How to Close a LazyPay Account Permanently?

Quickly Delete your LazyPay Pay Later Account Permanently with these tips & tricks. Also, make sure you ask for deletion of all your personal records.

by FighterMan Updated: 20 Nov, 2023, 14:28 IST
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Looking to close your LazyPay account? If yes then you can do it permanently by breezing through this short read. We have also mentioned some important points to keep in mind before deactivating.

About LazyPay ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Service

LazyPay includes sections like LazyCard, Buy Now Pay Later, LazyPlus, Credit Shield, and Xpress Cash. Its parent companies are Naspers and PayU Finance while SBM Bank is where it gets its banking powers.

LazyCard is a lifetime free VISA credit card which includes 5% cashback and other rewards. The BNPL service allows you to pay later within 15 days across various online merchants which have cashback offers. Then, LazyPlus is its UPI pay later option. LazyPay Credit Shield takes care of your CIBIL score. Finally, the LazyPay Xpress Cash gives you instant loans of upto ₹5 lakhs directly into your bank account.

How to Delete your LazyPay Account Permanently?

Make a note that once you Delete your LazyPay Account Permanently then you won't be able to activate it again so there's no harm in keeping your account inactive.

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Email or Call to LazyPay Customer Care

Email or Call the LazyPay Customer Care team to Delete your LazyPay Account Permanently. Make a note that LazyPay customer care working hours are 9AM - 9PM everyday.


[email protected]



You will get a reply within 3-4 working days. Firstly, LazyPay may try to compensate by giving you some good offers and waving off some of your late fees. You can accept them and keep your account active as there is no harm in it.

Contact PayU Finance Support

LazyPay is powered by PayU Finance which is a well known payment gateway in India. You can Contact PayU Finance Support via email on [email protected]. A special thanks to our Dimer @abhishek012 for letting us know that NOC is required from PayU Finance for deleting record in CIBIL report.

Contact SBM Bank

You can also contact SBM Bank on their email [email protected] or call on 1800 1033 817 for permanent closure of your LazyPay account.

RBI Ombudsman

If none of the above works then the only way out is RBI Ombudsman. You can Reach out to the RBI Ombudsman and file a complaint. Simply register, give complaint details, and submit. After this you will get a tracking ID for checking the status of your complaint. You will then get an email notification once there is a reply from RBI.

Checklist to Successfully Close your LazyPay Account Permanently

Make sure that your LazyPay account is permanently closed instead of Deactivated or Temporarily Paused status by following the checklist below.

  • Clear your pending dues.
  • Check for NOC from your lending provider which says that your LazyPay account is closed with all dues paid. It usually comes in 2-3 weeks of your account closure request.
  • After closure, your CIBIL score will go down a bit, but will be back in sometime.
  • Your CIBIL report may show LazyPay active as it might take 2-3 months to reflect closure.

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This was all about LazyPay Account Permanent Closure. Are you a LazyPay user? Feel free to share your views here on this Buy Now Pay Later credit service.

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