Pepperfry Reviews

  • by peeyushbansal on 21 May 2018
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    Guys... Its worst shopping experience with Pepperfry. Their customer care is worst I have come across in recent days.... One side companies like Flipkart and Amazon trying to win the trust of customers in online shopping by making the policy customer friendly but Pepperfry customer policy is forcing back to its customer to traditional shop as you don't have any control once order is placed online. Their customer care do not respond on email and when you call them its minimum 20 mins waiting ... view more
  • by saurav.gannet28 on 04 May 2018
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    Extremely unhappy with the products ordered on pepperfry. I had ordered one king size bed, one dining table and shoe stand. All three received in damaged state. Would never recommend any one to buy furniture online as there is a very long waiting period and after that product received is defective or not as per specs as seen on website. its better to buy furniture locally by viewing all dimensions, storage capacity in person and quality of wood work whcih can not be justified online. First ti... view more
  • by sthapa.saral830 on 19 April 2018
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    I placed an order for 24 plates on 30th March, I got the delivery on 18th April that is after 20 days. I called pepper fry to help me with the return and the customer service person tells me once sold it cannot be returned. they dont have a return policy unless it is damaged. I told him that the product is not as per what i expected and also it was delayed by 20 days so i had to purchase it from somewhere else as i needed it early. He has blankly refused to take return and when i told him ... view more
  • by peeyush9578909 on 11 April 2018
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    I ordered wall mounted bed from Carpenter from pepperfry did not fix it to wall and asked 500 Rs. Another local Carpenter told me that it can not be wall mounted. When I asked for return, they said it is not broken. Now product is useless for me view more
  • by jasleen.kukr... on 10 March 2018
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    One of the worst experiences I have had in online shopping. If you want to buy something for your home better off using Amazon and Urban ladder because pepperfry can not manage orders. Save your self the time and energy by not using their website. view more
  • by vikramd375973 on 05 March 2018
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    Pepperfry is the WORST online store I have ever purchased from. I bought an expensive TV unit from them and asked for installation a couple of weeks after the delivery since my house was under renovation. When the Pepperfry carpenter came for assembly, he found that 3 panels were damaged. When I called up Pepperfry, they told me that it has been more than a week since delivery so they would not be able to accept the return. I WAS NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. They sold me a ... view more
  • by bksh22346 on 25 February 2018
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    1. They take eternal time to delivery the product. Be it furniture to small clock / towel. 2. No cancellation policy even for non-furniture items. I agree for furniture this makes some sense as they would have started the work. For towels, metal shoe box it make no sense. When the same product is available with return / exchange policy in Amazon, Flipkart. 3. Furnitures are not upto the mark. They will send a carpenter to inspect when you raise a claim and disappear after that. Making ... view more
  • by nikhilrobot685 on 11 February 2018
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    I ordered a bedroom cabinet from Peperfry. Picture was a beautiful cabinet with blue and teal color distress finish. When I got the product it was totally brown not even close to what was in pictures. I was confident they will return or exchange it but they simply refused. It was beyond my understanding how any online store can do that. Customer service is like robots. They have no brains to understand any logic. They would just read the rubbish return policy. Having delivered a product that ... view more
  • by shineajitkum... on 13 January 2018
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    The first place from where the trickery of Pepperfry starts is the website. You would notice that the products listed on its site are not photographed alone. They are paired with various props to give a super aesthetic appearance so that you would like it as soon as you see it. For instance, take a look at this product The product that you would purchase is just the ... view more
  • by avnishmishra... on 16 November 2017
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    Order No. 303555192 I am giving them 1 start, because I can not give less then that. My name is Avnish Mishra and I purchased a bed for my children. By mistake, I chose a different color and now I want to buy a different product with the higher price. my the customer service told me NO EXCHANGE, NO CANCELATION, WE WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR PRODUCT. Even I am ready to pay the difference. This product will get deliver on 28 November 2017. Today is 15th Nov 2017 but they can't change my product ... view more