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  • by jiten265 on 08 September 2012
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    I ordered Nokia charger from snapdeal twice from snapdeal. but bith the times snapdeal failed to deliver it on specified shipment date. Both the times they extended shipping date. Really snapdeal fooling people by giving wrong shipping date. snapdeal is absolutely not made for impatient people like me. view more
  • by adius07739 on 13 August 2012
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    I recently bought a product from and I was expecting it to be delivered within 3-4 days because thats usually the timeframe that other online stores give. but I realized now that its gonna take more than a week for them to ship my product. And I have been expecting it to arrive within a few days. I am an impatient guy and i can't take the waiting. I am very very tempted to cancel my order. It really pissed me off. WWW.SNAPDEAL.COM is really not an ideal store for an impatient... view more
  • by ssiman on 25 July 2012
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    Hi All, I would highly recommend you all never to consider Snapdeal for any product purchases. I just had the worst experience with them. I had ordered Loreal Smooth Intense Serum from them and I had to wait for 20 days without any update from them! After 20 days, all I get is a “cancellation” and not the product. I had to spend a lot of money in contact them all through this period and this is what I get. In addition, they had given me a signing up discount coupon. I used it on this it... view more
  • by rahul.sh840869 on 01 July 2012
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    I ordered one ladies kurta for my friends, i was worried about quality what will i get in term of quality. I ordered on 20 June 2012, i wished they will deliver product within 5 days, but they took 8 days for delivery, but yestderday i recieved that and i was happy with quality. Please snapdeal improve your delivery time. You will be best one.. view more
  • by pankaj.gupta86 on 10 March 2012
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    I have purchased a bout 10-11 deals from so far and so far overall experience has been very good. My purchases have been ranging from PenDrives, Cosmetics, Restaurants coupons, Coupons for new year party bash etc. Their product pricing is very good in terms of Daily deals on restaurants and health checkup etc though not so much discounts in Mobiles and other electronic items. Shipping and packaging is good though one one occasion i found the product (facewash) not proper... view more
  • by shilpasurana... on 20 February 2012
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    I had the most horrible experience of my life with was the worst mistake of my life when I ordered a valentine day gift for my husband (a pullover) through snapdeal. I never received the product though I was informed that it had been shipped along with the expected date, I kept waiting for the product to arrive for number of days. When I inquired repeatedly at their customer care, I was informed that the product is out of stock......if that was the case why wasnt this informat... view more
  • by pratyushpand... on 30 January 2012
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    I had ordered a pair of skullcandy earphones 20 days back and i have still not recieved it! And today i rang snapdeal to know the status of my order and guess what? they told me that it will take another 5-6 days!! O Boy i will never again buy anything from snapdeal, they have dissapointed me like anything! Its the worst site ever don't ever buy anything from snapdeal :-{ view more
  • by shalabh1976 on 10 December 2011
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    "The best packing till now - they use first flight for shipping - you can get their coupons on freecharge." That was my original comment - but they have now started to feel the pinch. They have introduced shipping charges and have started cancelling orders. Also if your refund value is less than 25 they will not refund in the same mode of payment - will refund as SDcash which means that your money is gone/tied to them. Reducing many stars. Update on 24 Nov 13 - Recently SD released 250 off ... view more
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