Do Suggest Which Cycle OP Should Go For
about 18 hours left
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Please suggest me a cycle

Like Magnet

Hell everyone

Please suggest me a cycle for 12km daily up & down for office.

Age – 26 years.

Location of office is not suit me a metro
Bus is not stopping here in bus stand, waiting time is around an hour on bus stand (plus not safe in corona time)
Bike, i don’t have license and i haven’t learned yet, how to drive.

So cycle is the only option, looking for me.
Renting cycle are looking costly as 10rs per hour for a 10 hours around daily


Looking on Flipkart as i have  5k voucher from 2500 coins.

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Cycle with gear needs regular maintenance and its also won’t fit in your budget of 5k. So you can simply go for a gearless cycle. I will prefer scooty for a distance of 12kms for me, but again its not in your range.

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I was 19 and I used to travel 6km up and down, trust me you will sweat a lot and so can’t be good. Some people were discussing about humidity, and I was in Mysore which is one of the nicest places in India.

It’s better to take a electric vehicle, I think it doesn’t need any  license. Please search for alternative options.

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I think you can opt for a different mode of transport other than a cycle. Maybe a electric cycle. 

Its both, good for your health and for the enviornment👍🏼.

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i am 176cm tall(5feet 10 inch) .

could someone suggest me best cycle to go 5-6 kms per day..  don’t want to spend more than 12k. Including offers ..

More info.

Age :35

avg wgt.

i think wheel size also matters here right ..

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Why in India we don’t have leisure bicycle as seen in Europe? Easy riding straight sitting stance with raised handle. Instead we have fwd leaning wrist n back breaking sports stance bicycles and ironically we suck at bicycle sports.

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Declathon st 30

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Vector 91 by ktm

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How's Vector 91 Topgun 27.5T ?
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Figured this could help folks who are looking to Ride to Work – not necessarily answering the 2-year old question.

You can buy a Btwin Riverside aluminum cycle or even an MTB. I occasionally ride to work, around 21 km from home – from Malad to Mahim – but fortunately, I have a shower in the office. 

Factors to consider: 

1. Safe place to park your cycle in the office vicinity

2. Safe riding conditions (if it’s early in the morning, use lights)

3. Fixed timings will be a plus if you know when you’ll be back.

4. Riding in the monsoons will be challenge

5. Added investment for cycling gear (helmet, gloves, bibs, jerseys etc.)


1. No fuel costs

2. You can treat yourself to a nice snack at the end of the ride

3. Community support

4. You don’t really have to follow traffic signals in small junctions. You’ll save a lot of time.

5. Option to walk with your bike on the pavement in traffic jams

Hope these observations help!

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Go for a cycle, if traffic is not the problem. Otherwise, it could get very sweaty, especially if you are planning to go to college or the office.

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