Which is the best app to trade & invest in Stock Market in 2022?

There are many stock market investment and trading apps available, but which one is the best option for you is the question. We bring to you seven of the trending stock market apps in 2022.

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We bring to you five of the trending stock market apps in 2022. In this short review, you can choose the best one as per your trading & investment needs.

1) Kite by Zerodha


Zerodha’s mobile app is called ‘Kite’. It comes with a clean & intuitive UI and super fast & super light back-end so that your trade calls run at the speed of light. Zerodha’s brokerage charges are ₹0 for investments and flat ₹20 for F&O trading. The app has different categories for stocks for easy access such as banking, real estate, metals, education, etc.

Kite by Zerodha App features
  • You can use fingerprint or face ID(iOS app) for seamless logins and better security.
  • High quality charts from popular charting companies such as TradingView and ChartIQ.
  • You can keep a watch on Nifty 50 & Sensex simultaneously for stocks, commodities, ETFs, contracts, F&O, and more.
  • You can buy or sell, view charts & market depth, and all other analysis all at one place, just by clicking on your preferred stock. 
  • Fundamental analysis of stocks gets you information in categories such as overview, events, small cases, and news.
  • You can set alerts for your favorite stocks. For example, you want to buy Infosys at 700 so you set an alert for it. When Infosys touches 700, you will get a notification which will help you buy Infosys at your desired price immediately.
  • Easy to use Technical Analysis function. The summary page tells you exactly about the nature of your stock with the help of indicators and time-frames. This helps you in analysing a stock for short or medium or long term.
  • StockReports+ gives you the entire fundamental information of the company, but you need to shell out Rs 150/month or 1440/year for this info as it is a paid feature.
    Zerodha Pros
    • 12L+ active clients as of 2019.
    • Good Till Triggered (GTT) feature: When your set price condition is met, your order is placed and executed, provided you have funds in your account.
    • Client complaints are around 0.03% while the stock market industry’s count on an average is 0.18%.
    • Free equity delivery.
    Zerodha Cons
    • Zerodha’s Intraday margin is around 3X-10X, delivery margin is nearly nil, commodity margin is 2X of balance, and F&O margin is 3X-4X. Therefore, you get less margins comparatively.
    • The app does not function well during peak traffic. For example, during options expiry date, many users come at the same time to place their orders, but due to the heavy traffic some users face delay in order placement.

    You can save on your demat account charges via Zerodha coupons & deals.

    2) Upstox Pro

    Upstox was launched in 2011. It is the first company which got unlimited trading plans at a fixed price. Moreover, it contributed more than 1% of traded turnover at the NSE in 2014. Upstox is backed by leading investors namely Tiger Global, Ratan Tata, and GVK Davix.


    Get your Upstox Account online

    Upstox Pro is Upstock’s stock trading app. The app’s motive is to provide trading and analysis of the Indian stock market in real-time. It is known for its smart charting tools and live market data accuracy.

    Upstox Pro App Features
    • Universal search tool to find simple and complex stocks.
    • Access to NSE cash, Futures and Options, and Currency scrips.
    • Charts of multiple intervals, types and drawing styles are available.
    • Provision to apply 100+ technical indicators on real-time charts.
    • Trade directly from charts with the Trade From Charts (TFC) feature.
    • Set unlimited number of price alerts for instant updates.
    • Create an unlimited number of customized watchlists.
    • Access to predefined watchlist of Nifty 50 and other indices.
    • Interconnected trading softwares enables you to trade on both mobile and web using the same account.
    Upstox Pros
    • Zero brokerage on delivery trading and ₹20 per transaction on Intraday and F&O trades.
    • Upto 20X margin in NSE/BSE cash for Intraday trading.
    • Upstox offers thousands of Mutual Funds to invest in. Customers can choose Lumpsum or SIP pattern of investing.
    Upstox Cons
    • Good Till Cancelled (GTC) orders are not supported in equity trading.
    • In Upstox basic plan, though brokerage is free, customers need to pay the demat transaction charges.

    Save on your demat account charges with Upstox coupons & deals.

    3) Sharekhan

    Sharekhan has been in the financial markets industry for 20 years now. It is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas (French international banking group). Statistics say that Sharekhan has nearly 20L customers, 2.4K business partners, and 153 branches in 541 Indian locations as of 2020. That is the reason why Sharekhan is considered as the biggest broker in India.


    Get your Sharekhan Account online

    The Sharekhan mobile app has many features and tools for the traders as well as the investors. You can trade in the equity & derivatives market in NSE & BSE on the go with the app. You can also invest in mutual funds and SIPs with dedicated guidance via the app. The best part about this app for traders is that they can make smart trading decisions while investors can monitor their investments with ease.

    Sharekhan App Features
    • Trade Smart Software with live charts, tracker ball, and advanced chart studies.
    • Track stocks, futures, and options market via In-depth market stats.
    • Place all types of trading orders namely Normal order, sell against margin (SAM), big trade, big trade plus, and bracket orders (BO).
    • Get access to portfolio, watchlist, mutual funds, market watch, reports, IPO, indices, market stats, share market news etc.
    • Create, pause, and modify your SIPs anytime you want directly from the app.
    • You can place orders to purchase or redeem mutual funds based on NAV, just like stocks.
    • Automate investments in SIP and Lumpsum mode by setting up auto-pay and enjoy one-click investments.
    • You get access to NEO(Sharekhan’s goal-based investment tool) to simplify your investment plans. 
    • You can create watchlists of your favourite stocks, mutual funds, futures, options and currency.
    • You get the latest quotes of stocks, mutual funds, derivatives and currencies from BSE, NSE & MCX. Moreover, you get the latest prices of Sensex, NIFTY and international markets.
    • Free online stock market courses via Sharekhan Classroom (its online learning portal).
    Sharekhan Pros
    • Multiple platforms and services are available for trading and investments.
    • Multiple brokerage slabs to suit every individual trader.
    • Free online stock market training.
    • Sharekhan allows fixed deposit as collateral for future and option trading.
    Sharekhan Cons
    • Sharekhan does not allow 3 in 1 account due to no banking services.
    • Percentage based brokerage might be more expensive for some traders than flat brokerage.

    Save on your trading account charges via Sharekhan deals & coupons.

    4) MO Trader & Investor by Motilal Oswal

    Motilal Oswal has been serving in the financial industry since the last 30 years. It is known for reliable advice across Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency and Mutual Funds. Currently, it owns around 10L+ customers with depository assets worth 69,561+ CR in 2200+ Indian locations.


    Get your Motilal Oswal Account online

    Motilal Oswal has got 2 different apps for traders and investors each. The trading app is known as MO Trader and the investment app is called MO Investor. These apps are loaded with multiple features. The user experience is decent in terms of UI/UX. You can access various stock market research material in the app.

    MO Trader App Features
    • Get a single view of your orders, positions and limits with the ‘My Wallet’ feature.
    • Live updates on NSE & BSE.
    • Create and view 4 multi-asset watchlists with just one tap. 
    • Add up to 50 scrips in a single watchlist.
    • Bulk order functionality to execute multiple orders in just one click.
    • View multiple types of charts with intervals ranging from 1 minute to 5 years.
    • Access to 9+ technical indicators and 20+ screeners.
    • Latest news on stocks, derivatives, currencies and commodities.
    • Forex market trading.
    • Trend detector and  Risk assessment & management feature to help you in buying and selling stocks.
    • Research coverage across 225+ companies & 20+ sectors.
    MO Investor App Features
    • Can be used for gold purchase(MMTC & PAMP security), mutual fund, and currency markets.
    • Track mutual fund holdings, ongoing SIP's, and maturing SIP's.
    • Fund Scanner which helps in selecting the best investment schemes.
    • Portfolio Restructuring Tool helps to improve your portfolio health with personalized insights & recommendations.

    Motilal Oswal Pros

    • 30+ years of experience.
    • You can invest in various segments: Equity, Derivatives, IPO, Mutual Funds, Insurance and Fixed Deposit.
    • 60+ banks available for fund transfer.
    • Research advisory services.
    • Free market analysis software.
    Motilal Oswal Cons
    • Real-time data faces delay sometimes.
    • Brokerage charges are slightly higher compared to discount brokers.
    • It doesn’t offer 3 in 1 account.

    5) SCALPERT by Finvasia

    Finvasia is India's first fintech envisioned and technology driven commission-free financial ecosystem. It advises clients on investments in fourteen countries, ranging from Australia to Brazil. It acts as a one-stop shop for Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) who seeks to make investments in the Indian markets.


    Get your Finvasia Account online

    The Finvasia app aids in investing in the capital markets. They have no brokerage, no per trade fees, no advance charges, no hidden/other charges on your transactions. Therefore, your commission will always be nil for lifetime. In addition there are no Clearing charges when trading on NSE.

    SCALPERT by Finvasia App Features
    • Real time charts and indicators.
    • View your trading positions net and day wise.
    • 40+ Technical Indicators.
    • Online fund transfer from 30+ banks.
    • Trade in stocks, futures, options, currency and commodities.
    • Historical data with multiple time period options.
    • Real time update on your portfolio, positions and PnL.
    • Choose from order types such as regular, stop limit, market limit, top, cover, bracket order, and more.
    Finvasia Pros
    • Zero brokerage on all segments.
    • Free call and trade feature.
    • First-time access to Blitz Trader (Finvasia’s algo trading software) for retail customers is available.
    • No hidden charges.
    Finvasia Cons
    • Less experienced than its peers.
    • Don’t have scanners in technical analysis tools.
    6) Angel Broking

    Angel Broking recorded the highest number of active clients on NSE in 2018. The company managed Rs 113.02 billion in client assets and over 1.11 million active broking accounts in 2018. It offers everything in equity, commodities, loans against shares, currency, equity derivatives, investor education, research services, and investment advisory.


    Get your Angel Broking Account online

    The Angel Broking app provides personalised advisory that offers suggestions to maintain a better portfolio. The app notifies you immediately of any strong market news so that you can act accordingly.

    Angel Broking app features
    • Intraday charts with indicators.
    • Online payment through 40+ banks.
    • Create multiple watchlists across all the segments.
    • In-depth reports of National and global markets.
    • Market Trends to help you keep track of every movement. 
    • Mutual funds investment is possible directly from the app. Alongwith, you get
    • profile-based mutual funds advisory for fee.
    • Funds summary reports and marking payout for your holdings.
    • Track your portfolio for equity and mutual funds with 1-click.
    • Advisory calls and detailed research reports.
    • Fundamental ratios and last five corporate actions for stocks to make you decision ready.
    • Best in class charts to get detailed insights on stocks.
    • 30+ technical indicators and overlays to help you analyse every aspect of your stocks.
    • ARQ-based portfolio health check utility to improve your equity and mutual fund portfolio performance. ARQ is Angel Broking’s AI enabled market analysis tool.
    • You can choose from multiple rebalancing frequencies to improve your portfolio.
    • Personalised notifications for trades and ideas. Also, you receive daily news to keep you up-to-date on the markets.
    • Personalised notifications on basket maturity which is a very rare feature.

    Angel Broking Pros
    • Free equity delivery trading.
    • Flat ₹20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades.
    • Free research and advisory. Comprehensive daily, weekly and specialized research reports from Expert.
    • 30+ years of industry experience.
    Angel Broking Cons
    • You need to have a different account for different segments.
    • Call & Trade is charged at Rs 20 per executed order.

      Save on your trading account charges via Angel Broking deals & coupons.

      7) 5Paisa

      5Paisa is among the leading stock broking companies in India. It has over 7 lakh active clients, 40k crore daily turnover, and 1k crore custodial assets. Moreover, with 500 crore+ market capitalization, 5Paisa is the only publicly listed company in the discount broking arena.


      5Paisa App Features

      5M+ app downloads.

      Stock Market learning videos for beginners and experts.

      Equity, Derivatives, Commodity and Currency markets trading.

      Smart subscription plans for intraday & delivery trading which will give you trading insights.

      NSE, BSE, and MCX live tracking.

      Advanced technical analysis charting tools.

      One click order placement gives you speedy trading so that you don’t miss on your desired price.

      Buy & Sell smartly with resources like Smart Investor, Swing Trader, Sensibull, Smallcases, and Screeners.

      Robo Investor Advisor tool generates customized portfolios automatically based on your trading patterns so that you can make an informed decision before final call.

      256-bit SSL encryption for your trading data security.

      5Paisa Pros

      Flat 20 Rs charged for all types of orders. No other charges.

      Backed up by IIFL.

      Superfast trading on 5Paisa app.

      Good referral rewards.

      5Paisa Cons

      3-in-1 account service unavailable.

      Maintenance cost and call & trade charge is a bit high.

      Open Free 5Paisa Demat Account

      Zerodha v Upstox v Sharekhan v Motilal Oswal v Finvasia v Angel Broking




      Motilal Oswal


      Angel Broking

      Demat Account Opening Charges

      Rs 200 (for trades on Equity, F&O and Currency)

      Rs 249 (400 credit), Rs 499 (1000 credit), Rs 999 (2500 credit)

      Rs 0 or Free

      Rs 600-1000(You get discount coupons worth Rs 3000 + Me-Gold worth Rs 1000)

      Rs 0 or Free

      Rs 0 or Free

      AMC Charges

      Rs 300 + GST (charged quarterly)

      Rs 300 + GST

      1st year free. After that Rs 400

      Zero AMC for lifetime

      Zero AMC for lifetime

      Rs 699

      Brokerage Fees

      Zero Brokerage (Delivery), 0.03% or Rs 20 (Intraday & Futures), Flat Rs 20 (Options)

      Zero Brokerage (Delivery), 0.01% or Rs 20 (Intraday and F&O)

      0.50% or 10 paise (Delivery), 0.10%(Intraday and F&O), 2.5%(Options)

      0.5%(Delivery), 0.05%(Intraday & Futures), Rs 80 for both sides(Options)

      Equity Options(0.05%) & Currency Options(0.04%), Rest all segments (zero brokerage)

      Zero Brokerage (Delivery),

      Flat Rs 20 on Intraday, F&O, Currency, and Commodity

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      Zerodha is simple and sweet

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      Zerodha is best..

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      @MJ911 thank you and your team for making this new section. I am loving it. 😍😍😍

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      How is kedia capital for trading

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      Zerodha is simple and sweet

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      5paisa better than angel broking
      Angel broking interface not so great

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      I’m using angel broking and upstox both are good but angel has more features and I tend to use that only.

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      One of the finest guys in the market. They grabbed economic times award yesterday. I refer.

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      Upstox is the best

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      Good information

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      Grow app.. best for mutual funds as well as stocks ,

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      Any good app for investing in US stock market???

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      @MJ911 thank you and your team for making this new section. I am loving it. 😍😍😍

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      How about groww?

      Groww app is not suitable for trading. No charting facility means no go. 🙂🙂🙂

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      Great initiative

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      One Big question pls answer if anyone know the answer. If this online app like, Zerodha, Groww, Upstock, etc closed due to any of the reason, that time what we do, and how to sell our shares? This apps are safe??

      Hunk Hunk
      MJ1986 wrote:

      One Big question pls answer if anyone know the answer. If this online app like, Zerodha, Groww, Upstock, etc closed due to any of the reason, that time what we do, and how to sell our shares? This apps are safe??

      Yes, they are actually intermediaries. Demat Accounts are opened with either CDSL or NSDL. So, even if the broker goes out of business, we will have the option to move shares from our DEMAT to another one. So, it is safe as it is regulated by SEBI

      Hunk Hunk
      MJ1986 wrote:

      One Big question pls answer if anyone know the answer. If this online app like, Zerodha, Groww, Upstock, etc closed due to any of the reason, that time what we do, and how to sell our shares? This apps are safe??

      Please don’t use any app like GROWW to buy/sell shares. They don’t give sufficient features to make life easier, ex good charts, tools on charts and other amenities.

      Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
      bikidas2060 wrote:

      Yes, they are actually intermediaries. Demat Accounts are opened with either CDSL or NSDL. So, even if the broker goes out of business, we will have the option to move shares from our DEMAT to another one. So, it is safe as it is regulated by SEBI

      Thank you for information..

      Critic Critic
      bikidas2060 wrote:

      @enapster @Awake @BubbleBoyChickenLittle @guest_999 @malikcool @mrKool_JJ @Dastro guys give your inputs

      Using zerodha & it is enough for any casual to intermediate user mostly doing delivery based trading. Also such users are rarely affected by the volatility on certain days & corresponding inevitable network issues. However if you are a serious trader dealing in F&O/intraday then it is better to look for full fledged brokers(aka major banks own trading platform).

      Mobile Guru Mobile Guru
      bikidas2060 wrote:

      @enapster @Awake @BubbleBoyChickenLittle @guest_999 @malikcool @mrKool_JJ @Dastro guys give your inputs

      I am using Angel account from the past several years and as far as brokerages are concerned it’s less but if you compare it with Zerodha, Upstox and everything you may find it bit higher.

      #Offtopic – DD’s UI totally changed o.O flushed

      Finance Mentor Finance Mentor

      new kind of look…
      News section in DD wink

      Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

      Zerodha the best for delivery
      For F&O and commodity i use tradeeasy Which gives good margin.

      Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
      bikidas2060 wrote:

      Yes, they are actually intermediaries. Demat Accounts are opened with either CDSL or NSDL. So, even if the broker goes out of business, we will have the option to move shares from our DEMAT to another one. So, it is safe as it is regulated by SEBI

      Not really. When you give POA, companies can take your are like Karvy scam.

      If one has margin trading account or btst type trades…then shares might be available with brokers…

      Hunk Hunk
      Manitian wrote:

      Not really. When you give POA, companies can take your are like Karvy scam.

      If one has margin trading account or btst type trades…then shares might be available with brokers…

      Now you have the option to not give POA

      Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

      Paytm Money has included this feature…can try.

      Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

      I think the Zerodha is the Best among them..

      GTT feature make him soo much advanced than other..

      I am using Angel as well . But every time you must keep your eyes continues on app for perticular price u want for buy or sell. Or you need to enter the Fresh Order everyday

      But the GTT feature in Zerodha is like magic. Just Enter the Amount which you want to wish Buy or Sell and it will work it self. No need to Daily observation

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