Swiggy Diners & Zomato Pay goes live in more cities!

Swiggy and Zomato are ready to take on Dine-in Markets with Swiggy Diners and Zomato Pay respectively. Both promise attractive offers!

by FighterMan Updated: 08 Nov, 2022, 11:53 IST
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Earlier this year, Online food delivery giants Swiggy and Zomato started their pilot projects for dine-in programs in restaurants, called as Swiggy Diners and Zomato Pay, respectively. Zomato Pay had started operations in around 1000+ restaurants in Hyderabad and looked promising to soon expand to other cities. Zomato Pay was not always known by this name. Earlier, we had Zomato Gold which was then rebranded to Zomato Pro. Zomato Pro also had its premium iteration Zomato Pro Plus. Now, Zomato has launched the latest iteration of its prior programs like Zomato Gold, now known as Zomato Pay.  


What is Swiggy Diners?

Swiggy Diner is a dine-in program by Swiggy where users can pay their restaurant bills online via it. It offers up to 25% cashback depending on restaurants. It is expected to be like the DineOut (restaurant reservations, food ordering, restaurant deals, etc) App as it was acquired by Swiggy last month. 

What is Zomato Pay?

Zomato Pay is a restaurant dine-in program by Zomato where users can pay their restaurant bill online via it. Just like Swiggy Diners, it also offers up to 25% savings, but here via Discounts! Back when Zomato Pay was launched, it was giving 100% Cashback as Zomato Credits to Zomato Pay New Users. The company had a similar program called Zomato Gold in the past as shared above. Zomato Pay now is available in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. 

Swiggy also has a similar program called "Swiggy One" where in the food discovery brand offers cashback and discount offers across all its verticals such as food delivery, quick commerce, and door-to-door package delivery, all under one single program.

Users will be able to combine Swiggy Diners offers with Swiggy One. This may be the reason why Swiggy One Membership Prices are set to Rise. Similar is the case with Zomato Pay and Zomato Pro Plus where you can club offers.

Swiggy and Zomato might take an 8-12% commission from restaurants for this new dine-out program. Zomato has also developed ‘Zomato Vibes’ for restaurants where they can upload pictures of their restaurant ambiance, food, crowd, etc as a marketing strategy.

This was all about Zomato Pay and Swiggy Diners so far as per Moneycontrol's report. You can also have a look at all the Food Delivery offers and keep fulfilling your taste buds! A special thanks to our Dimer nilay007 for bringing this Swiggy Diners and Zomato Pay news up.

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Analyst Analyst

Wasn't Zomato pay always available for the pro restaurants even for dine in?

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

if we have dine out passport membership will we get Swiggy one for free? 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
harshk wrote:

Wasn't Zomato pay always available for the pro restaurants even for dine in?

not all zomato pro restro have discounts for dining in. Most of the times, dine in restro and delivery resro are different under zomato pro program.

e.g. One restro less than 1km from my place gives zomato pro discounts on delivery. But no discounts for dine in. And zomato doesnt allow pickup of orders to save on delivery charges either.

Hope this new development will allow all zomato pro restro to give dine in discounts as well. But as always zomato will milk customers with their subscription fees resulting previous memberships, nothing but jhumlas.
Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
harshk wrote:

Wasn't Zomato pay always available for the pro restaurants even for dine in?

Yes, Zomato Pro/Pay was available in other cities too from years, but they slowly lost interest and focus. Now relaunching the same thing, with new marketing campaign.
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