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  • by contact242 on 24 March 2016
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    The website claims all kinds of discounts and a wide range of medicines. I thought I'll try to buy my medicine online and this was my first attempt which turned out to be a disaster. I placed the order via app since it promised unbelievable 20% discount. The total appeared the same as the one I pay monthly to my neighbourhood store. So I guess the overall turned out to be a mere 10% after all their conditions. The navigation does not display the medicine pics so you have to be really... view more
  • by pnagash690 on 13 February 2016
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    I had a bad expedience with this web site. They claim that they are 100 years in field of pharmacy. Their customer testimonials (Rajasekar- Chennai) show up in home page is nothing but fraud. Because they do not accept the generics alternatives to your prescribed medicine, to reduce treatment cost. Three days back I have placed paid order for ₹1049/- . up loaded prescription. selected all low cost generics displayed in their web of choice drop-menu to prescribed medicines. I have did t... view more
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