Swiggy Reviews

  • by ashok.shetti... on 27 November 2020
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    I used swiggy for 3 times, and everytime the service goes to new low. This time was the height, so thought to comment on social media. Oven Store pizza delivered in a smashed way. Complained to customer care, but they too were pathetic. I will never ever use swiggy henceforth, uninstalled the app now. view more
  • by k.rehan09111 on 31 October 2020
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    Today I had one of the worst experience from any online food app. I order something which should have been delivered in 45 mins, however they took it more than two hours to confirm that it can't be delivered. I got three calls from them, first within 45 mins of ordering the food that delivery executive is having some issue with his bike and they are assigning someone else, then they called me again within half an hour that next executive had also faced similar issue and they are assigning som... view more
  • by shumonaagarw... on 01 October 2020
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    Swiggy is a complete fraud. I have always had issues with my orders. Once they did not deliver and item from my order and refused to refund the amount. Second time, they refused to refund any amount for my order that I cancelled within 2 mins of my placing the order. Swiggy has pathetic customer service. They exploit their customers. view more
  • by nishatalreja... on 16 June 2020
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    2 days back i had placed an order through swiggy on cart, i received a call from there end stating 2 items are not availability,i said ok send remaing when delivery agent came to drop the veggies he said one product was not available u will get a refund,when i contacted swiggy they are saying they wont be able to give the refund for the missing items..really bad experience i have paid for something which i never received there customer service is worst...they are ripp off and fooling ppp aro... view more
  • by rparmanik007843 on 18 May 2020
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    Please do not order from Swiggy. I order RS 750 and later cancelled and they deducted Rs 374. Swiggy app took wrong address ,I asked to change the address and come to new address but denied Looks swiggy is doing forgery and looting money from people in covid situation.I would urge people to take care and not order from swiggy else they will loot giving any nonsense reason. deliberately the app will pick wrong address and they will do forgery. view more
  • by manojsahu821 on 17 April 2020
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    My experience on SWIGGY is very bad, this happened twice to me. paid money online,ordered food, SWIGGY boy picked up the food, on the way, 24 minutes to reach the delivery destination,looking at the mobile and waiting for the food, suddenly another message, your order cancelled by SWIGGY, reason - you are not available to receive the food, the delivery boy called you four times. No call came to my mobile, food didnot reach me. I called the SWIGGY boy to find out what happened, he told, the f... view more
  • by popeyethedimer on 29 March 2020
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    first of all you should have Swiggy super if your monthly delivery cost exceed cost of membership you can share with your neighborhood or friends to cut the cost . many time even after having membership zomato is cheaper so you should compare both if you want to save few bucks . and last but not least you should check the quantity at the time of taking order in front of delivery boy . view more
  • by varun301733 on 21 February 2020
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    First the delivery guy calls and says that he is at a different location from my home and I should send him a Google link. So I did. But he says that he is seeing a different location from what I am seeing (from the link that I sent him on his phone). So he says that I will get a call from customer service to resolve the issue. So, while I am chatting with customer service, my order gets cancelled because "I was unreachable". Plus I got charged for failed delivery on my next order. #SCAMMERS view more
  • by vijayyadav12... on 09 February 2020
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    In the end i can't eat this meal just because delivery guy when he had given the bag due to the packaging the bag suddenly burst and all the food fell down. So these's all mistake of packaging department and also swiggy responsible for this mistake i can't understand how irresponsible are you guys. The one person waiting of the 8:40 (you approx take a 45 mint) in the night and the guy come and give food and the suddenly the meals falls on the road. I say only one line to all off you swiggy... view more
  • by debi.1221924 on 07 February 2020
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    Ordered few things from Bhajohori Manna, they don't have availability of the food items, hence had to cancel the order, no coordination between swiggy online portal and restaurants, very unfortunate. view more