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  • by ss_0602304 on 12 February 2019
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    So I have been using amazon for the past two years and I have never left a review as I just couldn’t be bothered. For once, I wrote a review as I actually liked the product but then later receiving a message on amazon saying that I won’t be able to post any more reviews as I was violating against the policies. I called them a few times later receiving an e mail saying that I ever the had a relationship with some seller, or I was getting free or discounted stuff and that’s the reason I was pos... view more
  • by manishholla on 10 February 2019
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    As we know Amazon is e-commerce store to buy goods. The problem lies there is that the major seller CloudTail and CloudTail India are selling some of the returned and damaged product to customers on new orders. As I purchased a stabilizer which comes under electricals category, and before buying I was checking the same product and it's seller's. There was no CloudTail available. But suddenly after 2 days of seeing the product, CloudTail was selling the same stabilizer. Many people who had ... view more
  • by aqua123singh993 on 06 February 2019
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    Friend of mine ordered an earring of gold through amazon from dishis designer jewellery , but instead of earrings he received an empty box on 5th feb 2019, very dissapointed ...he was an old customer of amazon from 2015 .....this is the first time he had to complain customer care ...very bad experience......lost all faith on amazon ... view more
  • by Ananthth on 05 February 2019
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    They've returned my 8 orders continuously saying that delivery area is out of carrier service 🙁.. I've complained several times to their customer care. But no actions taken by them yet view more
  • by Heman12 on 14 January 2019
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    I want to complaint against amazon site.. I had order 3 feet teddy but i got 2 feet teddy fr OK m amazon.. Same case.. I ordered 200ml parl avenue perfume but i got 130ml perfume.. They thought public is dumb.. This site should b ban.. : view more
  • by baskarrajesh431 on 05 January 2019
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    I ordered one flip cover in amazon. But the delivery person failed to deliver and the product without my knowledge. Very very irresponsible delivery. view more
  • by hana25 on 27 December 2018
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    Ive been a regular customer in for 5 years, mostly buying household items like washing powder n stuff at discounts. Didn't have much problems except in rare times products got damaged/spilled during transit. From last year only i started buying other stuff like lakme products and a no brand handbag, which turned out to be a pretty good one! But this year, got cheated thrice. 1st case, I bought an aluminium foil in Feb which was advertised as 18 micron but when i received it was... view more
  • by evaanbax360 on 06 December 2018
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    Date of placing the order was 26th November 2018.Ordered mobile phone Honor 8X(Blue 4GB RAM,64 GB storage) to be delivered to Bengaluru,Karnataka.On the day of delivery, missed the call so the delivery person refused to deliver after giving a call back. The next day the delivery person refused to accept the OTP saying that the wrong OTP has been given and threatened to walk out if the correct OTP was not given in the next 2 minutes.The OTP was accepted on the third try. After opening the pack... view more
  • by amitnrw on 17 November 2018
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    I have placed around 500 orders till now with amazon in last 5 Years. Product and Service Pricing : Prices are generally competitive with Market price . We get some time better rate during Lightening deal. Cashback offered during sales gives good discount. Products are mostly genuine and new , If Issue with products then you get refund or replacement . Shipping and Packaging : Shipping & Packaging vary with orders. Some orders are packed with unnecessary very huge box & some are ... view more
  • by rini50 on 11 November 2018
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    Have been a buyer on amazon for a long time but recently, i received 2 back to back fake products! One is a Himalaya anti hair shampoo 700 ml, thanks to which my hairfall increased 😢 The most recent one is Garneir conditioner 175 ml, which i compared to the previous bottle i bought 4m local store and it is completely fake! I want to get refund atleast for this recent fake. I'm surprised that amazon has become like this! No wonder they sold these at 60-70% off 😠 I'm currently writing for a... view more