, how much data, for how long, and more. Google has got a Privacy Dashboard where you can check all your permission settings in a user-friendly way. Moreover, you can control permissions from here for all the apps. It uses a pie chart to represent data. Besides, data security is also strengthened.

There is also an indicator on the top right corner of the status bar which lets you know when an app is accessing your camera and/or microphone. You can disable these by blocking the camera and microphone directly from quick settings or from the privacy dashboard.

Next up, you can decide on how much information you want to share with the apps asking for permissions. For instance, when an app asks for your location, you can select from precise or approximate. If its a weather forecast app then you can go for an approximation while for food delivery app precise is preferable.

Private Compute Core

The Private Compute Core feature helps in keeping your data private i.e. only to you and in your device. Moreover, your data will be protected from networks. Here, you get Live Caption, Now Playing and Smart Reply. Data on these will be processed internally and not remotely so that data can’t be stolen.

Other Features

Android 12 Beta 1 has got improved accessibility features for people with impaired vision. Then, it has scrolling screenshots. Next up is the conversation widgets feature that gathers all your most used contacts on the home screen so that all your devices can work better together. Finally, you will also be able to use third-party app stores more effectively.

How to Download & Install Android 12 Beta 1 on Supported Devices?

Android 12 Beta 1 is available on all Google Pixel devices. Moreover, it is available on devices from Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Sharp, Realme, Tecno, TCL, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE. Developers can download and install from the links given below.

Android 12 Beta Download Link for Asus

Android 12 Beta Download Link for OnePlus

Oppo Android 12 Beta Download Link

Sharp Android 12 Beta Download Link

Android 12 Beta Download Link for Realme

Android 12 Beta Download Link for Tecno

TCL Android 12 Beta Download Link

Vivo Android 12 Beta Download Link

Android 12 Beta Download Link for Xiaomi

ZTE Android 12 Beta Download Link

Google Pixel Android 12 Beta Download Link 

What are your views on the Android 12 Beta 1 version? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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Sounds exciting but I will wait for Samsung’s update. Hopefully my s9+ will be getting it.


How to download and install. Any link 🔗? 🤔

shivanshu.k507 wrote:

How to download and install. Any link 🔗? 🤔

Depends on your Device…
Best to check Forums like XDA

shivanshu.k507 wrote:

How to download and install. Any link 🔗? 🤔

links are already given in the article.

Tera_Jija wrote:

Sounds exciting but I will wait for Samsung’s update. Hopefully my s9+ will be getting it.

Haha height of optimism 😊

trgarg2001n319 wrote:

When samsung mobile will have 12

They delivered Android 11 in Dec-Jan timeframe. Don’t expect anytime sooner. And anyways let Google launch it first. This is just the first beta.