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  • by safiqul22314 on 01 April 2017
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    now in these days ebay became most bad online shopping company. every time you see very low cost of products as like free of cost then you will be order it, but after that you will see "NON SERVICEABLE PINCODE AREA, & ORDER will be cancelled, you will get refund. there is no responsibility of to ship products which you order, very fake online shopping company & their seller. example my paisapay id 45006463125 was cancelled. view more
  • by maxy_817853 on 15 March 2017
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    ebay is a worst and biggest cheater of the online retailer which permits to sell fake and damaged products all the time. Unless like amazon, Flipkart and snapdeal, this ebay does not provide transparency to the customers and if customer tries to return the product when found as fake they deny to accept return and there is a huge difficulty in contacting the customer care as well as the seller. I strongly advise no one to purchase anything from ebay because you lose money, as well as the pro... view more
  • by madhh316986 on 24 January 2017
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    one of the world's worst shopping website view more
  • by nofpd on 07 January 2017
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    # Be-aware of fraud sellers # Read seller ratings carefully # Read terms and conditions regarding product/shipping/taxes carefully # One of the worst customer service view more
  • by rajeshranjan on 25 December 2016
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    the ebay shop is not up to mark view more
  • by vibhanshu2 on 06 November 2016
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    I purchased Lenova mobile battery with details (Item ID – 322256632512, , Seller - itsyourtime2016, Paypiasa ID - : 43842014332) and found that received item is not working. Apart from this the received item is not a flat battery but having curved shape. In this regard I logged claim with ID 2399141, earlier it was rejected for no reason, but finally after discussion with customer care team on 24th Oct 2016 I received a message that ebay team is refunding the amount to me but today on 6th ... view more
  • by aabid119360 on 25 May 2016
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    I bought a phone from ebay but that was faulty & i opened a claim wide claim No 1846808 & returned back the product to seller but my refund has not been approved yet. It has been almost 53 days but no revert from ebay. Everytime i call ebay customer service they told me to wait for 24hrs we will call u but actually they never called me. Never buy anything on ebay, if there will be any issue after purchase then think that u have lost your money as there service is absolutely poor, poor &... view more
  • by jainanmol200... on 20 April 2016
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    I have been seriously shocked about the website's response. I SERIOUSLY emphasis on it again DO NOT purchase anything from it. They always do Fake Promises and will always turn your head about the Company policies. Dont ever purchase anything on Ebay. Best Websites for Purchasing! Clothes- Myntra.com Electronics - Amazon.in Appliances- Flipkart.com Dont ever go for Ebay. view more
  • by online_store on 20 April 2016
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    one of the oldest e commerce website in india and lowest price and best buyer protection guarantee for both buyer and sellers view more
  • by cool_dude01 on 19 December 2015
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    The seller( www.ebay.in/usr/west_deals) is a fraud one. He got a top rated feedback but he is selling refurbished mobile on the name of new one. My Case: Claim ID 1525705 and PaisaPay ID 41265955384 Those who are purchasing from this seller must check that whether your device is brand new or refurbished by simply sending an email to the Manufacturer. My Experience with Ebay and seller west_deals I purchased a One Plus One mobile online(From Ebay). My mobile serial number is: Q0001... view more
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