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  • by mukesh727602 on 22 February 2022
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    Delivery guy was unable to find the address and canceled the order and returned because of prepaid order. Swiggy became king. 19 Feb, I made an order (PAID) ORDER NO: 128331754799 21 Feb, I ordered food again and switched off my mobile phone. But, good thing is today he found the address and delivered the food without phone call. 21 Feb Today, I made another order of similar amount. CASH ON DELIVERY. I recovered my loss. ORDER NO: 128518937448 view more
  • by muthumula.ma... on 03 November 2021
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    The delivery guys says he is being directed to a different address - support says delivery guy is unable to reach you. and while I am chatting with them for the last 60 mins they cancel my order and don't refund my money coz delivery partner could not reach us. I don't understand how their bad mapping and their incompetent delivery people and support are my mistakes. If anything my mistake is choosing swiggy. view more
  • by colashooter on 05 October 2021
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    good competitor to zomato in comparison to prices , it all comes down to restaurent , still better than zomato in many aspects and cashback deals from amazon pay view more
  • by saifali18950 on 01 May 2021
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    Everyone it's a request please start giving 1 star to swiggy on play store or app store then maybe they will start taking their customera seriously otherwise they will do the same thing to everyone. Their customer service is pathetic their delivery service is pathetic and after one order they will disable cod option. They will never fulfill your request and never ever resolve your problems thorough customer service. So please🙏 start giving 1 star to swiggy then they might change their policy.... view more
  • by upadhyayrosh... on 11 April 2021
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    Swiggy is a THIEF & FRAUD . BE ALERT !!! They try to keep money with themselves for 7 days and then Invest it in different domains for their benefits. Your order will not get placed but money will be deducted in the name of "payment failure".... .... If the payment has really failed, then, why money has been deducted ? (Bank Msg has also come)... ! Be alert from such Fraudulent APPs ! 👎👎👎 view more
  • by yasmeenshagu... on 23 December 2020
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    I have ordered a food yesterday from the swiggy outlet but the delivery boy took 20 minutes to hand over the parcel to me, even after reaching at my place. when i opened it, i saw the packet has already been opened and tasted from the corner. i asked the delivery executive to take it back, as i want to replace but he refused. later i mailed many times, uploaded pictures for proof but no response i get. even i did not get my refund also. view more
  • by ashok.shetti... on 27 November 2020
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    I used swiggy for 3 times, and everytime the service goes to new low. This time was the height, so thought to comment on social media. Oven Store pizza delivered in a smashed way. Complained to customer care, but they too were pathetic. I will never ever use swiggy henceforth, uninstalled the app now. view more
  • by k.rehan09111 on 31 October 2020
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    Today I had one of the worst experience from any online food app. I order something which should have been delivered in 45 mins, however they took it more than two hours to confirm that it can't be delivered. I got three calls from them, first within 45 mins of ordering the food that delivery executive is having some issue with his bike and they are assigning someone else, then they called me again within half an hour that next executive had also faced similar issue and they are assigning som... view more
  • by shumonaagarw... on 01 October 2020
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    Swiggy is a complete fraud. I have always had issues with my orders. Once they did not deliver and item from my order and refused to refund the amount. Second time, they refused to refund any amount for my order that I cancelled within 2 mins of my placing the order. Swiggy has pathetic customer service. They exploit their customers. view more
  • by nishatalreja... on 16 June 2020
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    2 days back i had placed an order through swiggy on cart, i received a call from there end stating 2 items are not availability,i said ok send remaing when delivery agent came to drop the veggies he said one product was not available u will get a refund,when i contacted swiggy they are saying they wont be able to give the refund for the missing items..really bad experience i have paid for something which i never received there customer service is worst...they are ripp off and fooling ppp aro... view more